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  1. We were excited at the prospect of eating out, as there are not many gluten-free restaurants by us and this was My partners birthday. A friend recommended reservations as well since they get VERY busy. From the reservation phone call to dessert it was a fantastic experience. I mentioned gluten-free over the phone and they made a notation about it next to our reservation. When we arrived they verified that we had 2 gluten-free diners in the party, we were led to the table almost immediately (even though it was crowded) and gluten-free menus were provided at the same time. Most of the menu items are similar to what is on the regular menu. It is much smaller, About 10 entrees, but there were also 2 appetizers, 5 sides and 1 REAL dessert(not just ice cream!) Our waitress was knowledgeable about celiacs and she informed us that the entire staff from kitchen to server was trained about it. She also made a notation on our order AND let the kitchen staff know. FANTASTIC MEAL, NO CONTAMINATION! Very yummy. excellent and very fresh salmon with ginger, nice and crunchy changs chicken (almost like general tsao's), dynamite singapore noodle and also chicken lettuce wraps. Each dish had a separate serving utensil. All were extremely tasty. Additionally they had gluten-free soy sauce and the chili oil and mustard are also gluten-free. Dessert was a rich decadent flourless chocolate dome. Almost like the inside of a truffle, it is served with raspberry syrup and fresh berries. Rich enough for 2 people to split. Not only was the food great the service was too. The manager came over to check on us personally (she had been told we were gluten-free and rarely ate out) and the waitress overheard that it was a birthday, and added a candle to my partners cake. A wonderful surprise! FIVE STARS FOR gluten-free DINERS* * * * * PS high ceilings do make it a bit noisy
  2. I discovered much to my dismay, that sometimes rice syrup is also made with some barley malt, depends on the brand. Unfortunately that rules out most brands of soy milk since they don't state where their ingredients come from. There is one that makes it unsweetened and the ingredients read OK (and I've never reacted). I think it was westsoy or eden, but it definitely says UNSWEETENED on the front.
  3. Took my partner tonight out for a birthday dinner. It's the first time we've been out to eat since we were diagnosed a year ago. Actually the second time but the first, last year, was a disaster. It was wonderful! It was the one on rt 611 in willow grove right near the tpk and it is in a strip mall with a Staples (hard to see the sign). I asked for the manager (Mike I think) when we first walked in to explain our situation. Before I had gotten more than a few words out he said ' Oh, no problem. Let me seat you with these regular menus so you can start looking and I will bring over our gluten free ones.' I was so surprised. He was more than prepared. He explained some of the differences in the menu to us and let us know he would alert the kitchen. The menu was another surprise. 3 of the 4 fish sauces they have are gluten-free, some chicken and meat dishes, some delectable appetizers and the salad. We were able to have a real meal (except for dessert) He also alerted our waitress Liz, who said she would personally make sure our meals were properly prepared. It turns out her mom is a celiac. We thought that was the reason for her wonderful service and knowledge. Nope! It seems the staff is actually trained that way. When 2 different servers brought out some of our dishes, we had a few questions. They said 'wait, don't touch anything yet and let us check'. They were back almost instantly from the kitchen with the answers we needed. From the moment we walked in the service was superb and all the staff seemed well educated about celiacs. Since it was a birthday meal we pigged out and tried lots of things and neither of us got sick. Here's what we had... Bacon wrapped scallops (there were 4 and huge!) Saucey Shrimp (our favorite and enough for 3) house salad w/ house vinegarette (comes automatically with pine nuts and not croutons) All our fishes were nicely grilled, VERY fresh(I'm fussy) and we also had the lemon sauce andthe mango salsa with them. The garlic mashed potatoes were out of this world, the honey ginger squash tasty, and steamed fresh veggies were done just right. Another friend had the non gluten-free pork chops and loved them and they were also huge. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and next sunday we are trying jules in doylestown. Ciao A. Holovacs