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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Ener-g Tapioca Light. The regular tapioca isn't very good. But the "light" is awesome. No toasting needed. It tastes like glutened sandwich white bread. Also, they have a seattle brown bread. But it was so moist it fell apart. I can't find the light in stores, but they sell it online. Very good. I have hated every other kind I have tried.
  3. I'm not doing anything. I don't take vitamins or have a very balanced diet. I'm a really busy grad student so I don't even have time to work out. In otherwords, I don't have a healthy life style. Maybe something developing celiac triggered a gene or something. I'm not really sure. I can't figure it out. My wife has had all sorts of things including strep throat and light mono. But I didn't get it. Good luck.
  4. My experience has been quite different. In the 5.5 years that I have had celiac, I haven't gotten (NON CS) sick at all. Not a single cold, flu, cough, ache/pain, sneeze, sniffle or anything. I know I've been exposed because my wife gets colds alot. I had started a similar post to this about six weeks ago and there were a couple of other people who hadn't been sick either.
  5. Ener-g Foods

    I have to recommend the Ener-g Tapioca light bread. It tastes like real bread. It isn't graining like the others. The regular tapioca bread has to be toasted or it isn't really edible. Try the 'light".
  6. Right Smack dab in the middle of Illinois (Bloomington Normal). I'm lucky. There a few stores within thirty minutes of here. Is the whole foods place you go to the one in Morrisville? I also noticed that there are 4 or five Krogers in Raliegh. We are a smaller city (120,000) and have only three Krogers. One of which has four kinds of bread, flours, cookies, frozen meals and pizza, cereal and other stuff. You might want to call them. They are usually located in the Organic section. Also, how far are you from the research triangle? I would think that with Wake, Duke and Carolina all so close, there would be a few "organic" stores. They should have some stuff.
  7. I used to have to go to a local health food store to get the Ener-g tapioca bread. But now one of our three Kroger stores carries it. As for the Tapioca light bread, I have to get it online. I believe, but may be off a bit, that it was like 17 dollars for a case of six loafs. The downside is that shipping was like five/six dollars and it takes took ten days to get here. What state are you located in? sometimes you can find gluten-free products at regular stores.
  8. Bread had been the most frustrating part of being gluten-free for me. I have probably tried ten different kinds. I finally found some premade bread that works. It seems like alot of them have to be toasted just to be useful. For toast, I use Ener-g Tapioca bread. It tastes just like regular people toast. For sandwiches, I used the Tapioca light. It tastes just like regular white sandwich bread and doesn't have to be toasted to be edible. I was so happy when I found it. Brandon
  9. Infertility

    Hi. I know I 'm a guy, but I can give my perspective. I found out that I had CS in the Spring of 2000. I got married shortly after that. I never really stayed on my diet until about 2.5 years ago. My wife and I were not trying to get pregnant, nor were we taking any precautions. We just had the attitude that when it happened, it happened. About six months after I went on my diet for good, we concieved. So from my male point of view, I was able to be fertile about 5-6 months after being my diet. I know there could have been other factors involved, but we are both convinced it was because of my diet. Good Luck, Brandon
  10. I just called our local Friar Tuck's (Bloomington IL). They said they have no idea when Bard's will be back. I think there was another thread about that earlier today. They did have New Grist and one other kind of gluten-free beer. I was going to check it out this weekend. I've never had gluten-free beer. I was always under the impression regular beer was fine. I never got sick or anything, but I guess I was wrong.
  11. Sorry!!! I haven't been to a Meijer yet and didn't realize they are only in the midwest. I do apologize. For those in the midwest, here is the link from the ad. http://www.meijer.com/HealthyLiving/glutenfree.asp
  12. Did anybody else the email version of the latest Meijer advertisement? We (Bloomington Normal IL) are going to get a Meijer next month. My mom gets the ad's via email. Thier latest one has a big link at the bottom asking if you are gluten free. It then lists all of the gluten free stuff they carry and ascerts that they are working on a list of thier own gluten free (Meijer Brand) products. It seems that they have realized how many of us there are and hope to appeal to us. If anyone wants me to forward this on to them, let me know. Brandon
  13. Hi, I'm a masters student at Illinois State University. I was diagnosed during my junior years. I lived off campus so I didn't really have to experience the dining halls. I do however, have two friends that are managers in the dining facilities. They both told me that we had several celiacs whom they had to accomodate. I know they had a couple of types of noodles but I'm not sure what else. We also have five different centers with five different types of settings. Someone told me that one of them actually had fresh baked gluten free bread, but now that i'm a grad student i'm rarely on campus. Also, our two of our facilities are food courts. The one I lived in had a pepe's mexican food, a burger place, panda express, and a chic-filet. The other food court also had several genres of food. Being a state university with the requirement of living in the dorms, they have to (and usually take pride in) making things special to order. Good luck. College is the worst time to get the mental fog form gluten.
  14. Am I The Only One Who Feels This Way?

    Yeah, "cause your special" is an online seller. We used the pizza crust last night. Just before that, I had to go out to a pizza place with my friends for a meeting. But we made My pizza when we got home. Its pretty easy. You have to mix it up, bake the crust by itself, add your sauces and toppings and then bake it again. It sounds like a process, but it isn't. The second baking is pretty much just to melt your cheese. You can make it as thin as you want and I'm serious when I say that it doesn't taste like most gluten-free crusts. Alot of them are like cardboard, but this is the real thing. I think i stated before that it tastes like a Monical's Pizza Crust. I don't know if you have them where you live. They may just be in the midwest. You can also roll them up into breadsticks too. Just do a websearch for the company and you should find it.
  15. Am I The Only One Who Feels This Way?

    We order the "Famous Pizza Crust" from 'Cause your special. It is really light, not grainy and tastes like the real thing. We also use it to make breadsticks.