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  1. BEWARE THAI KITCHEN (brand) SOUPS. Pics: http://www.shopnatural.com/Merchant2/merch...ory_Code=B32405 I've been burned several times by "Thai Kitchen" soups. Some of them say "Gluten Free", Some of them say "MSG FREE", and some of them say both. I've gotten VERY sick several times after eating the ones that only say one or the other and list "Natural Flavor" as one of the ingredients in the flavour packet. It can make things very difficult, especially if you're not doing all of the shopping yourself. I'd avise that you **always** be wary when a supposedly safe product has "Natural Flavor(s)" listed in the ingredients... I'm new at dealing with all of this, and I am NOT a doctor, but I've read that a *LOT* of people with Celiac disease are also VERY allergic/sensitive to MSG (as I am). Johnny Gluten ------ -- FOR THE SITE ADMINISTRATORS --> Your site's strict cookie requirements (beyond simple session cookies), and manditory javascript ARE quite offensive to any privacy minded individual. <-- -- FOR THE SITE ADMINISTRATORS --