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  1. I just found this site today. I'm relieved to hear that other people have similar digestive problems and survive them somehow! I'm 24, and my digestive problems began when I was 21, a couple of monthes after I was hospitalised for severe depression and put on medication. I've since been diagnosed with bi-polar II disorder and am on mood stabalisers. That problem is pretty much taken care of, but my digestive symptoms have just gotten worse. I developed an intolerance to dairy, had frequent diarea, have stomach cramps gas and bloating and recently sharp pain on the right side of my stomach. And recently my eyes have been super itchy. Constant fatigue and mental fog definately. I worked with a dietician for a year, she said I was suffering from malabsorbtion and thought if we eliminated dairy and a couple of other things (soy, red meat) I would stop having all the digestive problems but I never did. She thought about eliminating wheat but I was very much against the idea, thinking it was one of my last "comfort foods". I never knew before browsing this site that lactose and gluten intolerance often go hand in hand. I am seeing a gastoentorologist in July, which is way too long to wait in my opinion, but I live in Canada where there is a shortage of any kind of specialist. It will be free but in the mean time I am trying to cope. I'm seeing my general physician tomorrow. I have been working towards going on a low-glycemic index diet (www.gidiet.com for anyone who wants a peek) which is low in grains anyways, and can be done gluten free. I'm seriously considering going gluten-free to see what would happen. My only worries are the increased cost of groceries and the increased time and planning that would go into food prep. I'm on a student budget, living with my fiance who's also a student, it's really a bad time for such a big change but I'm starting to feel so crappy with all these symptoms that it might just be worth it. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome