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  1. I have Raynaud's Syndrome, I think. (A rhumotologist told me I had it without doing any tests way back when I was in my early 20's. I just told him my symptoms. He did test me for Lupus though. I've been tested for Lupus tons of times, all coming back negative.) I did some googling on Raynaud's and found that it is also an autoimmune disease. I didn't know that. I had always thought that I had it because I got a mild case of frost bite as a child, but now I'm not so sure. When I'm cold, my fingers loose blood down to my knuckles and become numb. It gets me really freaked out (and my husband too) if I'm out and have no way to warm them up. I bought some of those chemical hand warmer packs which I plan to use next winter. (It's gotten worse since I've been gluten free.) Is there any reason to get a properly tested diagnosis? I'm kind of sick of doctors at this point. Made me laugh about the cold nose. I am always finding some warm part of my husband to warm my nose, toes, and knees. Since I have been gluten free, dairy free and lots of other things-free, I have lost lots of weight. I'm cold most of the time, wearing layers which get taken off and put back on during the day and evening. It's 90 today and I'm finally hot! Bye, Cape
  2. ajay, I have found an anti-inflammatory at Whole Foods which I would guarentee doesn't have corn in it, though it even says it doesn't. (I would be itching like crazy if it did.) It's Celadrin. I've been taking it everyday for a month and a half and my joint pain is nearly all gone. I was given samples, took them and went back the next day to buy a bottle. Good luck! Cape
  3. You are right about the Leaky Gut Syndrome disinterest in physicians. I have had to do all my research via the web and weed out lots of things that seem like snake oil. There was an article in the journal Science which explains the technical aspects of LGS, like referred pain and the like. I think it was in the Feb. 2005 issue. A friend who does medical research had just read the article when I explained my issues with food and my theory of how these issues coinside with shoulder, hip and knee pain in my bursa. Hope you can find the article.
  4. I have the itchy legs, underarms, back and so on. Apples. Big problem. Everything with apples in them makes me itch. It's just been since I've been gluten free that I noticed it. There are a ton of other fruits that cause the itch though. Strawberries and pineapple are other culprets. I am not allergic to any foods; I am highly sensative and intolerant to many now, which I attribute to Leak Gut Syndrom (LGS). Hope this helps. I just got off of the Corn topic. How could I forget corn being one of my biggest itch culprets! Corn is in everything, vitamins, OTC meds like the ibuprofin drugs, and salt, not sea salt, though. I suggest you read the corn topic. Robin and others have so much helpful information. Cape
  5. Hi. I had a ton of yeast infections before I stopped gluten, but still had some afterwards. After a year of researching all of my symptoms which are related to foods, I have figured out that I have leaky gut sydrome. LGS is when the small intestiine's pores are larger than normal, letting larger, not properly digested proteins out into the blood stream. This causes all sorts of problems. I have referred pain in my joints which depending on what I eat makes the pain worse or non existant. You have to heal the gut to "reset" it. One of the things that needs to be done is to rid it of the over growth of yeast. It's kind of a long term project because of all of the nooks and crannies in the gut. The first thing that I would suggest is to cut way back on all of your sugar consumption. When I did that, my yeast infections cleared up pretty quickly. Just a question... do you also have eczema? Yeast over growth is what seems to cause eczema. Check out this web site- www.eczema-usa.com It gives detailed information of how you get rid of yeast. Also Google or Leaky Gut Syndrom and read about that. Hope some of my time reading the web and talking with doctors helps you.
