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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I missed it but I have to say, hurray for CNN and Heidi! It's so refreshing to have Celiac Disease in the mainstream media. I remember when I was diagnosed and how little information there was - it was a very frightening and alienating time for me. And now they're chatting about how to cook for us on CNN. The times they are a changin'. Anyone who hasn't already written to thank Heidi and cheer her on, please consider doing so.
  2. Bloated

    Yes, it happens to me. I don't know if the guar or xanthum gum is the culprit. I rarely eat packaged gluten-free foods for this reason and, when I do, I have only a small amount and then make sure I don't have any more for several days at least.
  3. This was a very refreshing experience. It seemed to me that Heide and her physician are determined to bring this to the public's attention (and keep it there!). I was so gratified that he had the statistics about how many of us are misdiagnosed (and for so many years!). It was also important that they focussed on the damage that can be done by not being compliant. Bravo to CNN!
  4. I don't know if they are related. I had a hysterectomy, bi-lateral oopherectomy due to endometriosis nearly twenty years ago, before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.
  5. Great news!! I was misdiagnosed with MS, too, and it turned out to be pernicious anemia. I have been getting B12 shots ever since each month and it is a small price to pay, imo. My doctor checks my levels twice a year.
  6. Absolutely not OK. I ask about this everywhere I go because I was once glutened horrifically for exactly this reason.
  7. gluten-free In Chicago?!?!

    I had one of the great meals of my gluten-free life two months ago at the Adobo Grill.
  8. Do You Get Sick Easily?

    I seem to catch everything going around.
  9. Vitamin B12

    Me too. Misdiagnosed with MS. Arrrrrgh. Eventually, when I felt I was having a stroke/heart attack I was rushed to emergency where they discovered my B12 level was unbelievably low. Massive B12 therapy. First daily, then every second day, then weekly, now (and for many years) monthly. Diagnosed with pernicious anemia.
  10. I have been sick for three days from salad. Salad! It goes through me completely undigested and then omg the pain, D and the whole nine years. Fruit is totally out for me. I avoid citrus fruit like the plague and only tolerate berries on occasion. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I understand.
  11. Hmmmm. This happens to me too. I have no idea why. It hurst, doesn't it?
  12. I have problems that I think (don't know) are related to guar and xanthum gum which are often found in gluten-free baked goods. I get bloated and then suffer D. badly. I eat the baked goods only rarely. It never occurred to me it might be tapioca!
  13. Anyone Fly Air Canada

    The last time I flew Air Canada (which IS the last time I'll fly Air Canada), I ordered the gluten-free meal. When dinner time came, they brought me a regular meal. I told them I'd ordered gluten-free. They told me, um, there wasn't one on board but I could have the extra vegetarian meal if I wanted - it was veggie lasagna. I love to be other places. I hate the travelling. Airlines and airports are the bane of my existence. There is NOTHING to eat. I learned, later than I should have, to bring my own food.
  14. I drink it and have no problem at all. Sorry you got so sick.
  15. Gluten Free Chicago

    I'm visiting Chicago from Canada - we planned ahead thanks to those of you on this thread and ate at the Adobo Grill last night. It was fabulous. I didn't mind the plantain chips at all - the guac was so wonderful it really didn't matter. I had the Filete al Pasilla and a couple of GREAT margaritas. I was really thrilled because my husband and I were hosting a group of people and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and their food and I not only didn't feel left out, but I felt like I got the best meal! Thanks to all of you. This is a great board!