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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello, My son is 3 1/2 years old and was diagnosed (via blood test) with Celiac about 5 months ago. I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2004 as well. My son weighs only 26 pounds (he still wears size 2T clothes) and he hasn't really gained anything or grown since April of this year. He had his bloood work redone and the numbers have greatly improved so we know the gluten free diet is working; however, we can't figure out why he has no appetite and is not growing. We currently go to the Celiac clinic at CHOP and they have told us that we can keep chasing our tail or we can get an Endoscopy/Colonoscopy to rule out any other problems that might be occurring. My son did have constipation issues, but we now give him Miralax everyday which seems to help regulate him. Prior to the mirilax (even on the gluten-free diet) he would cry in pain when trying to go to the bathroom and when it finally came out it was enormous. Anyway, I guess my question is, does anyone else have a similar experience? Being strictly on the gluten-free diet (we only have gluten-free food in our house) and still having weight gain and growth issues? If so, what else could possibly be the problem? I have severe anxiety over getting the endoscopy and colonoscopy done on him. The prep alone seems so unfair for a child. How do I know he is not just a regular 3 year old who doesn't like to eat and he will just grow at a slower pace than his peers? It is so frustrating because I feel like it is trial and error and I rely on these doctors because I don't know where else to turn. How do I know he doesn't need growth hormones? Sorry to ramble on, but any advice would be greatly appreciated! I am so upset over this whole thing and really just want my little boy to be happy and healthy!
  2. My husband and I will be heading to Penn State for a game at the end of September. Does anyone know any restaurants that accomodate people with Celiac or any stores where I can buy gluten free food?
  3. I have been gluten free for over 5 years and still have bouts of anxiety, irritability. I just recently met with a Psychologist for the first time ever and she said she thinks I have some sort of chemical imbalance. She suggested I see a Psychiatrist. I would really hate to start taking any prescription drugs. I just feel so alienated a lot of the time even though I have been on a gluten free diet for so long. I never cheat and rarely ever get glutened so I really don't know what is causing this. It is so frustrating. I do take Viactiv which is a calcium and Vitamin D supplement but maybe I should try the B12?
  4. Thank you all for your help! My son has his 9-month checkup next week so I'll see where he is as far and height and weight go. I emailed my Gastro doctor and he said there are blood tests that can be done to determine if my son carries the gene. If he doesn't, then the chances of developing Celiac are slim to none. If he does, then we will most likely have to wait until he is a little older to test for sure if he has the disease (as the tests at this young age are not accurate). It is just so frustrating to see my little man with a rash all the time and nothing seems to help. Wish I had answers, but everything is up in the air. The rash does not seem to bother him, as he is a very happy baby. I will keep you all posted on the outcome of his appt. Thanks again for your help!
  5. Hello. I am a FTM of a beautiful 9 month old baby boy. Ever since he was born he has had horrible excema/rashes. We saw a pediatric allergist who did some tests and found out that he is allergic to pet dander. So, we sadly got rid of our dog (of 9 years) and had the house professionally steamed cleaned, as well as got new furniture and had the air ducts cleaned. Our son plays on a blanket on the floor as much as possible. Unfortunately, he is still continually getting rashes all over his body. I took him back to the allergist recently and they did a test for wheat and dogs (to see if anything had changed since he has been eating gluten). The test came back positive for dogs but negative for wheat/barley. My question is, does anyone know if this test is accurate for celiac? They put some liquid dots on my son's arms and then waited 10 minutes to see a reaction. There was no scratching or anything like that. I am just at a loss cause my poor son is constantly covered in rashes and I don't know what to do anymore. Your help is appreciated.
  6. Wawa Iced Coffee

    The wawa iced coffee is safe to drink. Enjoy!
  7. I emailed them and this is the response I got: We are working on finding a great gluten free pizza. We absolutely know that their is a need for a gluten free pizza but we want to make sure that any pizza that carries the UNO name is an outstanding pizza. Our Development Chef and his team is working on finding one and hopefully it will not be too much longer. Please know we are committed to giving all our customers the very best in food and we hope to include a gluten free pizza one day soon. YEAH
  8. The Melting Pot

    Ginny, Exactly which melting pot did you go to? The one in Chestnut Hill, downtown or King of Prussia? I would love to go there, but I know there are numerous ones in the Philly area. thanks!
  9. Jb Dawsons Se Pennsylvania

    This is great!!! So exciting. I live right near the one on Plymouth Meeting. Just called and they said they have a gluten free menu. I think I might go there tonight for dinner. Thank you Thank you Thank you. So nice to have another place to eat!!! You just made my day!
  10. Hello! I just found a website that makes meals and will deliver them fresh to your house. Has anyone tried this at all? I am curious to know if it is good or not. (www.glutenfreemeals.com) I would love to order meals for when I have my new baby (so I don't have to worry about cooking). Let me know if anyone has tried this!
  11. Primacare Prenatals

    I currently take PrimaCare One with no problems at all. I called the company and they said they were gluten free. They are the purple pills. Taste good too!
  12. Hello! I will be traveling to Ft. Lauderdale/Boca Raton on Thursday and then off to Key Largo for a few days. Does anyone know of any gluten-free accomodating restaurants in those areas besides Outback? Any advise is appreciated! Is there a website that might have these?
  13. I know exactly how you feel!!!!! I crave everything I can't have too, and always feel like I am not satisfied. I am now 20 weeks pregnant, and all I want is chocolate. ha. I do have the problem of never knowing what I want to eat, and always being limited, especially for lunch. It is definitely frustrated and I can relate!
  14. I just found this site http://www.josefsglutenfree.com/ and was wondering if anyone has ever ordered from there. If so, how was it?
  15. I just had to add to this post after trying the Bell & Evans gluten free nuggets last night. It was a good thing I was starving, cause I ate the entire box!!! I was so pleasantly surprised by these. Made my night! I have tried Ian's gluten-free nuggets before and thought they were absolutely disgusting. I got the Bell & Evans ones at my local Whole Foods. Glad I bought two boxes!!!