  6. Psoriasis?

    From what I have read in my in my on going research for pain management, it is thought that leaky gut syndrome (LGS) could be the catalyst for a lot of autoimmune diseases. LGS is damage to the gut, where the pores in the lining are enlarged by inflamation, allowing larger, less digested proteins to get into the blood stream. The body sees these proteins as foreign and attack where ever they end up. My bursa in my shoulders, hips, knees and feet were my ending zones where I have had so much pain. This damage to the gut is caused by the over use of antibiotics, ibuprofen, and steroids and are just the tip of the iceburg of things that cause the damage. You can stop all these things and still not heal if there is an over growth of yeast in your gut. To get rid of the yeast, you have to stop feeding it the sugars it thrives on. There is a great web site that gives precise instructions of how a lay person can eliminate the yeast: www.eczema-usa.com I have read in other web sites, including the one just named that yeast is the culprit for eczema. Eczema is the inflammation of the skin and so is psoriasis. Maybe there is a connection. My mother had psoriasis and I think she probably had celiac disease too. I have a genetic marker for celiac disease, but have not tested positively in the blood test or upper endoscopy. I had eczama, but it cleared up since I have stopped gluten. What I am interested in is all the people who wrote in who have a parent who has psoriasis... Have they gotten checked for celiac disease? They should. We got this genetic disease from one of our genetic lines. Because so many of us have different symptoms, the entire family should be tested. There is life after gluten. I hope there is a day that I can say that gluten is my only issue. I am now on a strick diet which I got off of the eczema web site and I will begin the treatment of getting rid of the yeast soon. I am totally sugar-free, caffine-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, chlorine-free and ibuprofen-free. This sounds crazy, but I am pain-free now too. I am on lots of minerals and vitamins and am taking an anti-inflammatory that I bought at Wholefoods, Celadrin. I had been living with intense pain for five years. For the last three weeks, I have been doing yard work again and even think after a bit of conditioning can start playing tennis again. I also recently signed up to take a welding class which I have wanted to do for years, but didn't have the strength. I am 43, have lost about 30 pounds and have been feeling like my old active self again. I hope my story can shed some light in your research into your own issues. Bye, Cape
  7. I have done a lot of research of leaky gut syndrome (LGS) and what I have taken away from the serveral web sites that I have read is that leaky gut could be the trigger for Celiac Disease and some other autoimmune disorders. Good for an over all introduction to LGS. By the way, wheat, barley and rye are not to be eaten when dealing with LGS because of molds that hang out on the grains. Interesting.) http://www.afpafitness.com/articles/LEAKGUT4.HTM I am going to start elimintaing the yeast over growth from my GI tract and I have taken all sugar out of the diet. I have stopped all sugars, wine, fruit too and some of the sweeter vegitables. I have seen a big difference in my neck pain; not much at all. I have DDD too. I am pretty certain sugar is a big key to my pain, so I am figuring that once I get rid of the yeast, the the pain will go too. (Got to take lots of suppliments and hopefully, you can add things back to your diet after getting rid of the yeast over growth.) The following web site had excellent directions for getting rid of yeast; easy to understand. http://www.eczema-usa.com (This web site says that eczema is caused by an over growth of yeast in the gut. My eczema went away after I stopped all gluten.) I am wondering if DDD is caused from inflamation. Get rid of the inflamation and you help yourself. Thing is that Ibuprofin and the like causes damage to the intestine, so you don't heal if you don't stop taking it. I went into Wholefoods last week and asked for ideas for an anti inflamatory. The guy did not hesitate to give me samples of Celadrin. I took it and it works better than Advil. I went back the next day to buy a bottle. Side bar... I got a different form of Advil that I had been using and my neck began hurting me a lot. It has artifical sweetener in the coating. Fine, no gluten, but it had corn starch and other starches too. I started reading all of the Ibuprofin boxes. I can't do any form of corn or potatoe, including starches. I stopped the Advil and started the Celadrin and my neck stopped hurting again. (Along with neck pain I have painful bursitis in my shoulders as well. My knees and hips hurt occassionally as well. I have been doing yard work today and feel like I could do more tomorrow. It's been a long time since I've been this pain free. I stopped all sugar the same time I started taking the Celadrin. I am hoping that I can stop the Celadrin when I'm yeast free. I hope my experiences can help someone. I have gotten so much valuable information from this web site. Bye, Cape
