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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Definitely... that's what I was thinking too- the gluten-free diet will be the tell tale sign that gluten was causing those symptoms.
  2. My daughter (10 ms) was tested because of unexplained diarreah and weight loss. My son and I have both been diagnosed so we got her tested as well but her test results show that the full panel were all negative- totally normal range. BUT my daughter has had very limited exposure to glutens so my question is- do the numbers go up the more exposure there is or are the numbers what they are- gluten or no gluten.... does that make sense? We've already decided that she's going gluten-free, despite the negative test results but I was just curious. If we had decided not to limit her gluten intake- would those numbers increase if she had Celiac?
  3. Fantastic gluten-free Cake From Ikea

    yum... got the chocolate almondy torte last night when we went to Ikea- thanks for the heads up!
  4. Night Sweats

    I can't even believe that the night sweats that I've been having for 3 years are Celiac related! I haven't gone gluten-free yet because I have an endoscopy on the 31st but this is one major symptom that has been plaguing me (and my poor husband who I share a sweat soaked bed with ). I love how the more that I read all of your experienced, the more "AHA! moments" (as Oprah calls them ) I have. Also- I have periodic insomnia... my last bout of it lasted 6 months... SIX MONTHS! And now I find out that THAT could be Celiac related? Whoa- this information is all so overwhelming and wonderful at the same time... you know what I mean?
  5. I don't know whether having all this information is helpful or dangerous (to me and my butt)
  6. Vincent- your sick funny... but sick... Wow- thanks for so much info everyone!
  7. This is our first "food holiday" since being diagnosed. I keep seeing all kinds of tempting Easter candy everywhere- especially on sale and want to stock up for Sage's Easter basket. He was also invited to an egg hunt where all the kids are to bring 12 filled eggs- I was thinking that I would put a special sticker on the outside of his 12 eggs and those are the ones that he specifically has to find (usually they get all mixed up) but what's gluten-free and what isn't? I'm looking for great basket and egg ideas for Easter candy since this is one of those holidays that companies make "special candy" for- the ingredients might differ right? Post your ideas please! (and no getting away with "try treats that aren't candy- like stickers and small toys). This IS the "candy holiday" in our house
  8. oh wow- thank you so much everyone... your words are comforting and encouraging. We had a great meeting yesterday with the nutritionist and she actually told me (based on the food diary I filled out for the past week) that he's getting enough of what he needs, and that I need to r-e-l-a-x, that it will all come in time and he'll get used to it. I like the "investigative food finding" idea- he would totally go for that This child of mine sure knows how to give my emotions a run for the money... I've always raised him to be so empathetic and self-less and I guess I never realized that at times, he needs to mourn and grieve and think about HIMSELF... now I know that and will make a different kind of effort to restrain myself from trying to "make it better"... instead I need to let him have the right to be upset about it. I'll do my crying behind closed doors for him....
