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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. White Sauce...

    My daughter has made me a yummy alfredo sauce from cooks.com. Just type in spaghetti alfredo. It should be the first recipe that comes up. It is very easy and tastes great....she is only 11 and finds it easy!!!!
  2. Hello everyone, I don't post often but I am certainly one whom loves bargains so I thought I would share this with everyone. I got an email today from Amazon. They have just started an online "grocery store" and they sell GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS!!!!! I could not believe it. Some of the products I just saw were Bobs Red Mill, Pamelas and The Gluten Free Pantry. Get this....if you order $49 or more by August 31, they will give you a $10 instant rebate and anything over $25 is free ship. I know the Gluten Free Panty Chocolate Truffle brownies are out of this world and only 15.00 for 6 packages...that is only 2,50 a box before the instant rebate. Hope this helps others as I know it will me. Cindy
  3. Jenvan, What is the "mix" of flours. Does the box give you the exact measurements in case we wanted to make our own. I know Bette Hagmans does but I wasnt exactly pleased with hers...or maybe I am just not a great baker. lol
  4. Do all corn tortillas have that "lime smell"? I found it very nauseating.......
  5. Hello everyone, I bought some Pepito corn tortillas. I am not crazy about Mexican food or tacos but thought maybe I could use them as "wraps" Does anyone do this? Any recipes? Do you use them hot or warm them up? What do you think is the best brand that you find in the local store. Thanks Cindy
  6. Hello, I am not much of a baker to begin with but now that I am gluten-free, I feel compelled to find good tasting foods to eat. I just tried making cookies and substituting one to one on the flour with Bette Hagmans gourmet flour mix and adding 1/4 tsp xanthan gum. My cookies tasted great but you had to scoop them with a spoon.(My daughter said they were great over vanilla ice cream.) Any suggestions? As I said, I dont bake and used vegetable spread instead of butter or margarine. Could this change the consistency as well. They were pretty soupy before I put them in the oven. Thanks Cindy
  7. I too thank you Jessica, I have a lot of recipes that I use Cream of Mushroom soup with and like others, dont want to spend $2 plus a can. Thanks again
  8. Honey Comb

    I as a rule do not eat a lot of gluten products because I have been following a modified South Beach phase 1 which includes mostly dairy, meats, veggies etc and I chose not to eat breads, pastas and grains to help with weight loss. I have been following this for 2 plus years. I was only tested because 4 first degree relatives were positive. A few days prior to testing I started to eat bread and pasta again so I would not get negative results. My IgA was 43 with a less than 25 negative. My MD said given my family history and dietary restrictions prior to testing she is sure I have celiacs. I added gluten to my diet for 2 weeks and found gassy uncomfortable lower abdominal discomfort- not severe- I have gone back to basic gluten free with oats only and have had no symptoms.....yet....it has been about 10 days. Thanks for your info. I will look at it.
  9. Honey Comb

    I guess this would be an appropriate thread to ask this question???? Being newly diagnosed and not "sick" or symptomatic as a rule because I was only tested because of family history, I thought if you were not "sick" so to say that oats would be okay????? Is it true that if you are originally diagnosed after being sick that you should stay off oats for 6 months and then slowly add them back to see if it bothers you? What do you experts think? Thanks
  10. I have had UTI's since I was a small child. They were never able to find out why. I am newly diagnosed with celiacs disease. My daughter also has had several UTI's and is 9. My children are being tested for celiacs in a couple of weeks but out of all of them, she is the one I suspect the most....only time will tell.
  11. I am new at this...I did well all day and then at dinner I made tacos. I bought an Old El Paso hard/soft shell combo pack and Old El Paso seasoning. It did say that it was made with wheat products but I assumed that meant for the soft tortilla shells. Now I am having pain and bloating. I felt fine all day until know. Just curious if I screwed up.......did I buy the wrong product?
  12. okay, you say I didnt have all the tests done......what are all the tests you recommend? Do you recommend going to see a gastroenterologist as this was just my PCP? Thanks for the input..... Cindy
  13. Hi, I am new here, I do not have celiac symptoms....yet. I was tested because my mom, brother and his 2 children have been diagnosed with celiacs. I am wondering if someone could help me with these results. I as a rule do not eat bread or pasta or much with gluten as a personal preference for weight loss but 4 days prior to the testing I did eat bread (white) and macaroni-(incidentally I did have "gas" and bloating those days.) I also fasted that morning for my cholesterol. I don't know if this makes a difference. My doctor said the testing was inconclusive and it would not hurt me to eat gluten free but ya know.....if I want to eat bread, I want to eat bread lol. In other words I don't mind going gluten free if I have to but I kinda just want to know if I will be "damaging" myself if I go off. Here are the results. Gliadin Igg antibody 1.8 reference rang <25.0 Gliadin IGa antibody 43.5 reference range < 25 Endomysial ABS,S negative What do you experts think?????? Thanks Cindy
  14. Hi, I am new to all this!!!! Very confused, concerned and a bit depressed. I have just learned that my mom, brother and his daughter all have celiacs disease. I have 4 children.....they do not appear to have any GI problems except maybe one with "pasty stools" and some seepage still at age 9- history of UTI's. One son has very large BM's and ADHD. Two children are on the small size but so am I.....why test if no symptoms???? What could happen. I have heard that following gluten free is expensive. With 4 children and a disbled husband this is gonna kill us financially. Does anyone have a helpful place to get low cost gluten-free food or a list of things to find at the supermarket. Maybe I am jumping the gun as I go get tested Tuesday but it is all just freaking me out and overwhelming me!!!! Thanks for any input Cindy
  15. Thanks for your input....your right it is interesting. I had heard from another source((I don't know how reputable) that UTI's and celiacs disease could be related but have not been able to verify yet......anyone have any ideas????? I myself have had too numerous to mention UTI's since I was about 5. I will keep you posted once I get my results for celiacs next week. Cindy