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  1. I had the best gluten free Italian meal I've had in a LONG time last night, and I just wanted to make sure all the other Pittsburgh people on here know about this place since I think it's fairly new! It's Pazzo Ristorante, on Washington Road (Route 19) in Mt. Lebanon, across the street from the Galleria and just up the road from South Hills Village. They have a great selection of items that can be made gluten free, including several pasta dishes made with rice pasta! I haven't found any other restaurants in this area that have gluten free pasta, so my mom and I (both Celiacs) were pretty excited. I had a cheesy baked pasta dish that was huge and delicious! And everything comes with a big bowl of salad (like Olive Garden) and they made a special one for us that had gluten free dressing on it. My mom had the Shrimp Pazzo, which was amazing as well. And their gluten free dessert option is a flourless chocolate cake that was very rich and decadent. Just a really great meal all around! And the prices aren't too bad either. Our server was very knowledgeable about gluten and told us that the chef is really making an effort to attract gluten free customers. He said she is even working on a gluten free pizza! They have their menu on their website with the gluten free items marked: www.pazzopittsburgh.com Very highly recommended, and thankfully not too far away from where I live! Sara
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Cheddar's

    I emailed Cheddar's about gluten-free options and received the response below from their VP of Culinary Operations. It took a while to hear back from them, but I'm glad that they sent an intelligent and thorough response. ------------------------------------------------- There are none of our appetizers that I would recommend for you as all have some amounts of wheat flour in them, the same goes for our soups. Salads without croutons, tortilla strips and the included croissant would be safe with oil and vinegar on the side. Safe entrees would include Lemon Pepper Chicken, Grilled Salmon, Tilapia, Key West Chicken, Steak (without the onion straws), burgers without buns (except the smokehouse burger- the onion straws again), Grilled Catfish and Ribs without sauce. All of our side dishes except Broccoli Casserole are gluten free. Again, we are a scratch kitchen that does do a lot of hand battering (with flour containing ingredients) so the possibility of contamination does exist. Depending on the severity of your condition you may consider this whenever eating out. I hope this provides you with enough information to come and enjoy Cheddar
  4. More Trouble At Pf Changs?

    I just saw this thread and wanted to say that I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at PF Chang's! It is one of the few places that I consider truly "safe" based on the fact that I have eaten there at least 20-25 times and never once gotten sick. I usually get the lettuce wraps or the lemon scallops. The servers have always been very knowledgeable, and I especially like how they usually present your food to you by saying "Here are your GLUTEN FREE lettuce wraps!" or whatever it is. I guess experiences can vary by location, but I'm definitely a big fan of the Pittsburgh/Homestead PFC!
  5. Ma Uno's Now Have gluten-free Pizza!

    OH I'm so excited that the Pennsylvania locations seem to have the gluten free pizza now too! I have a friend in Boston who came down here to visit me, and he brought me TWO glorious Uno's pizzas! I was just ecstatic. I ate half of one for breakfast because I just couldn't wait any longer. I think they taste/texture/everything are just perfect. The crust has so much flavor, I definitely wasn't expecting that. And just the right amount of cheese and sauce. I think I'm going to be addicted to these. THANK YOU UNO'S!!!
  6. Midcoast Maine? (rockland/camden)

    Great, thanks for the tips!
  7. This might be a long shot, but does anyone have any recommendations for finding gluten free stuff in the midcoast area of Maine? We're staying in Owls Head (near Rockland/Camden) all next week... I'm planning on bringing a ton of my own food, but I just wanted to know if there are any grocery stores in that area carry gluten free stuff. Or restaurants. Thanks! Sara
  8. Doesn't Almond Breeze contain soy lecithin? I know the new "reformulated" version of Pacific Foods almond milk has soy lecithin in it too. I don't always go out of my way to avoid lecithin, but I know some people have to... I switched to Westsoy rice milk a few months ago and I like it sooo much better than almond milk. It is soy-free and has a really good flavor. -Sara-
  9. Single Celiac Seeking Single Celiac

    In terms of dating & relationships, I kinda look at Celiac as just one more thing that makes us unique. Everyone has differences and quirks, and often that's what makes relationships dynamic, fun, and interesting. A guy I dated last year was literally fascinated by my gluten issues... He did his own research, bought me a gluten free dining guide, scouted out local restaurants, bought me gluten free goodies, and even made me gluten free cookies from a mix (he was sooo proud 'cause he had NEVER baked before!). And I have to agree with what pixiegirl said... finding the right person is hard enough even when you aren't being super-specific about certain "requirements." ~Sara~
  10. Oreo's?

    In my experience, it seems that smaller privately-owned natural food stores usually carry Kinnickinnick products more often than the larger chains do. The closest place I can find them is 45 minutes away from me, but it is SOOO worth it. I think the happiest moment of my Gluten-free Casein-free life was when I made my own Gluten-free Casein-free cookies & cream ice cream with the Kinnickinnick cookies and Gluten-free Casein-free vanilla ice cream!! It was HEAVEN! Sara
  11. Menu Recommendations For Pf Chang's?

    The lemon scallops are my favorite... I always love scallops, and these ones are just awesome! Very flavorful. I get them every single time I go there, so I don't have much experience with the rest of the menu. I did try some of the lettuce wraps that my mom got there once, and they were amazing too. ~Sara~
  12. No More Gluten Free Menu At Bravo?!

    Well it seems every restaurant that has a gluten free menu also has a disclaimer on it warning about cross-contamination and everything... Doing away with the gluten free menu entirely seems very extreme, especially for a place like Bravo that previously was so dedicated to serving gluten-free guests! On the bright side, I ended up having a wonnnderful dinner at Outback instead.
  13. For months, I've been SO excited to try out Bravo... I'd read so many good things on here about their gluten free menu! From what I'd heard, their Pittsburgh location at the Galleria (Mt. Lebanon) was supposed to be among the best and most accomodating -- and conveniently, that one's closest to me. We were finally going to go last night, and I thought I'd call first just to check on things. I was so completely shocked when the girl who answered said "Um, I don't think we really do gluten free anymore." What?! She said she could ask someone just to be sure, and when she got back on the line she said "Yea, we don't have a gluten free menu anymore, and we don't offer gluten free items." I asked to speak with a manager (since this is just all too weird!) and the girl said she's take my number and the manager would call me right back. But of course they didn't. Has anyone else heard anything else like this about Bravo?! All the comments on here made it seem like this chain was one of the most progressive ones out there in terms of offering gluten free stuff! I'm so sad! Sara
  14. Awesome, I think I'm going to stop on my way home from work and try to find some Nature Made ones. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I was also thinking that maybe there was something else in my vitamin that was making me sick... I mean, besides gluten. Like a reaction to one of the specific vitamins or something. I have no idea though -- any ideas? -Sara-