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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. No disrespect meant here, and certainly we don't want to get off the topic, but.......... Nobody in the emergency setting will withhold life saving measures while trying to comprehend what celiac is. We all learned about it in school, it's not such a rare thing that we don't know WHAT is is, we as medical professionals may not be entirely versed on the minutae of Celiac, but we know about it and have access to information when there are questions. There are other rare conditions with names I can't spell that we can also look up. The basics of intervening in a life threatening situation will not be delayed while we all stand around and scratch our heads. If you feel that putting your diagnosis of Celiac on a medic alert tag, I see no harm in it. Additionally, this may be a conversation starter and you could be in a position to educate people who ask "What is Celiac?"
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    I have found the stores that carry organic foods like Trader Joes have foods in a dedicated section for gluten free foods. You can also find lactose free items here. There is a brand of frozen meals and entrees called Amy's, they are organic and gluten free. the only drawback is that they are very pricey but worth every penny when you can't eat your basic staples, fresh or cooked vegs and basic protein sources, chicken or fish or legumes,etc if you're a vegetarian..... One positive way to look at this unfortunate disease is that by modifying your diet you are also taking charge of a much healthier lifestyle by eating consciously instead of loading up on drive thru and all the other short cut patterns of eating we've evolved to, now you are forced to eat smart and pay attention to your bodies cues...My son is living with being a teenager and fighting fatigue and the IBS symptoms that accompany cheating on the diet. it's hard to describe what celiac is to a bunch of teenagers, and going out to eat is tricky. Keep up the quest for education, you'll find your foods that work! And don't listen to the other people that tell you " just one bite" you know better! [font=Arial Narrow] [quote name='jennysugar' date='Aug 18 2005, 05:12 PM'] Tnahks for your help and support. The lists were helpful too. I'm still on the search for a huge list of foods you can purchase that are on the safe list. You know, brands and kinds of yogurt, snacks, sauces, candy, stuff like that. It's hard to eat whole foods ALL the time, especially when I'm travelling or eating at someone's home. Know of any mega lists? Sugar [/quote] [color="#FF6666"] [/color][size=4] [/size]
  3. this is my first blog entry ever, but as an RN in the Emergency Dept, i can tell you any medical information is helpful, however irrelevant you may feel it is, we appreciate knowing. My son was diagnosed with celiac after having his appendix removed and almost undergoing a colonoscopy for suspected chron's disease. I changed pediatricians and we had blood work done, and his lifelong stomach aches were finally named! I could write chapters on this topic but I 'll save it for another time. Providing the information that you have celiac disease is a thoughtful thing to do, and I agree, the kids' teachers and other school officials do not understand this illness and are quite insensitive, could use more education for sure!