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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. First Celiac Appointment In 10 Years

    Sooo.....how did your appt go? Good news?!?!
  3. NoGluGirl; You would think we have the same parents!!! Since my Mom left my Dad and had to move in with me and my family, I feel like I'm living with her! Not the other way around! She only pays us $200/month, for groceries,rent,bills etc... Nice cheap life for her. In the meantime I have to cut back on what I have to eat becasue my food is so much more expensive. She goes to bulk stores, buys chocolate waffers, cookies, lots of treats I can't have(doesn't even offer my husband any treats...and he's not a celiac)!!. Never bought anything for me. Oh sorry when I was diagnosed she bought my a pkg of gluten-free pancake mix....LAST YEAR!!!! It's not my mom's responsibility to take care of me now becasue I have my own house and own family, but atleast support me while you live in my house. This is hard enough!!! Well enough about my problems....from what you have said about your Mom& Dad and the fact that you were accused of having an ED...I highly doubt you will be able to get them to understand this. I read that Celiac mimics Anorexia. While we are having a reaction to gluten sometimes we loose our appitites....which in turn causes us to eat less...or not at all (in my case). I haven't eaten more than 2 pears in 4 days...just feel like crap. Nothing I can do about it but wait until I feel better. What I don't understand is in some cases parents will JUMP down your throat if they think you have an ED...but when there's a medical diagnoses as to why you can't eat, and constantly loose wieght....it's not good enough, or you are covering up an ED. They would rather lash out on a guess, becasue it's what they think. All I can say is I thank God everyday I didn't turn out like my mother. You can learn alot from your parents...unfortuneatly it's not always positive.
  4. Thank you, reading this post made me realize that I'm not the only one who can't get their family to "GET IT!" Maybe they just can't? I don't know. My family is so stubborn (German) that the only way they would ever understand is if they each had my symptoms. They would actually have to feel it to believe it...or me. Who cares anymore, really. This is something we have to live with for the rest of our lives....why make it MORE stressfull by trying to explain it to people who just may never understand it. Thank God for my husband and kids...they are what keeps me strong.
  5. Ignorant Relatives...

    Thanks Carla! Actually my Mom had to move in becasue she had nowhere else to go, she left my Dad. She saw how how sick I was before I was diagnosed, commented on how much weight I've lost, told me she would help and support me anyway she could. Then I got diagnosed. Everything changed. I guess Celiac is not serious enough for her. She watched me roll on the couch in extreme pain, run to the washroom constantly, and if that wasn't happeneing I was sleeping. Hate to say it but it won't be long before she gets the boot!! Can't handle the stress. That's what got me sick...too much stress. Is it normal for the relatives outside the house to be so ignorant towards this? With the exception of your uncle, who you are lucky to have.
  6. I've been reading alot here and I'm so happy to see that most of you have supporting families. Your mom's try not to gluten you, other members of your family take extra care for you. I think that's great!!! The more support we get the better we feel Maybe my family is just wierd, selfish is more like it. Noone takes what I have seriously...except my husband. He's there for me 1000%. My Mom had to move in with us...not my choice. But she moved in before I was diagnosed, I was very sick. After my biopsy came back positive, my Mom thinks this is a joke. When I cook something gluten-free, she looks over my shoulder, turns her nose up at my food and comments on tasteless it is. My husband told my Mom that it would be a great support to me if our house was now gluten-free. Her response was "Why do I have to suffer like her. I can eat what I want." God I wish Celiac on that woman!!! Just one good hard glutening might straighten her out. I am a grown woman with a wonderful husband and 2 great teenage boys.My kids and hubby take this very seriously. My 15 yr old wipes the table after he's done eating, and if I stare too long when he's eating a pizza, he will tell me that the pizza will kill me and sometimes he'll take it outside!! How can I get the rest of my family to take this seriously? My brother told me I'd be fine eating the inside of a cheesecake he made (with regular flour) because there's only flour in the crust!!! How STUPID is that???Telling me not to be so paranoid, the cake is fine for me. If I had cancer they'd listen wouldn't they?
  7. Thanks for your replies. There's alot of support on this site. What a great place to be! I don't feel out of place here. I was diagnosed last year by having an endoscopy and colonoscopy at the same time. My Celiac was confirmed by a biopsy. I have not had any blood tests. Just before my tests because the dr didn't know what was wrong with me. I lost 90 lbs...not intentionally, but glad it's gone! I have not been able to gain any weight yet. I just keep loosing. I don't want another endoscopy believe me!! I just need to know if I'm ok. Thanks for the advice, I will take it.
  8. I was diagnosed with Celiac last year. Wow this is hard...espeacially when you LOVE food!! I have not been back to my dr's office...although I did call my gastro dr's office they told me there was no need for a follow up. I was told when I was diagnosed that I needed another endoscopy(sp) after 6 months. Well it's been over a year...still suffering...and my dr told me to stay gluten-free and there's no need for any other appts. Is that right? I've read alot of people having tests to see where their vitamin/protien levels are. I have no idea if my levels are ok or not. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  9. ...what To Do...