  8. Beware Of Soy!

    FYI... Soy was one of the first foods/drinks that I associated with joint pain. I'm lactose intolerant and was using soy as a milk substitute. I was in my early 30's then. It was about ten years ago when the word out there was that soy mimics estrogen. I have never be able to take the birth control pill since it gave me terrible knee pain. (I could hardly walk up the stairs even in my 20's.) I put two and two together to figure out that the soy I was drinking was causing my then knee pain. I switched to rice milk and started reading lables to stop all soy and felt better until the issues with gluten came up eight or so years later; bursitis in my shoulders and hips. I stopped gluten felt a little better and then figured out that other food intolerances were causing the pain as well. (My intestinal problems, bloating and gas, were much better after stopping gluten.) I read a post somewhere on this site about the Paleo Diet. I googled it to find out more about it. It's what I am eating without even trying. Beans of any kind are not recommended. The foods on the Paleo Diet are the only ones that I can tolerate. I even feel so much better with taking salt out of my diet. (It's in the gluten free bread I eat, but I'm not salting my food anymore.) No legumes, night shade foods, tomatoes, peppers, egg plant, potatoes, and no sugar too. I am eating rice, otherwise I'd be down to nothing. There are lots of interesting pieces to read at this web site: http://www.paleodiet.com/. Good luck with figuring out your food issues. Celiac.com has helped me so much. Bye, Caperton
  9. Thanks so much Jen. I really appreciate your posting this description. I feel pretty fortunate that I have a doctor friend who is an Allergist/Immunologist who is interested in my health and everything that I have learned. I hope she will be able to send me to the right rheumotologst. Bye, Cape
  10. Wow. I had not heard of the Paleo Diet before today. I googled it and after reading about it, I think that I will need to do further reading. I had been doing so much better since being gluten free, but over the last couple of months have been having more joint pain. I have eliminated the night shades, dairy, and legumes without even knowing that I am eating a Paleo diet. Now I see that the problems I might be having are with salt. I was trying to figure out what my problem was. I made squash and onions and a ground turkey leg burger. I did eat the squash 2 days in a row. I was thinking that might be the problem, but I, for the life of me, could not figure out how those foods would cause pain. BUT I salted them! I was beginning to think it might be the ground pepper. Thank you for adding your message. Bye, Cape
  11. Sandra, I have been tested for Lupus several times as I have many of the Lupus symptoms, but all were negative, as well as my celiac disease blood test (I was 2 weeks off of gluten) and biopsy (I was 3 months off of gluten). Another GI doc did another blood test to see if I have either of the two genetic markers for celiac disease. He was skeptical that I would and he was a bit sheepish to tell me that I do have the marker that all of the people with celiac disease have, but then he added so does a third of the population and not all of them are Celiacs. His hypothesis is that I could have been early in any damage in my intestines and by stopping gluten three months before my biopsy could given it a chance to heal. He said I should consider myself a Celiac. When I stopped gluten, my bursa in my shoulders, hips, knees and feet felt so much better. But... I still had pain. I have found intolerances to foods in the Night Shade family (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant) and soy, dairy, apples, corn, nuts, millet, sugar, coffee, wine [red and white], and some others. I have stopped as much sugar as I can - How can you eat rice bread toast without blackberry jam? - but I still have pain. My friend who is an allergist/immunologist says that she sees a few women in para-menapause who have my same symptoms who also come up gluten intolerant. Homones can be a big factor with the pain too, she says. I have never heard of Sjorgren's, but my skin and finger nails are so dry. No lotion seems to help. I will ask my dermotologist about it. Bye, Cape
