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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello, and welcome to the forum! I am originally from Germany myself (Cologne area). Labeling in the US is indeed a bit more tricky than in Germany, but especially the big companies are pretty good about listing gluten ingredients and not just wheat. I guess, if you have any questions about a specific product or group of products (e.g. cereals), you can write me a message, and I'll try to help.
  2. I'm originally from Germany, and I can tell you that you won't have anything to worry about. You should be able to find gluten free products in most regular supermarkets (e.g. two common brands are Schaer and Glutano), and for sure at organic stores such as the Reformhaus chain, Alnatura, and DM (which is Budni in Hamburg).
  3. Is Honey Kix Glutenfree?

    I've been having both the plain and the honey Kix for a while, since they don't list any gluten ingredients on the package. I have to admit that I am not the most sensitive celiac, but I have never had a reaction to either of the two Kix.
  4. Hello. I already contacted Willy Street Co-op about this via e-mail, but I also wanted to get some feedback from some of the Madison members here. Does anyone have any experience with buying products, such as grains (buckwheat, millet, etc.), legumes, nuts, and naturally gluten free flours from the Willy Street Co-op, and if so, do you happen to know, if they are considered safe for celiacs? I really like the prices that the co-op has on its website, but I am concerned about cross-contamination. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you all for your responses. The next Whole Foods market is a bit further away, but if I ever happen to be in the same part of town, I will definitely have a look at their lentils. I'll also see if I can find the Best Choice lentils.
  6. Maybe I just picked the wrong brands. As I already wrote, all the packages that I looked at clearly stated that there was a chance of cross-contamination and the one package that I bought, just to "give it a try" clearly had wheat kernels in it. Until I actually saw with my very own eyes how obvious the contamination was, at least with that one brand, I was hoping that cross-contamination of lentils was only an issue in Germany. Here are two links that deal with the same issue: http://www.celiac.edmonton.ab.ca/contamination.html Since your lentils seem to be safe, what brands do you buy?
  7. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any lentils on their website. It would also be more convenient, if I could get them at a physical store, although chances for that being the case seem pretty low. Still, thanks a lot.
  8. Hi. After looking at all sorts of lentils, organic and non-organic, I've pretty much given up on finding gluten-free lentils. With some brands, it is so obvious, that I was literally able to spot whole grains of wheat. I read that lentils are pretty much bound to always be cross-contaminated, since they are grown together with wheat. Is that true? Are there any non-cross-contaminated, officially safe lentils? Canned once would be okay as well, as long as they don't have too many other ingredients added (tomato paste, broth etc.). I live in Madison, WI, does anyone know any sources for my city? Thank you so much in advance.
  9. I'm from Germany and I have found it very easy to live gluten free over there. You can get a lot of products at the Reformhaus, but a lot of big supermarket are carrying gluten free products as well. It seems like the most widely available brands are Schaer (my favorite!!! they even have orange soft cakes and all sorts of other yummy stuff) and DS (they also have lots of frozen foods). Check out their websites: http://www.schaer.com/de/glutenfreie-produkte/ (just click on the images) http://www.ds4you.com/de/ds-produkte/ (just click on the product categories in the white box on the left) There are other brands as well, but spontaneously, I only remembered those two. Once you know the ingredients that you can eat and which you have to stay away from, the labeling is very good, maybe even better than in the US. Just ask if you encounter any problems.
  10. Does anyone have any other brand or store suggestions for gluten free lentils? I noticed that the packages we have at home and all the ones we saw at the store had a note saying that the product may contain other grains (or something along those lines). Even the red Bob's Red Mill lentils appear to be processed in the same facility as other grains. I'd really appreciate if any of you knew any safe brands.
  11. Has anyone had any experience with the Sa-Bai Thong in Madison, WI? Before calling them, I just wanted know your opinions, since a lot of places claim to know about our condition when contacted, and turn out to be clueless.
  12. Thank you, Judyin Philly. I'm sure this information will be helpful if someone needs help again. The person that I was posting for already found someone in Colorado though. Thanks again to all of you for your help!
  13. Thank you so much for your help. I am going to "hand the information over" to the person. I'll also try to find out were the person is going to stay, so that I can find out, if your, Judyin Philly, East coast contact might be useful. Again, thank you so much for your help.
  14. This is not the first time it happens that one of my posts receives many views, but no one is posting a response. I could understand if none of the people here knew where one could find information for exchange students, but I think answering my question about an official celiac magazine shouldn't be difficult. I did some research of my own, but I am pretty sure that due to the fact that I am not an official member of the US celiac disease organization, this might be something that I wouldn't have access to. I don't want to be rude or anything. I just feel bad trying to help people from the other forum, without even getting a simple "Yes", "No", or even "I don't know". Thank you.
  15. Hello. Someone from the German celiac forum was asking me whether there was something like a magazine for celiacs that she could place an ad in, as she is looking for a host family for her high school year in the US. Thanks in advance.