    Angel, you sound just like me. I feel so alone in this. But since I have found this site I find myself comming here when I feel that way, and it helps. I understand your reactions...I fainted about a month ago. Out cold outside, my dog woke me up. I feel like this is taking over my life. The more time I spend here reading how everyone else is dealing with this is actually giving me strength. Celiac is a part of our lives that we have to learn to live with...we don't have a choice. It could be worse you know that right? I know it takes longer for some people to feel better, and I think that's my biggest problem. I don't remember what it feels like to be healthy. I drag my butt out of bed everyday, no energy, depressed, I find it very hard to eat, either my stomach hurts, or I'm scared to eat. Sometimes it doesn't matter if it's gluten free or not it still hurts like hell. I'm making an appt with my dr for next week. I may not be the right person to encourage you, but I wanted you to know you are not alone. You just had the guts to say how you really feel. There's a topic in here about medic alert bracelets for Celiacs...you might want to consider one.
  10. The Financial Aspect

    We used to eat out alot because we were both working and have 2 teenage boys. Now that I stay home I have some more time to prepare meals, and focus more on what I should be eating. It does feel better having bananas fall off your cart rather than bags of chips!
  11. Dad/German Mom/German Grandparents/German I was born in Toronto, Canada....still here!
  12. I was researching the ingredients of the anti deppressant my dr has had me on for years. I was curious if it might have gluten in it. I found this very disturbing article on it's side effects...very simalir to some celiac reactions. I'm adding in the section I read and the link of the site on the bottom. I haven't found out if it is actually gluten free, but I'm wondering if I'm not feeling any better due to these possible side effects. Am I way off?
  13. I HATE what this disease does to my body...and my life!!! I really don't know how my husband puts up with me! I'm so moody and always feel sick and tired. He has told me how it hurts him to see me feeling like this all the time. He's very supportive & my best friend. He's one of the main reasons I'm trying to stay gluten free. I think if I ate gluten and developed a giant zit 1/2 the size of my face overnight I would then stay away from it. But the food doesn't always make me sick right away. Sometimes it takes mins, days, weeks, it's always different. I used to work part time, but I had to quit because of the way I was feeling, missing too much time, going through tests. I was diagnosed in Aug/06. I tried to get my job back after explaining my illness to them, but they said not right now. I'm trying to adjust to this new diet, but I have NO self control. I've been hefty all of my life because I LOVE FOOD!! This is exactly like a roller coaster ride. I want off!!!
  14. Panera's

    WOW! I'm so excited that I can help you. I'm new to Celiac, but I was told from my gasto dr that you CAN get glutened by inhaling it. He told me that if I were to bake something for my family with regular flour, if I inhale it, the flour particles go into your nose, down your throat and you actually digest it. Therefore, you react to it. Now I don't know what or where Panera's is, but if you were in contact with any flour dust, it is possible to react to it. I hope this helps.
  15. New Here...please Help!

    Thank you all very much for your advice. I feel soooo much better being a member on this site. I don't feel out of place. So many things have been changing over the past year...I think you are all right and I should focus more on my health than her feelings. But I always wonder if maybe I'm over reacting to the cooking thing....only because I know her situation is hard, then I was diagnosed with Celiac, we had to move to a bigger house...and the daily stresses. The reason I think I may overeact is becasue the symptoms of my gluten reactions are so severe that I don't feel like myself. I'm in a constant angry/sad fog. I always feel down and feel like I could cry. Is this ever going to go away? Will I get my life back?