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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Okay folks. How is floating stool defined? As stool that is buoyant in water (i.e. half or two-thirds submerged) or just under the surface of the water? Do sinkers really sink to the bottom of the toilet? And what about them toilet-clogging stools? Inquiring minds want to know. For some reason, there's no image on Google.
  2. Peeling Lips

    I've started taking both fish oil and evening primose oil. First time all winter my lips haven't been cracked/chapped/peeling.
  3. If she's not eating wheat, she could get a false negative to the bloodtest (I have the same problem -- wheat allergy). The U of Chicago suggested I try the diet and get genetic testing for the tendency to gluten intolerance. In addition, they told me the small amount of gluten I was getting from other grains would not cause a positive on the bloodwork. But boy howdy, your children sure sound like they've got celiac disease based on their symptoms!
  4. Headache relief is the first, practically instantaenous thing to happen once you get treatment. I was floored the morning I woke up after having the sleep study -- no headache, no grogginess, and NO need for a nap! It's the oxygen deprivation that causes the headache (and problems with weight gain, etc.).
  5. I have had eczema every winter for years -- til I quit eating wheat due to wheat allergy. The acne issue I can't speak to, though. I do check ALL moisturizers, shampoos, etc. for wheat/gluten because of the potential for eczema and yes, the itchy scalp and itchy ears (which is essentially dandruff/dry skin in your ears.
  6. I have sleep apnea and a wheat allergy -- am saving up for the genetic testing re celiac disease. I am 100% CPAP compliant -- it has changed my life. And don't think that thin people don't get OSA --- a lot has to do with the structure of your airway. For example, I have a deviated septum. Granted, my symptoms improve when I lose weight -- I don't need as high a pressure on the CPAP. I think if I could get to my goal weight I probably could get by on Breathe-Right strips. Anybody who snores, wakes up with headaches, is constantly tired in the daytime, falls asleep in church, the movies, while driving -- should talk to their doctor re sleep apnea regardless of their weight or body habitus.
  7. Origin Of Celiacs?

    An Irish friend of mine (who immigrated to the U.S. about 5 years ago) says that in Ireland they attribute the increase in celiac disease to the potato famine. Something along the lines of if you had what it took to survive the famine you were more apt to have celiac disease. She said some people think that genes mutated because of what people ate during it. I'd love to research this more -- I'm not sure if her comments are based on folk wisdom, urban legend or medical research.
  8. What are the eyelash and fingerprint things?
  9. Bipolar Disorder Ii

    I came to the forum when my neurologist suggested testing for gluten/celiac due to migraines. I have a wheat allergy, and since I didn't know to "gluten up" for the blood work, it came back negative (I hadn't eaten wheat in a year). I'm waiting to get the $ together for the gene test but based on so much anecdotal info re improvement in symptoms from going gluten-free, I'm gearing up to get all the gluten out, not just the wheat.
  10. Break Down

    Thanks for the great list -- I have a yeast issue, too. But to top it off, I'm allergic to rice! Thank God I like beans and tolerate bean flours well. My recreation cooking goal for this winter is quinoa sushi.
  11. Bipolar Disorder Ii

    Thanks, Riceguy. I have a lot of other food allergies: eggs, yeast, plums, pears, pineapple, melon, ginger, shellfish, and rice so I really have to watch ingredients. Quinoa is my best friend at this point.
  12. Bipolar Disorder Ii

    Thanks -- I'd forgotten about flax seed as an alternative!
  13. I'm with you, Ursa -- I only have them on my thumbs. Don't know about my B12 levels, tho'.
  14. Well, after being depressed since age 10 and being Rxd SSRIs since diagnosis with Major Depressive Disorder at age 35 (I'm 52), and having had an insanely manic response to Elavil Rxd for migraines -- my new psychiatrist says it's been Bipolar Disorder II all along and that it's just that my hypomanic symptoms take the form of irritability more than anything else (tho' I do have issues with overspending and overeating -- and now - deliberately eating stuff to which I know I am allergic or intolerant). I started Lamictyl two days ago. The Elavil reaction nearly cost me my job -- obviously I'm no longer on it. And I have to start psychotherapy, too. I plan to start the Omega 3s ASAP (the catch will be finding one that's not contaminated by shellfish). I'm also throwing out all the gluten foods in the house -- if my daughter wants bread, cookies, etc., she can eat them at work or move out (she's 21). Still, I'm angry that no doctor figured this out 15 years ago or so. I still haven't had my gene test done -- my bloodwork was negative bc I don't eat wheat due to allergy. A new deductible year has just started, so I hope to get it done soon. Thanks for listening to me vent!
  15. The online images aren't generally close-up enough for me to tell. What I have looks like chicken pox (and i had that as a child) all over my shoulders, neck, and goes into my hairline. Itches like crazy. I also have keratosis pilaris- and it doesn't look like these.