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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey Katie Are you still taking the probiotics? I had mad cramping, gas, and some D when I first started taking probiotics. I used to take VSL#3 until I found out I had trouble with dairy. I now take Custom Probiotic's 6 strain blend which has about 270 billion CFU's in a one gram scoop. I know that when I dont take it for a while and then take it I do get D that will last for a few days, but probiotics will most likely help you in the long run. If you still feel crappy for about 2 weeks I would reconsider (either get a new one or just quit them all together for a while).
  2. So when you quit you should slowly taper down? Might that help with the symptoms? Angie- Can you now control your symptoms through diet? Thanks for the response
  3. So there is some discussion about if stopping smoking helps or makes your GI problem worse. Well I would like to take a survey. 1. Do you smoke and have you quit? If so how much did you smoke? 2. Did you quit before or after you went on a gluten-free diet? If you quit after, how long were you on the diet before you quit? 3. Did you have any adverse reactions when you quit? thanks all!
  4. Hey Guys- I know this thread was active a while ago but it was recently bumped up by a response. Last night I smoke a rolled cig and 12 hours later I had a bad bad reaction with lots of D cramps gas pain etc. I dont have full blown celiac disease but I do have both of the genes it takes to get Celiac and I have a gluten, wheat, rye and dairy intolerance that causes me to have the same reactions you all do. About quittting cigs and having an onset of celaic diease: This is true and it is the same case for Ulcerative and microscopic colitis. I stopped smoking about 2 years ago and 3 months later I was sick sick sick with no idea why. I started to smoke again and didnt get back to normal but am now on the diet and am feeling better. At first I thought I had Ulcerative colitis which is a horrible conidition with bleeding ulcers in your large intestine... I never had blood so that made me beleive that I didnt have UC but maybe microscopic colitis or celiac. My grandmother first mentioned celiac to me and I went on a gluten-free diet before I was dx'd with UC and started to feel better in 3 days. I told my GI this and he said to start eating gluten again and he would do a scope and take looksie. That is when he decided I had UC... but all along it has something to do with gluten. Now about MJ- again this is a hypothetical topic and this is just my opinion- you can verify the facts through your own searches. I will not say whether or not I am against or for MJ but I think I might give myself away here. MJ has many healing and anti inflammatory properties and many people with IBD, IBS, celaic and other stomach ailments (along wth cancer and aids patients) because it helps with the nausea and cramps. It also helps to keep your appitite when you are feeling poorly so you wont lose much weight. But I feel comfortable saying that MJ doesnt have gluten in it. Usually what is added to the MJ is pesticides to keep the bugs from feeling too good - it is the same pesticides that are put on our fruits as well. I bet those are gluten free. So you can make your own hypothetical conclusions about what you will- that is my 2 cents. I hope it helps someone out.
  5. Glutenease

    I have used the Glutenease everyday for the past week. I cant say that I notice much of a difference- but I am not going out and eating gluten and casien. I am still in the "healing" phase of this since I have only been Gluten-free Casein-free for about 3.5 months now and I wanted to see if the Glutenease helped out at all. It is 30 bucks for 60 pills and I take 2 pills a day during a meal so that comes out to 1 dollar a day- you can buy it in bulk in get discounts. Let me know how it goes for you.
  6. Well it should be coming in the mail this week. I do believe that Enzymedica is a respectable enzyme company, but I only take things at face value. Being gluten and milk free will be a goal of mine for the rest of my life; or until a cure comes out. I thought people might be interested in a potential product that might help with CC. I first read about gluten-ease in a medical journal but I cant for the life of me remember which one. I am personally terrified about eating out, going to relatives houses for holidays when I have to make my own food (buying new pans, ingredients etc) and if this product can help with the small amount of gluten that I might ingest accidentally- our situations might become less stressful and we can enjoy our families and friends instead of becoming more familiar with our relatives comodes. Again I will report back with my findings
  7. Oh please dont get me wrong. I would never think about putting gluten and casien in my body ever again. I think this could be used in conjunction with the diet so that it might help with the cross contamination issue. I bought one bottle and I will see if it works etc. Again... The diet is teh best solution; and if you can add something that will help with CC then heck I am all in. I will report back with my experience with the proudct. Thanks for your reply Ursula
  8. Anyone heard of Glutenease by Enzymedica? I cant find the link right now but google it and it should come up
  9. I used to belong to a SCDiet listserve. I was never on the diet but I can tell you what I learned. For some people at the end of the diet when they are "cured" which is a year of no symptoms then you can introduce like rice and potato and maybe some bread but never the processed foods in the American diet. I always thought the diet was too restrictive and would cause me to lose a lot of weight especially since I cant tolerate casien- that means no yogurt which is a cornerstone of the diet. I also dont do well eating a lot of nuts thus making the almond flour baked goods would be risky.
  10. Is Crisco veg shortening gluten-free? It says that the ingredients may contain gluten on the gluten guard but there is no indication on the label.
  11. So everything by Oscar Meyer that does not say specifically on the label made with wheat or gluten; then it is safe? A lot of their lunchmeat I thought contained gluten but I never saw it on the package.
  12. Is there any gluten-free bacon that is lean? I am trying to get more protien in my diet and am looking for something quick to add in the morning. I have always had trouble with grease and dont know how greasy regular bacon is because I havent had bacon in a long time- thanks
  13. Do you know of any brand name baking powder that is gluten free? Maybe safeway?
  14. Small world I guess. I grew up in Columbia maryland, moved to Ellicott City maryland, then to arizona. I used to shop at roots in Clarksville but that would be a hike for you. If you are near 270 you can get on that and ride into rockville that has a whole foods.
  15. I know everyone talks about Bobs Red Mill and being glutened. Which brands of flour have you not had a problem with at all? So far I have tried Beths All Purpose Flour, Bobs Red Mill Rice Flour, and Pamelas snadwhich bread flour.