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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. GNC has some pretty good Soy protein powder. THe chocolate and strawberry are gluten and dairy free but the vanilla is not. I always add some friut to the shake and it makes it a bit better. Not as good as the whey protein shakes but I do feel better drinking them instead of the dairy ones. Nicole
  2. Your age might make a difference. I had all sorts of problems when I was 17. That is when the sciatic nerve bothered me the most because I think I was just finishing growing and the pelvis was ever expanding to prepare my body for future motherhood (my hips just kept getting wider). I was seeing a chiripractor at the time as well because I had some scoliosis (sp?). Hope they figure out something soon. It sucks being in pain all the time. Good Luck Nicole
  3. There is a difference between the sacroiliac joint and the sciatic nerve. The joint is a smaller joint in the pevis/lower back that joins your pelvis to your spine. This joint provides your body with the sliding motion it needs for walking. The sciatic nerve is located in the lower lumbar region and usually involves the legs and the pinching of the nerve. I have had problems with both. If you look each of them up on the web it will explain it more. Sciatic nerve pain radiates down my leg and it feel like the leg is going to give out and the hip needs to crack. My sacroiliac joints are pretty much in pain all of the time. It feels like the butt hurts and is located in the low part of my back pelvis. Massage therapy has helped in the past, but I have not gone for a while and it is really bothering me. I have heard that there is some connection between celiac and arthritis. I have never had a bulged disc so I cannot help you with that. I would try a message therapist but make sure that it is one who is familiar with back problems. See if your doctor can recommend someone. Hope that helps Nicole
  4. For those of you who have both Celiac and Crohn's, what were/are your symptoms? The past couple months things have definitely changed in me. I have Celiac and have been controlling it very well the past year and a half so I know I have not been getting glutened plus this feels way different then when I get glutened. Now I have episodes where my intestines feel like they are swollen, I loose all appetite and the gas and bloating is horrible. I even had one episode where I swelled up and it hurt so bad it was taking my breath away. I could barely walk and was on the verge of tears. I also had to deal with constipation for the longest time but now it has changed to diarrhea. I have never had diarrhea except when I had the flu. I did see my GI doctor this week. He thinks that it could be Crohn's or some other intestinal problem but needs some test to confirm or rule it out. I had a barium test today and that did not show anything. We thought that it would not because I am not having a flare up. Now I will have to have a colonoscopy, hey, not!!!! The RT gave me some milk of magnesia to drink tonight. She said that the barium might make me constipated but it has had the opposite effect. It felt like I spent all afternoon at work in the bathroom and that I had a thunderstorm rumbling through me intestines. So, what I am wondering is what kind of symptoms everyone has had and what type of testing was done to diagnose you and what everyone is doing to control the diseases. Thanks for listening Nicole
  5. I think that more attention is given to Autism then Celiac because Celiac is a treatable and managable condition and Autism is not as managable and is not treatable. I have Celiac and I can live with it and it does not cause too many problems. I also have a daughter with Autism and CP and it is much much harder to manage that. There is a lot that we cannot do as a family because of my youngest. Family vacations are out of the question with her but with Celiac it is possible. Celiac disease will get it's time. Even in the year that I have had it, it is much easier to live with due to the allergen labeling. Hopefully in the near future they will find cures for both. Nicole
  6. I have been yeast and sugar free for about 3 weeks and have lost 9 pounds. I follow the candida control diet plan and it seems to be working. It is alot more restrictive then wheat free. It means eating so many vegetables and quality protien and limited carbs, no fruit and nothing with sugar in it. I gained 13 pounds after going gluten free and I did not eat gluten free substitutes after diagnosis. I was working out, lifting weights and doing an hour of cardio 5-6 days a week and nothing. I tried this and the weight is finally coming off. I even went back to the gym and starting weight lifting again. I stopped for a while becasue nothing I was doing was working so I figured why bust my botty working out when nothing was working. I started losing wieght about 4 years ago and had lost 75 pounds by working out and Atkins and then it stopped about 2 years ago and I have been trying everything since then and I think I finally found what I need to do. It might be worth looking into. I would recommend checking out http://www.wholeapproach.com/ for more information. Good Luck, Nicole
  7. I am with all of you as well. I went totally gluten free in March of 2006 (started earlier but had to eat gluten again for the biopsy). I also had some hip problems so I had to stop working out. In a period of about 2-3 months I gained 13 pounds and I was so so depressed. I used to weight 255 pounds and had managed through diet and exercise to get down to 180 (went to 185 over holidays and then went up to 198). I was looking good and feeling good then all this happened. I was running every other day and lifting some pretty heavy weights. Now none of my pants fit and I had to go buy bigger ones. I walked and rode bike for about an hour a day this summer, eating right and still the weight would not budge. I have been trying the candida elimination diet and this week I lost 4 pounds. It is a bit scarry to have lost so much wieght that quickly but it is working. I am going to give it another week then head back to the gym to start lifting again. I stopped doing that to concentrate on cardio but now I am worried I might lose muscle now. I tried for two years to lose the last 20 pounds and nothing I did worked. This eating plan was my last try and boy I hope it works. If you are doing everything right, check into the candida elimination plan. It is not easy to do and I am still learning how to eat on this plan, so we will see. Nicole
  8. I think that I might have candida and I am about willing to try the elimination diet. I know that it will be hard, harder then going wheat free, which was not that big of a deal since I had done Atkins for 2 years. I have a couple of questions for those who have done the diet and here it goes. 1. How long did you stay on it? 2. How restrictive where you in the beginning and for how long? 3. What did you eat? 4. When did you know it was working? 5. Did you take any supplements or probiotics and if so which ones? I read up on it and see that there are different opinions about what one can eat and what one can't. Would mozzerella cheese be ok? I am willing to take the plung and try this. I usually do not eat sugar but after trying almost everything to lose weight and not feel bloated and tired I thought I would try this. I do like my fruit though and I just got done eating melon all summer (once a day) since it was is season and oh so good. My doctor and I have been trying to get this figured out but she is leaving my clinic and moving out of state and I just do not want to see another doctor and have to start all over (at least that is what I think). Any other suggestions and information will be greatly appreciated. Nicole
  9. I have a daughter that is in 2nd grade and has special needs (not celiac yet) and I am sending treats for Christmas. I am going to be making sugar free jello jigglers and cutting them out in holiday shapes. I am starting to watch the sugar consumption pretty closely with the house and I figured around Christmas they will be getting enough sugar and it is just fun to eat (even better is pina colada and rum jigglers, but that is for adults). Good luck Nicole
  10. Overweight Celiacs

