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  1. Hi! My blood test came back negative. Should I see a GI Dr.? I am eating 100% gluten Free and feel so much better. What Should I do? Lori
  2. Stacie,thank you for the info. Lori
  3. Hello! Is there a support group in Roseville California? Thank You! Lori
  4. I have been dealing with what I thought were just food allergies for 3 yrs.. I have not yet gotten the actual diagnosis back from my Doctor regarding my blood exam. After having been told that I was likely a Celiac candidate and after reading alot of info, I have come to a fairly firm conclusion that I have this.. Is there anyone who would msg me back and have time to talk about the symptoms and other aspects of this illness? My symptoms are: Bloating after eating wheat or gluten or even dairy, Nausea almost all the time like I am pregnant, (but Im' not), I have severe constipation most of the time, I have specks of white on my toe nails, and I bruise esaily and they don't go away for quite a long time, I am also tired all the time and feel like I am never rested.. I just quit my job as a n Aesthetician because I could not keep up with everything due to the aching of my body and the regular responsibilities of 3 children. I am not sure about so many aspects of how this is affecting my life. I have always been very health conscious and I am in good shape for the most part but I am looking for some more info about this. Thankl you so much and i look forward to hearing back on this post. L