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  1. Cinnamon Coffee Cake 1 cup butter, softened 2-3/4 cups sugar, divided 2 teaspoons vannilla extract 4 eggs 3 cups flour, I used Betty Hagmans mix 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 2 cups sour cream (16oz) 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional) In a large mixing bowl, cream butter & 2 cups sugar until fluffy. Add vanilla. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Combine flour, baking powder, soda, and salt; add alternately with sour cream, beating just enough after each addition to keep batter smooth. Combine remaining sugar, cinnamon, and nuts & mix into batter. Spoon batter into a well greased tube/bunt pan. Bake at 350 for 70 minutes or untill cake test done. Cool for 10 minutes. Remove from pan. Yield: 16-20 servings Mine turned out well the first time I made it. My non gluten hubby loved it also, which is rare. Make sure you cook long enough. ENJOY Devsmom
  2. Anyway, he (the GI) wants me taking Prevacid and Nulev. The Nulev, I HATE. I still need to "go" frequently, but it's like I can't, and I hurt SO BAD in my intestines when I take it. As for Prevacid, I've heard that reducing so much of your stomach acid can actually lead to further problems? Anyone know about this? Suggestions, alternatives? I am 100% for natural cures. Most main stream doctors are clueless, and drugs are bad for you- causing more problems. My sons gastro dr put him on prilosec due to seen irratation fron endoscope, then told us he never had to come back unless he had a problem. How can a dr prescribe a drug to a kid (then14 ) and never have a followup appt??? I thought 'I'm not having him take this sh** forever. I did some reading on natural cures and I too read about the applecider vinegar. Ds took 1 tbl of it , quit taking the prilosec and hasn't had a problem since. It was well worth the try and it worked for him. I just know the drugs will cause more problems in the long run. Good luck with all Devsmom
  3. I think the popping is gluten related- my son popped so much for years that I thought he was going to fall apart,ha, the drs just blew it off as nothing, we knew there was more to it . He suffered lots of bone, muscle pain also he was wasting away by the time the dr figured out it was celiac Devsmom
  4. My son had both test done after beeing wfdf for 3 months. He had been sick for 5 years. The endoscope did NOT show anything but the COLONSCOPY SHOWED BLUNTED VILLI !!!! So I do not agree with th other post- it is possible to see the very end My son went gluten free after colonoscopy, blood & enterolab testing. Hope that helps to know Devsmom
  5. Who's From Michigan?

    Welcome to the board. Theres enough reading & learning on this board to keep you busy for the next year. Where is westland? near detroit? I'm in the middle of thumb- Cass City Devsmom
  6. My son was able to eat dairy again after wfdf for 8 months. Skin prick test showed allergies to wheat & dairy. Then we found out he was celiac. During the 8 months he was wheat free he got glutten from 2 cereals is all I can think off, and still healed enough that we asked the allergist for a repeat skin prick for dairy(lactose&casein) He was soo depressed with the food restrictions that I read & read, on here of coarse , & found that some people could go back to dairy. Allergist did not think so but did a repeat & he didn't react- he was so happy. Loves his milk, cheese & ice cream!! Devsmom
  7. My sons was trigered by systemic strept bacteria/antibiotics. He was miss diagnoised & put on pennisilin for 1 1/2 years(thought he had sydenhams corea) He had high strept antibodies for almost 2 years. Both times they took him off pennisilin he got really sick. He would get sick while on pennisilin also. They finally gave him a double wammy of antibotics which kicked the bacteria out of him but he continued to be ill. That was 4th grade. After 15 doctors he found out celiac in 9th grade by the allergist, now 10 grader. I think I counted 60 symptoms in total.. A few remain. His growth was delayed, still alot of eye problems. Before 4th grade he was healthy as can be. So I know he had his "trigger" then. Devsmom
  8. DS has worked in the flour paste the last 2 days in spanish class. He thinks he did good with it. It didn't bother his skin. He has suffered problems from other allergies on dailly basis so I don't think his headache, dizzyiness, over all 'eugh' feeling is from the flour project. He recently got over ear fluid of 5 months that kept him light headed- it might not be cleared out. Plus he is allergic to mold & a couple class rooms at school have mold on the cieling so he always comes home with shiners and feeling crapy. The rest of week I think they're just painting. Sounds like he had fun with it. I do try to be a good mom & would do anything to keep him safe & healthy. He is a good kid, am very proud of him. Thanx for everything- Devsmom This was another great idea , although this one requires boiling water which I don't think would have worked in a class room. I will keep it in my project folder for future reference. Thanx- Devsmom
  9. Yes- I know your right. DS was actually the first to mention the mask because he didn't want to miss the whole week & get stuck with some other homework, buttttt after thinking about the situation he didn't want to wear a mask either. I called his teacher to make him aware of potential problems. He knows mixing should take place on opposite side of room & that DS should not be involved in that. He is leaving the door open for him if he feels he needs to leave he can. Sounded real nice. They are working in groups of two & my first picture was of everyother desk having puffs of powder in the air. (panicked). This will be a trial as to reaction or no reaction as he is chosing to not wear gloves unless he absalutly has to. The class is using wheat flour. DS has stayed away from any gluten contact so don't actually know if anything will happen... he's been gluten free for 10 months Thanks for posting Devsmom
  10. Chelse Thanks for replying.I have a jar of decoupage but it doesn't say what the ingreds are. Just says acid free. I guess there are a few different ways to make paper mache' The problem is the class as a whole. DS is suppose to take 5Ibs of flour to school tommorrow. I'll decide what to do after I call his teacher tonight. Hopefully he WILL try to understand. Thanks again for your help! Devsmom
  11. Thanks Annette-appreciate advice & your time. Looked up web site then elmers glue. Wasn't sure what thats made of but found out its gluten free also. Never thought of gloves-that could work. He may have to wear a mask too. & be CAREFUL! I am going to call his teacher tonight and explain ds situation. DS is not happy being "different" kids can be cruel. It took 5 1/2 years for dx, by then he became smallest kid in the class. Hasn't been easy for him Thought I read somewhere about people glutened from breathing in flour dust.couldn't find threads. not sure how ds would react, quess he's been thru so much I don't want to find out either. Thanks again, Devsmom
  12. My celiac DS has a spanish pinata project that they are working on all of next week at school. (10th grade) He knows he can't partisapate if all the wheat flour is mixed in the room where they are working--- to much in the air to breath in don't ya think? but I thought if the wheat flour for the others is mixed in another room then he could at least join in on the project if he has his own flour but not sure of right combo of flour. Does anyone know what would work best for paper mache? I read somewhere that liquid starch could be used instead of flour. I'm not familular with liquid starch, anyone ever used it for paper mache? Any advice is good advice-------- Devsmom
  13. Who's From Michigan?

