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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. This morning I did decide to challenge myself by eating some Shredded Wheat. The box has been sitting in my cupborard half eaten since I went gluten-free 2 mos ago. I hate to throw food out if I don't have to so I figured I would see what would happen I've been paying for it all day with my arthritus symptoms. The rest of the box is now in the garbage Linda/NJ
  3. Thanks Patti for your kind wishes Yes my cake was quite deliceous! Glad you are feeling much better after being gluten-free for as long as you have. I hope I can keep it going as well as you have. I still have yet to venture out to a restaurant or anywhere else to eat. As long as I'm home I'm good Linda
  4. Hi George....I have also cut back on my sugar consumption. I rarely eat any baked goodies anymore, however since today is my b'day one of my DD's brought over a flourless chocolate cake yesterday which did have lots of sugar in it and it did not affect me at all. Aside from this I really hadn't had any sugar since last summer. I do think that this has also been a plus in how I've been feeling. I eat a lot of salads and veggies and try my best to not eat any junk food. My arthritus (upper spine area) is my only reason for going gluten-free. I don't have any of the other symptoms that others here are struggling with. It's pretty easy for me to be strict with my food intake as long as I don't go anywhere Also in regards to my arthritus I've been taking Glucosamine with MSM for a few years now and just recently also added a supplement called Celadrin which I had read that it works well together with the Gluc/MSM. So I don't know if it's the diet or the Celadrin which are making me feel better....or both. As long as I notice an improvement I'm for anything that works so I will continue to do as I am doing and hopefully will continue to feel better each day. Have you tried any glucosamine supplements or do you take any presc. meds for your arthritus? Linda
  5. Hello All! Well, I've been gluten free for about 2 months now and have really been feeling so much better but not complete. I haven't been tested by any doctors but just doing my own elimination diet to see what might be causing me to be in so much pain. Drs told me it's arthritus and I will have to learn to live with it...They don't know me very well Anyway, through my own research and learning about food intolerances so far I've discovered so much about how my body has changed since entering the Menopausal phase of my life. This week I decided to stop all alcohol consumption, including wine (this is such a bummer) to see if I wouldn't notice any more positive changes and after only 3 days I am practically pain free which I thought I would never feel again I just wanted to share in case anyone else has been suffering in a similar way. I know each individual seems to suffer differently than another and it totally amazes me how foods that we are made to believe are "healthy" for us aren't necessarily so. I hope each and everyone of you are able to figure out your food culprits as I have as it's well worth it even though some may be your favs Have a beautiful day! Linda/NJ
  6. Tired All The Time...

    Living here in New Jersey is very drab at this time of the year. It seems that when the sun doesn't shine I don't shine either and I have no energy whatsoever. Every year during these dreary months..Jan, Feb, March....I think that there must be something wrong with me. Last year I actually went and had a physical and all was fine. Come to think of it I don't get as much exercise either so I'm sure that plays a part of my problem. Have you thought of this possibility? Also if you aren't getting a good nights sleep, considering you have little ones that may get you up, these are all possible factors. Hope your exhaustion will be short lived......... Linda
  7. Night Sweats

    BERNESES, Glad you have found that the EP oil is working for you. Maybe I will have to give that a try again Linda
  8. Night Sweats

    I have found that since I've been cutting out gluten and sugar my "Tropical flashes" have lessened tremendously during the day. However, at night after I have my usual glass of wine with dinner they reappear and the night sweats are unbearable. As of tonight I am giving up my glass of wine for the next 2 weeks to see if the night sweats disappear.......sigh..... If I have to give up on anything else for a decent quality of life, Lord, Just Shoot Me Now...... Linda/NJ
  9. Excessive Sweating When Glutened

    Yes, I also have noticed that my night sweats are a little less since I've been eating gluten-free but I think I will also have to give up my nightly glass of wine with dinner as I know when I was dieting last summer and had to give up these favorite treats I did sleep a lot better and didn't have any problems with this terrible discomfort. Beginning tonight I am giving up my wine for a week to see if this doesn't help.....sigh.... Linda/NJ
  10. Waking Up Every Hour To Pee

    This has been a real problem for me for some time also. Heaven help us if hubby and I are going for a long car trip as it's never too long before I will be calling out for a pit stop! Night time is a real problem and even though I make sure I don't drink anything several hours before bedtime I still will wake up 90 min. after falling asleep with that darn urge and will usually have at least another 3X's. I also experiance hot flashes during these night urges so I get double whammy'd Through another totally different forum I learned of a product called EnurAid which helps to control the urges. I happened to try it for the first time today when I had to go do some shopping. Usually by the time I get to this store I am running for the rest room but today I made it through until I got home before I had to go so I would say that this worked for me. It appears to be Gluten free but I do see that it does have Lactose listed in the ingredients. I'll certainly be using this again on our next long car trip Linda/NJ
  11. Gluten-free Newbie

    Thank you all for your kind words and gracious welcome. It's so great to be able to correspond with others who have similar problems and have been gluten free for a while. Hopefully through these forums I may be able to keep a positive outlook on life Thanks again............Linda/NJ
  12. Carol, Thanks for your reply. I have been interested in this Enterolab test that I've been reading so much about here. Thanks for cluing me in on the price of it. If I get desperate enough I may just spring for it. In the meantime I will just rely on my own diagnosis (much cheaper) and see if eating gluten-free continues to work for me. See you on the boards Linda/NJ
  13. Thanks to all of your replies. I feel so much better knowing that I don't have to go through the tests for confirmation. I am interested in learning that a colonopscopy might be able to detect Celiac? I am overdue on having this test but when I do get around to it I will ask about this. Good health to all...Linda/NJ
  14. Shellbean, thanks for your reply and Welcome to the group. I just joined this amazing site yesterday and can't seem to keep myself away from my computer since discovering this site Sounds like you have really been through the ringer since your gallbladder problem. I'm sure you must be quite frustrated with all the testing and no real confirmed fines for your symptoms. If I were you I would just go ahead and do the gluten free diet for a couple of weeks and see if you notice any difference. I noticed a big difference within 3 days but have difficulty sticking with it as I'm still learning what foods are gluten-free and which aren't..It's not easy You had mentioned about having a colonopscopy and they forgot to check for Celiac when they did this test. Can they really check for Celiac through a colonopscopy? My gyn. doc has been wanting me to have this done for a few years now and I keep putting it off, I'm such a woos Please let me know if this is true so when I get up the nerve to go through with this I will be sure to have them check for this. Good luck to you in finding better health and hope the gluten-free way of eating helps you too! Linda/NJ
  15. Anyone Cheat?

    Steph...Count me on on your pity party I miss the breads and all the other good .. I mean bad stuff. I've done pretty well staying away from bread since summer when I had to eliminate it while doing the South Beach Diet. This is what got me thinking about the gluten factor giving me a problem as I felt much better when I didn't eat this back then. I have been missing pizza and found a recipe using non gluten flour for the crust. It came out pretty good and will do this when my pizza craving comes on. I've just ordered a couple of gluten free cookbooks so I can get around this problem and still enjoy and cook decent meals for the family. I, too, am a newbie at this so you are not alone by any means in this. Hang in there Linda/NJ