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  1. I am a waitress and what KEJOHE says is correct. However also know that the cook merely prepares the food as the server specifies. Think of your server as a commodities broker..negotiate with them substituting sides for salads or bread for soup or vegetable etc... Just remember that the server is slowed by all these extras. Think to yourself what time am I taking away from his/her other tables and how that could jepordize that guests meal. Also know that in most states servers only make $2.13 per hour!!!! We survive on our tips. The cooks make typically $7-8 or even more. So tipping that person is good; However, it is not as necessary as the server's tip. And yes tipping 10% is a BAD tip! To leave on a good note though letting your server know ahead of time all the things you can't have is wise and may save you time in deciding ask what they think you may like................ This will also get them on "your side"