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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The problem with processed cereals is that many companies use the same manufacturing facilites for various cereals. Therefore, there may be contamination problems. Buckwheat is gluten free but they may have been manufacturing "wheaties" before. Therefore, you must check with the manufacturer to see if the facility is gluten free. Ususally, that is the problem. If they have a website, go there. I hope this helps. Joe
  2. Gf Vodka?

    I guess I'm being over cautious because I get lesions on my throat if I make a mistake. However, i will try the corn vodka the next time. Thanks for making me think.
  3. Gf Vodka?

    A triple distilled potato vodka found in many stores is the Polish vodka called LUKSUSPOWA. I don't trust any of the vodkas made from grain even though they are distilled. Potato vodka is a little more expensive than the grain vodkas.
  4. Celiac In Toronto News Today

    The question concerning the communion is nothing new for the Church.. At present, the Church says that the wafer must come from wheat. The rule could be changed, but it is doubtful that the present Pope will make the change. Other changes that many Catholics would like are: married priests, and women priests. Currently, being celiac is an impediment to the priesthood. A celiac would not be ordained a priest since the Priest must consume the host at the Mass. But the Church moves slowly. Hopefully, the changes will occur soon.
  5. Introductions

    Welcome Sheryll to the board. You and your husband have had a pretty rough summer, but at least you are taking care of your ailments. It is great that you are already feeling better, but it may take more time to be totally gluten free. You mention that you are a manager at a Dairy Queen. A lot of ice cream has an ingredient called "diglycerides" which could contain gluten. You should check with Dairy Queen to determine if it has gluten. Otherwise don't eat the ice cream which must be very tempting. As for your husband, tell him that I also had prostate cancer and had the prostate removed 10 years ago. Tell him I am fine and everything is working. Best, Joe
  6. There is nothing like a cold beer on a hot day. However, I have experienced the effects on my body and it is too painful for me. So, for me, the best thing to do is simply avoid any kind of beer. I hate to give it up, but, it's the right thing to do. Thanks for the research. I have learned the acronym k.i.s.s. is the right one for me. Keep it simple, stupid. Avoid all processed foods. It's not only the gluten, but,all the chemicals that the food processors are throwing into their products. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, and fish. k.i.s.s. Joe
  7. The fact that the eyes are involved would indicate that it could be "cicatricial pemphigoid". Do a search on the internet for "pemphigoid" and there should be a reference to this. But you should have your dermatologist test for celiac disease or pemphigoid. The areas affected are the mucous membranes which could be the eyes or the mouth, throat, and any other mucous areas. Blisters are formed and if it is celiac disease, eliminate gluten from your diet. If it is pemphigoid, you may need steroids. Act quickly because it may affect your sight. Good Luck
  8. This article describes that celiac disease is misdiagnosed and that it is not as rare as the medical community believes. Click on the link: http://www.cnn.com/2004/HEALTH/conditions/...e.ap/index.html
  9. Smirmoff vodka comes from grain. So, it is not gluten free. However there are vodkas which are gluten free and they are potato vodkas. One brand that I have found is Luksusoswa potato vodka. It is a Polish vodka.