    I so agree with tarnalberry and stretch, stretch, stretch. I used a treadmill and a bike in the summer to lose 75 pounds. Where I got into trouble is when I started running on it (bad bad idea). I can jog outside but not on a treadmill. I am also battling Sacroiliac joint inflammation and that sucks. It is a great way to start just to do not push yourself too hard and have fun. Nicole
  11. Minnesota State Fair

    Maybe we will run into each other at the celiac booth. We live about an hour away in Wisconsin and will be dropping my youngest off at respite care after I work all night. Hope everyone has a good gluten free day. Nicole
  12. I had mine about two years ago as a present for losing 75 pounds. I got a custom designed calla lily on my chest halfway between my shoulder and breast. It was my wedding flower and it is in a place where I can easily show it but nobody knows it is there unless I wear spaghetti straps or if I show it. Most of the time you cannot see it even while wearing tanks. I describe the feeling as being snapped by a rubber band. My tattoo guy was real good and he knew when to stop and give it a break. Once I lose the last 30 pounds I will be getting a tribal sun on the lower back (like the godsmack symbol). Just think about what you want and are willing to live with for the rest of your life and talk to other people who have tattoo ans ask them where they got them from and if they are happy with the artist and the parlor. good luck Nicole
  13. Minnesota State Fair

    Thanks so much for the information. That may be the first place we go. I found that they sell fruit on a stick, corn on the cob and kababs which all should be safe. I would like a special treat that day though. Maybe the peanut nut roll will be safe. Nicole
  14. Have you tried protein shakes? Protein in these are easier to digest then other forms but they do contain milk but they might help. There are so many of them out there that you are sure to find one you like. Myoplex by EAS is pretty good, especially frozen berries or bananas in it. I can tell by your postings that you just want to scream that you are not anorexic but have celiac disease. Good luck Nicole
  15. I am going to the Minnesota state fair on Friday and I am wondering if there are any placed to eat that specialize in wheat free foods? I know that I can have the corn on the cob (very tasty) and pork chops and chicken on a stick but is there anything I should treat myself with? I had a scone last year and it was oh so good but that is out of the question. I tried to go to the website and see if they had anything special but turned up nothing. Thanks for the help, Nicole