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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I make bread in the bread machine. I just use the gluten free bread mixes (like Bob's Red Mill). I don't know if any stores sell that around you but you may be able to order it through the mail. Some of the gluten free bread I make is so good that non gluten free people love it. My ILs ask for some every time I make it. You can get some pretty good brown rice pasta at TJs. Most people don't even notice that it is gluten free. Both of my kids love rice crackers which are pretty easy to find. I try to stay away from gluten free processed foods since they are expensive (and whole foods are better anyway).
  2. DS has been gluten free for several years now (so is everyone else in the family except for DH....and he is the one with the worst digestive issues.....that is a whole other topic). DS has always had pale stools once in a while but now it is getting worse. I have never seen poop such a strange color and I am a nurse. Sometimes they are light green, light yellow and even white once or twice. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am making an appointment with his doctor but I wanted to check here first. I have learned more here than from any doctor. I think he may possibly be lactose intolerant since many people in DH's family is. I think DH's family would have a cow if I told them DS couldn't eat anything with lactose. They weren't too happy about the gluten free thing but eventually came around. MIL said she is lactose intolerant but still refuses to give up milk. I just don't understand how anyone can stand to feel sick all the time. Thanks!
  3. I am self-diagnosed. I had the blood test but decided to go gluten free before I even got the results. The results came out negative but I decided to go gluten free anyway. My symptoms weren't severe but I feel so much better gluten free that I'm not going back! I wish DH would try the gluten free diet because he has constant bloating, explosive diarrhea, goes to the bathroom 3-4 times a day, craves bread, etc. One of his uncles was dx with celiac disease. His mom said she didn't even want to be tested because she would have to give up bread. Diabetes and cancer run in his family and I just wouldn't take the chance. Luckily they are all ok with the kids being gluten free. It took a while for his family to get used to the idea.
  4. I have been to both Da Luciano's and Rose's Bakery. Rose's Bakery has some pretty good bread. My favorite is the one with all the seeds in it. I also like their sweet baked good (like cookies). I though the pizza was pretty good from Da Luciano's but I have only been there once. I would like to try the pizza from Rose's one of these days. I agree about the negative comments. I hear "oh...I couldn't do that" quite often. What is the alternative? Being miserable. Plus colon cancer runs in my family. I'm not taking any chances.
  5. Felt Better In Mexico...why?

    I got really sick twice in Mexico but both times were food poisoning (I know because others got sick also). My body just does not like the microbes in Mexico because I get sick every time I go. Maybe it is because I am not staying in a resort. btw, I found gluten free cookies in Mexico. They were made 100% from corn meal. They were pretty tasty.....and cheap!
  6. Slow Cooker?

    I love my crockpot. It is really good on days that you work and want to come home to a hot meal. Spaghetti sauce and chili are the best in a crockpot. I suggest spraying it with non-stick spray before using (like someone else mentioned) because they can be a pain to clean. Remember that you are supposed to fill the pot atleast half way when buying one. Mine is huge and I always have to add extra stuff to fill it up.
  7. Just the sight of gluten filled foods can make me feel slightly ill. Everytime I see someone take a bite of a sandwich or cake I think "how can they eat that poison?" and then I remember that everyone isn't gluten intolerant like me. I even feel guilty eating gluten free food like cake and cookies. The mind is a very powerful thing. Just because it is "in your mind" doesn't mean you are making it up.
  8. I would accept the gift and then say something like "Thank you so much for your gift! I can't eat _______ because I am gluten intolerant, but I'm sure my family will enjoy it/them". That way you remind them but don't "reject" their gift. it took a while for DH to remember to check all labels or not offer me gluten filled food so I don't get upset if others don't remember.
  9. My daughter has the same problem with glutening herself. Our house is 95% gluten free (DH still buys regular bread for lunch) but she gets things from her friends. Last time she had to miss a day of school because she was so sick from eating a piece of cake. When she was sick she talked about how that piece of cake wasn't worth it and she would never do it again. Then two days ago SIL was making crepes and DD wanted some. I told her that I would make gluten free crepes some other day. She told me that she didn't care if she got sick....she wanted them right then. I think it is just hard for children (and adults) to accept that they won't be able to eat what everyone else is eating all the time.
  10. I had some trouble with my ILs when the kids and I first went gluten free. They would make comments and try to give them food with gluten in it anyway. I stood my ground (without fighting with them about it) and finally sent (emailed) DH some info about gluten intolerance to give them. It sometimes helps to have someone on your side so you aren't the only "crazy" one. They finally got it and now explain gluten intolerance to other people. They have also changed from buying cakes for every birthday to buying flan. It might take a while but hopefully your parents and ILs will get it.
  11. Trader Joe's

    I love their brown rice pasta, banana and regular waffles, hummus, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and of course the cheap wine . I also pick up redbridge there because it is a couple $$ cheaper than at Whole Foods. I just love TJs
  12. My favorite is Trader Joe's brand of Brown rice pasta. It is also the cheapest one I have found. My mom uses it to make pasta salad and no one can tell the difference. People always rave about the pasta salad. And if you want to reheat gluten free pasta, don't put any sauce on it when you put it in the fridge. Just reheat it in the microwave with a tiny bit of water or in a pan with a tiny bit of water. then add sauce.
  13. "younger" People And Celiac

    I found out I was gluten intolerant just last year (at 27). It was hard at first, but now I am used to it. I was never really that sick, but I feel much better being gluten-free. My kids were 3 and 8 when they went gluten free. DD cheated once at a party by eating cake. I kept asking her what was wrong because she had tons of gas and even had accidents in her pants (what you call "wet farts"). She finally admitted that she ate cake at her friends party (I wasn't there). Hopefully she learned her lesson. DS is too young to know the difference between gluten free and regular stuff. I hope by him growing up gluten free that he never misses anything he can't have. And the gluten free pizza we make is pretty good....tastes almost like the real thing.
  14. Yes! I had the worse gas pains ever after going on a gluten binge one weekend. I find that laying on my stomach or going for a walk helps to get the gas out. When my kids had gas (when they were babies/toddlers), I would move their legs like they were riding a bike. My son still like me to do that to him when he has tummy pains. I would also lightly massage their bellies....sometimes they would fart everytime I pushed on their stomachs (I didn't have any idea they could be gluten intolerant at the time). btw, good for you for bfing for so long. I bf my son until only a couple of months ago (he will be 4 in sept). I never thought I would bf for so long since I only bf my daughter for 2 months.
  15. Daughter's Wedding

    I wanted to send you some (((HUGS))). Hopefully you are able to have a closer relationship with your DD in the future. I didn't get along with my mom until I got older and understood her better. I also used to be embarrassed by my mom, but I realized there was nothing to be embarrassed about. Nobody is perfect (I know I am not). My mom and I are really good friends now. I hope you have lots of fun at the wedding!