  12. Ravenwoodglass and others, Do you know of people with a leaky gut who have refered pain, like say in their shoulders, hips and knees? I have found that foods in the Night Shade family (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant) were giving me lots of pain in my bursa. I can't eat/drink beans, bananas, sugar, coffee, dairy, millet, soy and some other things. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, but my neck stopped hurting as much once I stopped gluten. Does one see a GI with a leaky gut? My GI didn't seem to know what a leaky gut was. She had never heard of Living Without Magazine or the Gluten Intolerance Group web site. She also told me that being three months off of gluten would not be a problem when doing my biopsy; if there was damage, she'd find it. Well, there was no damage, and she said that I did not have celiac disease. Another GI did a genetic test to see if I have the celiac disease markers since he didn't think it would be a good thing for me to get back on gluten with the symptoms I described. He was a bit sheepish to say that I do indeed have a Celiac gene marker; the one that all Celiacs have, but so does one third of the population and he said not all of them are Celiacs. He did say that it was fair to assume that I very well have celiac disease, but stopped gluten before the damage was bad. For two years I had gynocological tests done to check out my bloating and abdominal pain, my fatigue, my fuzzy brain. I had also been to Orthopedists, and taken physical therapy, then to a chiropractor all for my shoulder pains during the same two years. I am not sure what kind of doctor I should see about a leaky gut. GI I suppose, but I'll need a new one in the Durham, NC area. Would a rheumologist be helpful since I have bursitis and tendonitis symptoms? OR do you think there isn't much to be done for my pain? I'd be greatful for any help from anyone. Thanks, Cape
  13. Hi, all you mouth sore suffers. I am one too. These are just theories, but they might help some. Coke has carmel in it which might have gluten. Not sure, but I haven't had a Coke since I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I noticed a big difference in the reduction of my canker sores, 10 years even before I knew I was a Celiac. I was totally adicted to Cokes. If I can give it up, anyone can, but I was nursing my baby; more incentive, I suppose. I stopped gluten and so many of my "issues" have gotten better, but I figured out that I have other food issues too. I have stopped eating all foods in the Night Shade family - tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers and some others I can't remember now. I have stopped all dairy, soy, and beans too. They cause me to have referred pain in my shoulders, hips and knees, my bursa(s). I will indeed get a canker sore if I inadvertantly eat any of these foods. (Good thing I have a sense of humor. Between my friends and wait persons at restaurants I get some fun poked at me about what can I eat.) Bye, Cape
  14. Mvaught, Same jerkfilled attitude was thrown at me by two GI's. Once after my biopsy had come back negative; I had been gluten free for three months. The doc said that it didn't matter, she would have been able to find the damage if there was indeed damage to be found. She gave me no other options for why I had had such celiac disease symptons or why I felt better when I was gluten free. A good doctor friend got me in to see another doc in the practice who he thought might be better for me. His attitude was cold, though he did agree to do a blood test to see if I had either of the genetic markers for celiac disease. He at least did not see the benefit of going back on gluten for six months to have another biopsy. He was chagrinned to tell me that I have the genetic marker that all Celiacs have, but so does one third of the population and not all of them are Celiacs. He did admit that I could well have Celiac Disease, but stopped gluten befor it damaged my gut. Here's the attitude that irritated me most of all. He was daggone rude to my son on the phone! My son has mono and was really sick last week when the Doc tried to reach me to tell me the test results. My son told him that I had just left. The doctor growled that he had just called five minutes earlier and no one answered. Bless my boy's heart, he held his tongue, and got out of the bed to write a note for me. The next morning I got a message on the answering machine - the first one mind you. The doc said that he had been trying to reach me all week. He had left a message with someone, my son, probably. I could call him, if I wanted to talk with him. Wow. I had been home the whole week. I don't have caller ID, but I can tell if someone has called and hung up. Had none of those let alone any messages from him. (I have a common last name, but there is an extra letter with no one expects. If you don't read it correctly, you'll not be calling me. I suspect that the doctor was calling another one of his patients. BUT don't take it out on my kid!)
  15. Kathy, I would not recommend my doctor; I am going to try a doctor at UNC - Chapel Hill who was recommended to me by a young woman who has other GI issues. (She got me very excited about this female doc.) Send me an e-mail if you still need assistance. Cape