    Hi - Just wondering if anyone knows of any glutenfree restuarants in Mt Pleasant or good ones in Midland. I'm coming from the thumb so I go thru Midland to see son in Mt Pleasant. Thanx in advance for any info Devsmom
  14. I can relate to how badly you feel for him for being small. My son first became ill in 4th grade. Went thru many test, doctors, drugs. Drs didn't know so they would pass us on to another til we were worn out & depressed & made to look like we were both nuts After about a year of no drs my son begged me to take him to a dr to see why he was not growing. He wasn't losing weight but wasn't gaining either. 15 yrs now. He wore the same size for 3 years and his classmates were leaving him in the dust so to speak. He dropped 2 lines on the growth chart which was below the 3 % on height & alot below on weight. We got a new local pedeitrician, who sent us to an allergist(First DR TO HELP figure it out)& we went to an endocrinologist at the university of mi. DS was dx 2 weeks before we met with endo. He guessed him to have growth delay(LATE BLOOMer) but now we know it was due to celiac & being sick for soooo long. Anyway, endo took xray of hand for bone age. DS's bone age was 13 to 13 1/2 (HE BEING 15). So dr said he should be able to catch back up with any growth hormones , keep on the gluten-free diet and add more calories. See him for follow up in June. Now if his bone age would have been the same as his chronological age then he would have tested farther for a problem for not growing. So many dr's but nun that want to stick with him & figure it all out. He was never tested for deficiencys. He ended up with gilberts disease- liver malfunction causes jaundice. Alot of other allergies, he was so bloated before dx that he had a dr at the uofm document his "POT BELLY" but do nothing about it. He is now in 10th grade. LOVES sports but being 6- 8 inches shorter & 20-30 Ibs lighter than his classmates it has made sports Very Depressing for him. Alot of things actually, Like girls. I think alot has to do with how much damage was done & how fast the healing is coming along. Never fast enough for them though DS is now back up a row on chart at 5'4 1/2". around 5th %(25th% befor ill) but his weight is slow coming, still way below 3%.94Ibs If there are no other problems(such as thyroid or??-- he should catch up. Thats what our endo told us. Good luck with all, I know how hard it can be butttt- God does not give us more than we can handle! One thing I found interesting here is all the others with cafe au lait spots. My DS has one on his knee that catch drs attention
  15. Who's From Michigan?

    Hi all-new to board although I've been reading for 1 & 1/2 years. Son dx wfdf in Oct 04, dx celiac in June 05, gluten free ever since. Try anyway-getting much, much better. I love this board. Your all very helpful. Could write a book about the clueless doctors. I'm an hour from Zhenders & Bavarian Inn. I will have to take son to try the Bavarian Inn's gluten free menu. My brothers family just spent couple nights at Zhenders new water park but I haven't talked to him since they got back. Anyway- nice boarding with you all!