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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Just wanted to say, have a wonderful time, i just returned from an 11 day Disney world vacation that was wonderful! They make the best gluten-free pancakes ever! I have never eaten so many cheeseburgers and fries in my life. And they even sell gluten-free brownies, rice crispy treats and chocolate chip cookies, i gained 10 lbs! but it was so woth it!!!!! Have a great trip! MG
  2. Need Help W/a Disney Question

    Thank you! we will be at the wilderness lodge so either one of those places will work out great!
  3. Hi, we are huge Disney World fans and visit a few times a year, they are so wonderful accomodating my celiac needs! Anyway, hubby and i are going back for an anniversary getaway and since we were married there i thought it would be nice to have a special (gluten-free) cake for that evening. I have read on here before about peolpe doing this and how to go about it, but I can't find the post now. Can anyone help? Thanks, MG
  4. Meds Question

    Thanks for all the replies! I am having my surgery as an outpatient, so no worries about hospital food only my husbands cooking! The percocet I took before when I had my gallbladder out and the only reaction i had was it made me very itchy so i had to chase it with benadryl. Which i am not sure, is Benadryl Gluten free? The sedation and anesthesia should be fine, as it was pointed out that that goes into my blood stream and I am not ingesting them. I am still working on finding out about this antibiotic, Keflex. I have researched it and found all the different generic forms but can't find if any are Gluten free. I will call a pharmacist this week and hopefully find out. My procedure is being done at a surgical center so no hospital will be involved and my Doc has pretty much left everything up to me in finding out if i can take the meds he is prescribing.
  5. Meds Question

    This type of pump is something new that goes right to the area of surgery and I guess just kind of numbs it. My surgery is the middle of March and as far as the other meds it's this antibiotic Keflex i need to get info on.
  6. Meds Question

    Thanks for the reply, I didn't think about it not going into the intestines therefore not an issue, Thanks! Unfortunatly mine is not a self medicating pump, the way I understand it it works similar to a drain, and i will only have it for a few days. Thanks again for the info, very helpful and reasurring!
  7. I am having some "cosmetic" surgery coming up and had a question. I am a little nervous about the whole thing in general but especially when it comes to the meds that they will be administering. I am given percocet for pain which i have found is fine and an antibiotic called Keflex that I can't find any info on, does anyone know about this? I will also be put under local anesthesia and sedation and the part I am really concerned about is they install a pain pump and i am still trying to find out what meds are in that. At least meds that you swallow you can choose to take or not if they make you sick but a pain pump automatically administers the meds. The last thing I need while recovering is stomach/D issues! Any advice or comments?
  8. Hello, was hoping someone could help. I know that the Advil caplets are safe but was wondering if anyone knew about the newer Advil PM caplets? Thanks!
  9. just bought bags of the GV semi sweet choc. chips and mine ARE marked as gluten-free, it is in small letters a few lines down from the ingredients list. hope this helps!
  10. So you do use the vitamin skin prep? and lipsticks?
  11. Oh how I thank you!!!!! I used to buy bags and bags at easter thinking I would save them and enjoy them yeay round but I always ate them and never saved any! I am so excited!!!
  12. Elf name is:baby sugar butt Rejected crayon is: time'o the month definatly like my elf name better!!!!!!
  13. I read alot of info on the bare minerals make-up line and how they are gluten-free so I decided to try it and I do love it, however the 1st step which is the skin rever upper vitamin stuff has oats in is so I havent used it. So my question is has any one out there tryed it and is it okay to them? Also wanted to make sure that the lipsticks are also gluten-free? any help would be great!
  14. Does anyone know about the new cadbury minis for christmas and weather they are gluten-free? They are pretty much like the cadbury mini eggs that are out at easter this is just their christmas version i belive. They are tempting me, and just want to be sure they are safe. Thanks a bunch!
  15. Sorry can't help you with the meds but the Halls cough drops, the way I understand it is that only the sugar free are Gluten free. I buy the sugar free black cherry and have no problem. Good luck!