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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yes, I know he looked around, Ive got the pictures ...lol I just think he doesn't think I have celiac and did the obligitory two biopsies and called it a day. I know for myself, just by giving up OATS, I already feel better and have only had "D" one time and that was the day I ate oats after going to the gastro. ALso the pressure in my head and the "drugged feeling" went away as well. So, maybe I do not have celiac, but I know that I do have a strong reaction to oats. I still plan on going gluten free, just because I know the seven days I spent gluten free I felt fabulous! Now, my problem is - is when I give up wheat products my blood sugar drops quickly. This morning I felt the dizziness and lightheadedness so I had an egg and cheese on corn tortilla and an orange. I still go dizzy and lightheaded about twenty minutes later. A glucose tablet stablized it?? Anyway, as you say, It is not a crime to give up gluten and if you feel better giving it up then you have your diagnosis! No Gluten!
  2. I had my biopsy and a colonoscopy yesterday. When I had originally went to the gastro, I met with his PA, I met the doctor only two minutes before the procedure. As we were talking he was confirming my symptoms, and I told him about eating oatmeal and changing my diet to whole grains and getting progressively worse over the past three years. He just said hummmm. Then I said I had found out that my bother had celiac and felt that I should be tested since I had been having the same symptoms; and that after I took oats out of my diet alot of the symptoms lessened or disappeared. He stated: "Well, I've only had one case where siblings have both had celiacs." Then standing over me he said, "The blood panel that your doctor took is usually pretty accurate."??? I felt dread at that point! My PCP only did the Aga IgA/IgG tests, not the whole panel. I knew I was not going to be getting any gluten (anything) diagnosis from him!!!! I told him that my brother tested negative and that his body didn't even produce IgG antibodies. He said, "Hummm...." My test all came back normal. He only did two biopsies. Said my small intestines were normal. I have just been stunned silent ... I still plan on going gluten free - but I sure was hoping for some concrete news. (I am assuming they can tell if the villi are flattened by looking?) Thanks guys!
  3. Thanks Donna!!! That makes me feel better and right now I can use me some feeling better....lol
  4. Glad that your biopsy went well. I go tomorrow. I am nervous as well. The Gastro is doing both an endoscopy and a colonoscopy - since I developed hemmoroids and a fissure (Im sure from the frequent bathroom trips ... I don't do well on medicine so I am mostly worried about the drugs.... Will they cut it with anti-nausea medication if I ask? Definitely hate the waking up drunk part.
  5. I know I am new here and mostly lurking in the background until I get a confirmed diagnosis but I have a vent and know that you guys would understand. So a few weeks ago, after my gastro appointment I was at my mother in laws and she asked if I could be depressed, (as in that was what was causing my symptoms) I said no, I had been depressed before and this is different. I am frustated. Frustrated for not feeling well and frustrated for having to defend that. Yesterday, she stopped by and my son (4) and I were doing quiet time and tickle cuddle on the couch. He continued to rough house as I was trying to talk with her and I repeatedly (three times) asked him to stop while I talked with her. He would not stop so I sent him to his room. (A discipline that we use to calm him down - nothing new) When he went to his room she asked me if I was happy? I said yes I am happy and left it at that. Then her daughter, (my husband's sister) sent me the March 20 article from the Wall Street Journal about the man who was diagnosed with celiac disease by his gastro, then had the diagnosis retracted by Stanford doctors. He stated he felt better after going gluten free, by the way, but did not have either gene? I took it as a suggestion, that even though I get a diagnosis, I may not actually have celiacs? BTW, Her son has celiac's? But I do not think he is strictly gluten free? Last week I was at my sisters and she said she wondered if my problems were not because I didn't like going to restaurants. Since I became dizzy and nauseated both time we went. Not to mention that the first night I was there she served pannini's and cream of soup. The second day we went to panera's. Why? WHY Is it so much easier for family to ridicule you and be so callous about your health, but will not hesitate to ditch your mental health? So, they would rather me be a crazy hypocondriac then gluten intolerant? I am having both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy done tomorrow - hence all the vocal traffic in my family about the issue. I was hoping that they would be supportive and comforting about the whole thing you know, like I might be a bit apprehensive about the procedures. No doubt something has gone wrong with my body, but appearantly it is my head. I am just so angry about this whole thing! Thanks for letting me vent!
  6. Hi Elye I also wanted to throw in here that my brother was diagnosed with celiac disease through biopsy, but his bloodwork was negative. His body didnt make any AGA IgG/IgA antibodies. It is very possible. Good luck to your dad. I agree with Nini.. If he has a positive dietary response then why go back?
  7. Have you tried an elimination diet to see if "Food" is even the culprit? Also, I'm not sure if you meant colonoscopy or not, but from all I have read they cannot detect celiac disease that way. Have you considered having the blood test and biopsy done to confirm celiac disease, at least that way you could rule it in or out? If your children are confirmed celiac disease, then it would be logical for you to be tested as well.
  8. Oat Anti-bodies?

    Hi Robbin, I barley and rye are not really a part of my diet so I cannot comment on them. I try to believe the cross contamination rational, but I can eat pure whole wheat flour, or things like shredded wheat and not have a reaction. But one bowl of oats and the whole stomach thing starts again and stays with me for days. At first I thought it was the fiber, but I take fiber everyday and have forever, so I thought it may be too much fiber so gave up the physillim (sp?) and oats would still make me ill. I put the fiber back in and gave up oats and my issue went away. I ate oatmeal one day a week ago after my Gastro appointment, thinking I would just add them back in until my scope at the end of the month. BAD IDEA! A VERY BAD IDEA. I am still suffering the affects. So, I figure, it could be cross contamination in some, but some just really have a bad reaction to oats. I know without a doubt oats will not be a part of my gluten free life.
  9. Oat Anti-bodies?

