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  1. Hello Marie If there is a specialist you woould need a refferal. My family doctor is an aggreable man but not up on info. Another doctor in the clinic gave the reply I should start with adding a little wheat and gradually increase until can I tolerate it. I had told him I was gluten intolerant through elimination because I had not be diagnosed. What can you say when they only allow a few minutes each visit. I suggest you make contact with the nearest Celiac suport chapter ei. Toronto, or London. Kitchener Waterloo has an e-mail kwceliac@sympatico.ca
  2. Hi I am Gluten Intolerant and had gone gluten-free before being tested. I have been gluten-free (as best I can) 7 years. I have refused other drugs because they are all experimental and none can guarantee not to mess up body/brain in other ways. Either way it would be a trade off in my view. The specialist in the Osteoporois Clinic at last visit was a little nasty with me when I asked about other methods like diet and homeopathy that didn't involve dugs. I told him that with the information I had read, Celica
  3. Thanks for the link and I will follow up. I am having second thoughts on putting an ad in paper at this point. I have an idea to start with the local health food store to contact other Celiac to get their input. I will post later.
  4. I live in a small town and since a friend just became diagnosed we want to start a support group. Is there a listing for Celiac groups on line. The nearest city is Hamilton ON. I need to know how to organize and safe guide lines to follow. We would than place an announcement in the upcomming community events in our local paper. I appreciate your input.