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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My father has had problems for ten or more years but refuses to get tested. To this date, he has never changed his diet. My older sister was diagnosed with celiac sprue post pregnancy about 6 years ago with blood test and biopsy, she "cheats" frequently and contacts wheat all the time. I developed symptoms about 2 years ago and initially took care of the discomfort with prevacid. Later, I tested positive with the blood test but fought the doctors when they tried to do the upper G.I. I left without one being done. I have a lot of pain when I eat products containing wheat. Sometimes within 5 minutes, sometimes within 5 hours. However, it isn't a sure thing. I don't have problems touching breads or crackers ect.. either. I read these boards and second guess my "diagnosis". I frequently eat small amounts of wheat products such as corn or rice chex cereal or a single wheat thin cracker. So I ask, should I get tested with a biopsy or are there different "levels" of intolerance? Are the increased adverse reactions due to length of time g.f.?
  2. Beer

    bummer on the outcome of this. I was really excited for a while.
  3. Beer

    yup, I do.
  4. Beer

    Coping with this has been difficult, particularly when it comes to beer or lack thereof. I was a die hard Bud fan until I started developing symptoms. I tried many other brands with the same results. However, Rolling Rock has never caused me ANY symptoms whatsoever. Since discovering this, I have done my own self study, consuming mass quantities of it with no health changes. I switched to other beers thinking that it was a fluke in my system's ability to handle gluten. NOPE.. It took less than a half of a miller lite to realize it was a stupid thing to do. I have attempted to drink Coors Light, Bud Select, Miller Lite and Guinness with not good results. However, the Guinness did not have as big of an influence on my health as the rest. But, Rolling Rock for whatever reason has never caused a problem. I am not a R.R. representative and I have not done any research into the brewing process. I just know FOR ME I can drink it with no problems. I am curious if anyone else has had similar experiences.
  5. Restaurants

    I know we discussed Olive Garden before on a different thread but, I was in Merritt Island in Fla and they were up on the gluten free menu,,, kudos to that particular restaraunt
  6. Cross Contamination

    Wow! I never knew it could get that bad.
  7. Do most of us pick up this stressor in our 30's? I got it when I was 33 , my sister when she was 32, and I see a whole lot more 30's on this board.
  8. Cross Contamination

    I am new to this and still make mistakes here and there when out eating. I have read concerns of cross contamination and have to ask; Do some of you really get that bad that you are concerned with foods that have touched a wheat product?