    Hi Guy22od: Oats are the only thing that I have a strong reaction too. I can eat bread products, (I have the subtle symptoms, ie. tiredness, brain fog, occasional body dumping etc.) But when I eat oats it is fast and immediate, it is as if I have just been poisoned. I ate oatmeas EVERY day for about three years, along with changing to whole wheat products and a whole "healthy diet." I continued to get sicker and sicker, neuropathy, stomach, blood sugar issues, etc. I was to the point that I could not get out of bed. After taking oats out of my diet and am starting to feel better. I am having my scope at the end of the month and CANNOT wait to go completely gluten free. Good luck to you. (I often wondered if I am just not allergic to oats?)
  10. Hi Nicki I just finished reading the book, "Wheat Free, Worry Free" by Danna Korn. (It is awesome by the way and very helpful for a new Celiac.) She speaks of cosmetics, shampoos and such and says that there is no need to worry, (maybe if your symptoms are DH) but that you do not ingest those items (maybe if you were a baby) and your body does not absorb them, so I think you would be safe to have your hair colored. Not sure about the dentist though. Maybe a phone call to the office to question the cleaner? Good luck to you.
  11. Sandyo ~ When I went gluten free (for a week like you) I noticed that simple carbs and sugars made me really ill. Dizzy, neaseated, etc. All of my CBC blood test came back normal except my blood sugar which has been gradually rising since I started eating oatmeal three years ago. My colestorol went down by 57 points though! Now, I notice if I don't eat regularly, or I have simple carbs (or high glycemic foods) that I still get dizzy and nausea. I started adding orange juice to my morning routine to balance out the blood sugar, and then maybe adding some more protein to your diet (especially in the morning) will level out the blood sugars further. Gluten-free (especially prepared products) can be higher in sugar than regular gluten breads products. Hope you feel better soon.
  12. Paxil Withdrawl

    IT took me six months to wean off Lexapro. People don't seem to understand the damage those drugs can do you you, (yes, they do work for their intended purpose, but the long term affects on your body/brain are unknown.) I start out also with 20 to 10 then a full pill one day then half the next for a month, then a one every other day for a month or so, then then half every other day for a month or so, then half two days out... etc. SSRI's have a half life, the time they stay in your body. Please go slow in weaning yourself off Paxil. The side affects can be very hard on your system.
  13. Is Celiac An Immune Thing?

    Wow, I hate the pain thing you had to endure! (((hugs to you))) What is AS?
  14. Gluten-free Newbie

    Hi Linda, Welcome. I just joined recently too, after finding out my brother had celiac's and discussing similarities in our symtoms, I went searching for answers my doctor wasn't able to provide, that is how I found this forum. I am in the process of being tested, and will then have my son tested as well. After that, we will all go gluten free as well, regardless. (I went gluten free for a week and started to feel a world of difference - I suffer from arthritis in my back as well, two lumbar vertibrea have already calcified - and I am only 41 ) You will find lots and lots of encouragement here, as well as a whole group of people who know exactly how you feel!
  15. So, I had my visit with the gastro this morning. You fill out four pages of questions regarding symptoms you are feeling (head to toe - neuro, gastro, cardio, etc.) before you even get there, then she reviewed it with me stopping to ask questions about some of my issues. The biggest of course being fatigue, nausea and dizziness. I never mentioned celiac's to her, but it was on page 3 regarding family diagnosed with any issues. And I had given her my blood work from the last two visits to the dr. One was the two test he did for celiac's (IgA/IgG (the numbers were 3/4 respectively) But I am not sure if she saw them while we were talking. She never really indicated what could be going on one way or another until we were talking about my diet and the a few years ago my husband had did weight watchers and lost 100 pounds and during the same time I was diagnosed with post-partum depression so started taking anit-depressants. During the three years that followed our diet became better and better and I starting getting sicker and sicker. Refining my diet as I went along. Cutting out heavy, fried, fast, dining out, etc and going to lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken, only eating red meat maybe once a week, and whole grains. Then I told her that I had been eating oatmeal every morning for the past two and a half years and instead of feeling better, I had continually been getting worse with the dizziness, the nausea, loose bowels etc. She started rummaging through my chart at that point and as she was rummaging, I was getting to the point that my brother had been diagnosed with Celiac's a few years ago.....and she said that is just what I was looking for to see if there was a family history. I then told her about the pedi and the fistula that my son had and how is pedi had mentioned testing him for it when he was older. I told her I never really put two and two together until talking with my brother last summer and knowing that as healthy as I was eating I should be feeling great, but instead I feel like I am getting worse. She said that she was ordering both an upper and lower (fun fun) series and the doctor would speak with my hubby afterwards and that she would follow up with me in about two weeks after the endo/colon. She was getting up to leave and I asked if she was going to order a celiac panel and she said no, the the doctor had done it. I commented that he had not done the whole test but only two, to which she said there is only a few and that she had noted the celiacs on my chart so that when the doctor did the endo he would get into the (_______) area of the small intestines to do a biopsy (If he could get in there) sorry, but I dont know what area she said. She reiterated about three times that that area would be able to pick it up? So what do you guys think? I feel like the light bulb went on for her when I mentioned the oatmeal. She followed up with questions about other wheat products and I said no, just that my body would do a total body dump about once or twice a month and the only time I could create the nausea and dizziness and urgency to go was when I ate simple carbs, cake, donuts, pastries, etc. which she attributed to sugar, not wheat? Although I can eat candy (without wheat) without problems? Thanks in advance for your input.