  9. Sage has been gluten-free for only about 3 weeks and is having a really tough time with it. He's an wreck of emotions, crying, screaming, being aggressive with his baby sister- it's almost like the emotional upset that we experienced with him 2 years ago that got him a 2 day psych eval. and a misdiagnosis of "anxiety" which I now understand in my heart was the beginning stages of Celiac. I get the sense that he's feeling this huge loss of control... and rightly so! What 5 year old can really comprehend the term "lifetime maintainence" when it comes to eating gluten-free? I also maybe feel like the better he feels physically, than obviously the more energy he has that just wasn't there before because he was so fatigued. He doesn't know how to unleash it... and we're trying to do our best by giving him choices of physical activity (we just signed him up for T-ball!) but since these things have never been a big part of his life, I can't expect that he wants to put down the gentler activities (arts and crafts, boardgames and computer games) and suddenly be an "All Star". I just feel so horrible for what he must be feeling inside... I know it's hard and confusing and frustrating but what I don't know is how to make it easier on him, how to make him understand, how to get his behavior under control. I need to figure it out soon though because his daily crying fits are pulling so hard at my heartstrings
  10. I work part time at a large retail bookstore in the cafe. We have baked goods, we bake cookies, we have MALT powder to make mixed coffee drinks, we have a zillion gluten containing things but this is my job... this helps to provide my family with that "little bit of extra" for the more expensive gluten-free foods that we need to buy. So- since I'm new to this can someone please give me the scoop on working around gluten? Is it taken in through skin contact? Is it possible to get sick just from touching it or does it have to be accidentally ingested? Can I wear rubber gloves and be alright? Have any of you continued to work around gluten and what do you do to make sure you're safe? Any insight would be so helpful
  11. Hey there! I'm so excited... we're going on our first ever family vacation in June to PA! My son who is 5 1/2 is asking every day "how much longer" and I've started the preparations to get our little family there safely and to make a trip full of lasting memories... I'm jsut worried about the food since our whole family is gluten-free (my son and I are the Celiacs but my husband and baby girl are gluten-free as well). We'll be staying in Quakertown PA, which is about 45 minutes from Sesame Place Park. Then there's Sesame itself... do I ask them to fax a copy of their menu? Do I call and get permission to bring in outside food (it specifically states no outside food allowed) how do I do this? Also- we'll be going to the Philly Zoo, and other areas of Philidelphia as well. I heard that there was a gluten-free bakery (Mr Ritts Bakery?) in Philly... anyone ever been? Any information that you have would be helpful... area restaurants, how to go gluten-free at Sesame or the Zoo... what gluten-free foods to pack for a week's car travel, etc. Thanks friends!
  12. I was on Weight Watchers before I was diagnosed. WW encourages lots of healthy fiber and whole grains, which unfortunatly for Celiac people.. that's not an option. My friend sent me this link this morning and after reading more about it I registered (free!) and chose the "Gluten Free" diet option and now I have a menu all planned out for me that's entirely gluten-free!!!! And within my daily calorie goal range. I was so excited to share it with those of you who are trying to maintain a healthy weight here... let me know what you think of it... maybe we could start a support thread if there are those of us who are trying to lose weight with this great website! http://www.nutrihand.com
  13. Just in the past few weeks... I've had so many "lightbulb" moments about my sons health and my health that I could light up a friggin Christmas tree All kidding aside... I've learned just how complex this disease is and how even minute "complaints" can turn out to be small "indicators" of celiac disease. Whatever you decide to do is always in the best interest of your child- so for anyone to challenge your intentions sounds heartbreaking to me :hug: As far as behavior goes... my son was sent to a psychiatric hospital for a two day evaluation by his pediatrician because his behavior was so "off" It makes me so sad that we put him through that and at the time I wish that I would have insisted that they look at his diet through bloodwork first. In the end, the hospital ended up "diagnosing" him with "anxiety" which we now feel was pulled out of thier you-know-whats... Mama instinct is usually right on... you just sometimes have to block out the words of the world and look into your childs eyes to see what's really going on....
  14. Hi Sarah... I have a newly diagnosed and equally picky 5 year old myself When we went to the store I let him pick out what he wanted... i've also been encouraging him to help me prepare the food too. For the most part, I just take the recipes that he's used to and modify them. It's hard because he hasn't been gluten-free for long enough to feel better so getting him to eat anything at ALL is a struggle right now. We're in the same boat my friend... have you been tested as well? My husband and I were and my test came back positive so I'm going to get an endoscopy. I feel that it will be positive as well and maybe that will make it easier on him if we can deal with it together :hug:
  15. oh wow- thanks to all for the warm welcome Paulasimone- you're a punny girl... Dietcokehead- no R.O.C.K. group but there is another kind of support group close by, I just need to get in touch nini- I'll email you- thank you... and thanks for reminding me to focus on the positive taweavmo3- are you having a girl? congrats to you! Canadian Karen and floridanative- thanks for those links... I'm printing out that massive list as I type this KayJay- Iris seems to be doing great... she has brown rice baby cereal though but has recently started on Cheerios which she just adores- but with no belly problems. And to everyone else- thank you so much... I really appreciate the support. We've decided as a family to go completely gluten-free in our home.