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  1. Does anyone know for sure if Nestle sweet tart jelly beans are gluten free? It is not listed on the Nestle information page that that sent me.
  2. I called them on Monday and they informed me that right now they do not have any ingredients for their "natural and artificial flavorings". They stated that they would onlly have to list wheat and there is no info for rye, barley and oats. I have always eaten it but someone told me that it wasn't gluten-free. Thanks.
  3. I contacted them today regarding their ketchup with horseradish. I was told that all of their horseradish and sauces are gluten free. Patticake
  4. I have been hearing mixed opinions on Pillsbury Funfetti frostings. The label lists soy and they do not know the source of the flavorings. Does anyone know for sure? Is it a yes or a no? Thank you.