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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Make sure not to eat white rice. Go with brown. Its easier on the stomach because it contains fiber. Also look for sprouted rice. You wont find it in many stores, and unfortunately not at all in Walmart. Truroots is a good brand of sprouted brown rice. Sprouted rice will be much easier on the stomach than unsprouted.
  2. it isn't always so simple. Try reducing your diet back to the basics and really see from there what upsets your stomach and what doesnt. For example, starting tomorrow just eat meat. Plain meat. Hamburger, no ketchup, no seasoning, no bun, no gluten free bun, no lettuce, no onion. Eat one for breakfast lunch and dinner. Feel okay? The next day you can add potato. Just plain baked potato. no toppings, no salt, no chives, nothing. Add literally one thing at a time back to your diet and see what the tipping point is for you.
  3. BioK+. Rice or Soy is best for starting out. The dairy version has a strange consistency that might turn off a newbie in my experience.
  4. I'm your age and had similar symptoms at diagnosis many years ago. My advice is hold off on the medication. Optimize your diet while you are not on any medication that might also alter how your brain feels. You won't know what that is for a few months at least. Doing this will be the best way for you to figure out which foods work for you and which don't. Eat the most natural diet possible. Paleo, no sugar, nothing processed. Try BioK+ for a probiotic, soy or rice if you can find it. Don't eat things that would put any stress on your body, including processed foods, processed sugars, caffeine.
  5. I seriously doubt there is any gluten at all in Prevacid. I am very sensitive and have been taking it for awhile, no problems. Also--regarding the comment about having a prescription refilled--Prevacid is not in fact a prescription medication. It is sold over the counter. It is a very helpful medication for gastritis. It is also extremely helpful to give a gastritis person the most natural diet possible, free of any preservatives, sugar, salt, processed foods, any kind of junk.
  6. Saw The Nutritionist

    This sounds like really good advice. All would be better off to stick to diet like this for life. Processed foods don't do anything to improve health.
  7. I did try the plain version with salt and safflower oil and it was quite good, excellent popcorn substitute. I stumbled across one lonesome package in my local healthfood store and I have never seen them before anywhere.
  8. Thought some might be interested. I recently discovered this sorghum alternative to popcorn. http://www.myminipops.com/
  9. Gluten "Foggy Brain"

    Eating doritos, doritos knockoffs, or anything processed won't help you get better faster.
  10. http://www.myownmeals.com/mre.html
  11. Doctor Experiences In Nyc?

    I've seen Green and he is a good guy and good doc. The problem I think people perceive with him is that there is some magic bullet to treat celiac. There isn't. I think he gives probably the most comprehensive blood work around for celiac patients and he does a good exam. The only objective problem I have with his office is that its difficult to get an appointment. I usually see James Marion here: http://www.ibdgi.net/our-physicians.html. He knows his stuff well and he's been quite good at catching secondary issues I have had in addition to celiac and guiding me through them.
  12. Opera Singer, Struggling W/ Acid Reflux

    Keep taking the medicines your doctor prescribes. Don't worry about probiotics until you have the blandest diet in town down pat.
  13. Sorry you are currently having a gluten attack. I liked your advice to Treesonthemountain.

  14. Opera Singer, Struggling W/ Acid Reflux

    1. I'm going to say that initially you should go cold turkey, no extras, no spices, no oils, no vinegars. If you are worried about things being more palatable, believe me, once you limit your diet to the basics you will be hungry and a dry piece of steak will be quite appetizing and much more fulfilling than you ever imagined. Once you reach a baseline in terms of how you feel add things back in one by one and see how they work. Don't add spices, oil, and vinegar all on the same day because if you get sick you won't know what caused it. 2. No. I tend to grill everything. The only things I eat raw are the kind of raw foodist packaged snacks you find at the store. As for whole raw vegetables I actually find that I digest them better when cooked. I also eat microwaved frozen vegetables plain. Eating a lot of raw stuff will increase bowel movements (I think that is the whole point of raw diets for people as a fad mostly, to lose weight) and that's not the point here. 3. I think this diet works fairly rapidly. In my experience going gluten free got rid of a lot of problems I had but reflux continued forever and ever until I stumbled upon this. I think I rapidly improved. This just becomes a matter of willpower, and a question of do you want to get better and stay better, assuming it works. It isn't the easiest diet, but there are many people in the world with worse health conditions that they cannot do anything about. Yours is potentially greatly within your control, and you'll eat healthier to boot. I don't know how old you are but I realized I needed to get this under control before I hit a certain age because as you age the body has less ability to recover from these things in my opinion. Oh and p.s., try to drink just water.
  15. Opera Singer, Struggling W/ Acid Reflux

    The only way to really get at the heart of problem of reflux is to cut out all processed foods. You should be eating meat/fish, fruits, vegetables, and pure non gluten grains like rice, but not commercial instant rice because you can see on the label they add stuff to that. Eat what your cavemen ancestors would eat, but you can also imagine they had rice and corn. They did not have corn syrup, maltodextrin, baking soda, various things derived from soy. they did not have juice from concentrate. Specialized gluten free foods like glutino or whatever won't be helpful because they include a lot of processed ingredients always. Raw foods and snacks are usually okay. I wouldn't eat out for awhile. The medicine does indeed just treat symptoms and the above should help you get at the cause however you will likely still need medicine as well though maybe not as much. You should see lots of improvement on a caveman-like diet like the above though. Its a difficult diet from what you grew up with but if you are sick enough now then once you feel a little better you won't want to go back and it will be worth it. The best way I can explain it is that your stomach did evolve to reasonably deal with processed foods to the same extent as everybody else (even though everybody else takes reflux medicine nowadays too / hmm wonder why?) however your stomach has now been set back from celiac and you have to just give it the basic foods it was intended to handle before the processed world came along. That should restore some balance.