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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hello, I am new to Celiac and was diagnosted just a month before having to move from West Allis (Milwaukee County) Wisconsin to Colorado Springs. I am hoping someone out there can give me some information on the best places for gluten free shopping and I am looking for some help in finding a doctor here in the springs that is knowledgable about this disease. My doctor back in Milwaukee was just awesome and I am finally feeling better and would really like to continue weeding out any other issues I need to take care of. I found this web site today and I have been reading and learning for the past 5 hours! Thanks so much in advance!
  3. Hello to all you Wisconsinites...first of all I miss you all! I found out I had Celiac Disease by a doc in Oak Creek Wisconsin. She is awesome! She gave me so much information and we working a plan to make sure that I had no other medical issues....anyway, I am or I guess I should say was a full time Air Force Reservist at the 440th at Gen Mitchell IAP and because of the BRAC about a month ago I had been transferred to Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. I ended up having to leave Wisconsin, my home for 43 years with a newly diagnosed disease. I just wanted to mention that at the Gluten Free Trading Co they are very helpful....even the customers help each other and give each other hints. I got a wealth of information from a woman standing in line at the checkout with me. If you know where Howell Ave is go north until it turns into Chase. It's on the corner of Oklahoma and Chase......look closely, I drove by it a couple times before finding it. There is a Jewel Osco, I believe just to the west of it. I am currently trying to find some other celiacs here in Co Springs so that I can learn about knowledgable docs here. Take care of my home state!