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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the tips about lactose, cyclinglady. I will try using lactose enzymes and reduce her intake of milk just to be safe. Can't hurt. Ando yes, as far as I understand, the rest of the children will eventually get screened, I will ask for it for sure. I guess my husband and I should request screening too if she's diagnosed. I must say it's a rather mysterious disease, in how it manifests, if that is in fact what she has. She had just had almost 3 good weeks with only minor symptoms (pain and mild occasional nausea). Could "flare ups" be stress related? I have no idea why these symptoms started up to begin with, but it coincided with starting kindergarten and some stressful adjustment issues for her, so we actually believed her symptoms were caused by anxiety. That's why we consulted her pediatrician in the first place, and he ordered the celiac test so we could rule out all physical causes. In the past few weeks, we have set up a number of things to help her cope with stress better, and the GI symptoms also improved. In last night's episode, she woke up apparently from a food related nightmare, probably because she was feeling ill, and she became so worked up and afraid that she was going to vomit, shaking and sobbing, screaming and talking about hating herself and feeling like she were dead. It was very bad. We finally managed to calm her with soothing songs and lullabies, making her laugh and generally distracting her from her discomfort, and finally the whole thing resolved itself without any vomiting. She also seemed to get a lot of relief from learning the acupressure technique, which I think has to do with the placebo effect and the feeling of having some control over her symptoms, more so than with the effectiveness of the technique. So, I am beginning to think there is a psychological component to this and that even if she does have celiac, she is not very symptomatic unless she is under stress. Does that sound like something you experienced prior to being diagnosed and eliminating gluten? PS, I am grateful that you folks have been so supportive and forthcoming with your advice and I am glad to know that I can find help here if she is diagnosed.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement Judy. I will definitely seek advice if we have a diagnosis on adapting for baking. My daughter and I have baked together since she was 2 years old and it saddened me to think we couldn't do that anymore. Instead, I now realize we will have LOTS of trial-and-error baking experiments while we learn to adjust. No Trader Joe's here, but we have relatives that live close to the border and if necessary, we might ask them to buy some stuff for us States-side.
  3. Thanks Ennis, but we are in Canada. I have learned that gluten-free food is tax deductible as a medical expense here, but that won't offset the cost difference.
  4. Wow, what a detailed list of resources for gluten-free options. Not sure if all that is available here. Thankfully, I live in a large urban area and there are several local businesses with products for celiac, including an entirely gluten-free grocery store. Is there anyway to test for and confirm lactose intolerance? She consumes TONS of milk, cheese and yogurt. That's why I would have liked lactose pills instead. As for changing recipes, I'm coming to terms with that eventuality and will take it on as a challenge. I'm told they will screen her 3 younger siblings too if she is diagnosed, so we may just have more celiac people in the house too. But I will try to take appropriate precautions (a gluten-free toaster, etc.) and not impose such drastic restrictions on the rest of us unless it proves necessary. I am not sure we could afford to all eat gluten free either. Pricey stuff!
  5. Thanks for the welcome and advice. I really hesitate to alter anything in her diet, especially gluten intake, since her pediatrician and GI specialist were so adamant about not changing anything. As for lactose, is the intolerance associated with celiac manageable with those lactose pills some folks take when eating dairy? I don't know if they are available over the counter, though... I guess I will start with dairy and minor reduction in gluten. For example, maybe yesterday's lasagna supper wasn't such a good idea. Unfortunately, I am struggling with my own difficulties in accepting that she will have a restricted diet if diagnosed, and I keep thinking, "she has to have my lasagna one last time!" Truth is, she's probably young enough that she won't care about not eating any more of my gluten-full foods in the future... I'll call the hospital tomorrow and make sure she is on the waiting list for December cancellations, too.
  6. Hi, my 5 year old daughter is being investigated for possible Celiac disease after several months of GI symptoms (pain, diarrhea alternating with constipation, recurring bouts of severe nausea, vomiting...). She scored >300 on a blood test where normal values are under 15 (transglutaminase antibodies I think). At the moment, we are waiting for the results of a second blood test to confirm the earlier results before a biopsy is scheduled in January. Her pediatric gastroenterologist offered no suggestions for dealing with "flare ups" and I've turned to you for advice. Can you think of anything that might appease the symptoms, especially the nausea and vomiting which really scare her? I thought drinking water might help to move the food faster through the GI tract and make her symptoms more "stool related", does anyone have any support for this theory? Tonight, I tried an acupressure point that had worked for me during my pregnancy-related nausea, and it seems to have helped (time will tell). I'm not expecting medically validated advice, but I would appreciate any anecdotal experience you might have so I could try to ease her suffering while I still have to feed her gluten. It breaks my heart to see her in pain like this. Thanks for your help.