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  1. I have never been 100% totally clean unless I am eating a strick I make everything myself diet. The fF issue now makes it clear they have wheat it is blatently misleading my MD and they should be ashamed of them selves even that little bit can cause long term damage even if you don't feel it right away. Anyone who continues to eat MD in the States is CRAZY. My husband who is a lawyer suggested this website and starting a class action against them, but I feel that if celiac disease's just start boycotting that will be enough. The MD of the US needs to talk to their counter part in Sweden to fully understand how this works and why this is such a big problem. Our family will be boycotting.
  2. not in the US but in Sweden I will still eat EVERYthing minus nuggets since they can't make those gluten free. Mc Donalds in Sweden has gluten free bread so I will eat there. There should really be a class action started against them