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  1. My choice of wording with "end stage" celiac wasn't quite what I meant. Progressive celiac disease is probably a better choice of wording, meaning lots of problems stemming from eating gluten. I have been gluten free since I recieved results from enterolab. Tia
  2. I'm sure my question regarding test results would probably be better to instead email Dr. Fine at Enerolab. I'll do that and maybe post if there's informative news about levels that are high. Thanks, Tia
  3. I have just a general question about Enterolab testing results as follows: Fecal antigliadin 102 units (normal <10 units). I'm wondering how severe of a reaction I may be having? I have lupus, Sjordens, and Raynauds syndromes as well as Hashimotos thyroiditis. Lots of autoimmune problems, I'm learning that Celiac is also an autoimmune disease as well. My family history is complicated by two sisters with MS, my mother has Vitiligo (skin autoimmune problem) and Hashimotos. My question is how severe is a result of 102 units from Enterolab? Is this an indicator of end stage celiac disease? Hope my question doesn't sound to silly, I really am just concerned. I'm sure if it's positive then gluten free diet is the only remedy. I realise even with low positive results an intolerance is still an intolerance. Yours truly! Tia
  4. I just recieved my results from Enterolab Fecal Antigliadin IgA 102 units (Normal Range <10) Just wondering what such a high number really reflects in terms of severity? I do have multiple autoimmune problems as does most of my family. My daughter was also tested from Quest laboratory with some elevated IGG at 20.7. Now the gastrointerologist is going to get blood tests from Prometheus (sp?) lab. Hopefully we will find some answeres for her as well. Thanks for any comments! Tia Gluten Free 2 weeks.
  5. Just thought I might comment on your post. Hypothyroidism can cause dry skin and hair.( I have read that Hashimotos Thyroiditis is related to Celiac disease). Jaundice causes yellowing of the eyes and skin, along with dark urine being another symptom of liver dysfunction. Definantly go see a doctor! Hope this helps Tia
  6. Hello, I'm new to the forum.. Thought I would post our story. My daughter has had diarrhea most of her life, she is 4 years old, after her checks being fairly benign I asked for a test for her BM's as they are so fatty and bulky. The pediatrician kindly ordered a malabsorption test which turned out negative of course. I went back to doctor again and asked for allergy testing and and a celiac panel. I have lupus and hashimoto's thyroiditis and I understand that autoimmune disorders are definantly genetic. I believe the doctor just humored "overactive" mom and ordered a celiac panel. Only one turned positive with a IgG at 20.7 and a very low IgA. Well, now we are in the process of a very surprised doctor requesting a gastrointerologist referrel. I'm just nervous about putting my little girl through the process of a biopsy. I also have just had the celiac panel drawn, just today. I've been a bunch of tests done in the past and was told it was just IBS and have never been tested for celiac disease. The pain and cramping and diarrhea are horrible and I just hope we get to the bottom of things. What a relief that will be! Hope to here input on the biopsy, necessary or not? Thank you in advance for any comments. Tia