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  1. Bummed Out

    I seriously just got a little sick to my stomach just reading the words "Fleet Phoso..."!!!!
  2. Well, I am feeling a little better this morning than I did last night. Rusla - that stinks that you dont that he took enough biopsies. He basically made his mind up before he even did the endo that I didn't have celiac b/c my blood work was negative. I think I need to find a new dr b/c he's not trying to figure out what is wrong with me he just wants to see what medicines work. Does that make sense? Instead of saying "let's try to figure out what is causing these problems" has says "let's figure out what medicines will make the problems go away". That doesn't make any sense to me and I dont want to just "mask" over my sympotms b/c I want to know what is really going on. The only positive thing he did say though was that he wanted to do this thing where I swallow a pill then he takes an x-ray every couple of days to see where it goes. I don't think I am going to do it b/c I am sure my insurance will look at a 23 yr old with a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and endless dr visits and drop my butt! Gluten and dairy free from now on!!!!
  3. Just got done with endo so I will keep in short since I want to fall asleep right now. From the endo he saw that I have esophagitis, gastritis, and a small hiatal hernia. He also took 2 biopsies (sp?). I don't know where he took the biopsies from. The way he talked to me was that he didn't think I had celiac. Are the 3 things I listed have any relation with celiac or are they completely seperate and have nothing to do with celiac? Any suggestions? Did anyone else get sick to their stomach after the endo? I feel like I have a hangover. I guess I basically do b/c I am dehydrated from not drinking so that explains the headache and tiredness, but that doesn't explain the nautiousness (too tired to even about how to spell that one right).
  4. Pixi - I am in the same boat as you but I have yet to go off gluten b/c of my endo tomorrow. I know how you feel about the stomach sticking out and dreading getting into a bikini this year. Hopefully, someone will reply. If you find anything out please let me know.
  5. Wow, thanks Shelly. I have the endoscopy scheduled for this thursday. Did your dr persue the endoscopy or did you push for it? Were you awake for it? So, you are officially dx'd even though the blood test was negative, right? I am assuming you are now gluten free...have you started feeling better? How long did it take you to feel better? Also, if you don't mind me asking...what were some of your main symptoms?
  6. Thanks for the info. That gives me a little hope since I was not gluten-free for the blood test which came back negative. Maybe the biopsy will be positive b/c I would like a conclusive diagnosis. Anyway, I guess we'll see.
  7. debmidge - Sorry, I did not clarify whether I was gluten-free or not. I am NOT gluten-free right now. I have an endo scheduled for thrusday so I decided to eat gluten for it (I was only gluten-free for 2 1/2 weeks before going back on gluten for the endo). I am sorry b/c I am sure that isn't what your husband wanted to hear but I am sure there are others out there that still have gas while gluten-free. Jen - that is a good point about other intolerances, I guess I never really even thought about it. However, since I have been keeping a food journal I noticed that I got gas after eating some egg whites. I stopped eating eggs since I made that connection. However, since I am eating gluten I have noticed that things with gluten in them give me gas too. Either way the diet journal has been a big help and I am sure will help me narrow down the source of my pain.
  8. Was you nephew gluten-free before the blood test or endo?
  9. I am glad everyone was able to relate and get a giggle out of it, I posted it b/c hoping people would relate and get a good laugh. cgilsing - I am the exact same way with my husband. When I get really bloated I make him look at it and agree with me about 5 times just how much my stomach sticks out It's all good though b/c he still loves me, my bloated belly, and gas. Hope yours does too. Good idea about the oust...the desk cleaner just wasn't strong enough today.
  10. Since there is not shame on this message board I will go ahead and share my REALLY embrassing story... I was sitting in my office today when after lunch I got really bad gas. I couldn't help it and I couldn't stop it. I didn't know what to do. If i let it out, I smell up my office and get really embrassed if anyone came in. If i hold it in I...well, we all know that it isn't fun to hold it in. I couldn't get up and run to the bathroom b/c I would have to get up every 30 seconds. So, I decided to just turn my fan on and hope for the best and spray a little desk cleaner in the air. Luckliy, there weren't many people in the office today so no one came in my office. Anyway, just wanted to share a REALLY embrassing story but I am sure we've had them all. Or, I just weird and even weired that I wanted to share this with strangers on the internet. Thanks for listening though.
  11. Question: Who had negative blood work but still went on to have a biopsy through an endoscopy and that come back positive? Or, did most of you just say "forget it" after the blood work and go on the gluten-free diet and not have the endo done? I had negative blood but my dr said he wanted to do an endo. I have it thursday and I was wondering if it is likely to come back positive.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I have very little decay too but have broken 3 teeth. I also have 2 pits on the sides of 2 of my teeth. Also, when I chew gum every once is a while I will hit a place on my tooth the gives me pain and sends me to my knees. I thought I had a cavity but the dentist just said i have a sensitive tooth b/c I have no enamel. Do you have the pits or sensitive teeth?
  13. Yeah, these are definately good enough (maybe a bit too exepnsive thoug) to eat for someone that isn't evn on a gluten-free diet.
  14. I have searched the message board and found many threads about the link between celiac and tooth enamel loss/defects. However, I was wondering you yours looks like. Pits in your teeth?...Or your whole tooth falling apart?
  15. Yes, I really like them too. I like the frosted better than the apple cinnamon. I personally think they don't taste that great in milk b/c they have a weird film on them. They are great as a snack by themselves with O.J. Yum!