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  1. I eat Natures Path Sunrise Mesa and Corn Flakes (both gluten free) but the pre-package is more expensive than the bulk. However since the "warning" label is on the bulk container I don't trust the bulk product. I talked with a Whole Foods manager and I was told that they often put the warning on the bulk products that are normally allergen free because there may be cross contamination in filling the bin and not necessary with the original product. Since the manager also has celiac disease, he was sympathetic in understanding how expensive gluten free living is. So, he arranged for me to purchase sealed bulk packages at bulk prices when I need to. You may want to have this discussion with the manager of your local store regarding purchasing nuts in bulk. Regarding bulk foods in general - I suggest avoiding purchasing items out of the lower bins that use scoops since customers often interchange these scoops between bins. Hope this helps.