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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Shampoo

    My shampoo also has hydrolyzed wheat protein in it and oat proteins. I asked my doctor(s) about it and they said that unless I have DH, I don't need to worry about those ingredients (although we do still need to watch lip balm, lipstick, etc.). He said that I would need to ingest it in order to evoke a reaction/damage. I am very careful that I don't get any on my face so I can't accidentally ingest it. Some may disagree or have other expert opinions... I have had two endoscopies and three sets of blood work since being diagnosed - all of which show that the diet is working and levels are very good, so I tend to follow the doctor's insights. Good luck! p.s. When I need to find a safe food brand or something of that nature... a google search has been very helpful in locating "micro-sites" that are not easily found on manufacturer's Web sites and in forums... I type in "gluten free" in quotation marks and whatever else I'm looking for (usually a restaurant or brand name) also in quotation marks.
  2. My fiance graduated from Fox Chapel and now lives in Shaler (I'm in Economy)... I haven't found much out that way (North Hills Bravo offered me wheat pasta!)... Cranberry has been good to me... Bravo! carries Gluten free pasta... Red Robin has a dedicated fryer and I have eaten there several times with great success (plain hamburger no bun - although we keep asking for this on the comment card). I have gotten glutened at Eat 'n Park both times I tried to eat there and all I had was the fish (plain) and a baked potato (plain). Be careful there... hopefully you have a better experience. That Giant Eagle is awesome and the Bell and Watson chicken nuggets are great! They also carry most Tinkyada pasta (my favorite!) Hard Rock Cafe was very helpful! Last I checked (July) they used a dedicated fryer for the fries and the steak and hamburgers were safe (no bun and limited seasoning). Nakama is WONDERFUL (South Side - November)... I called ahead to see if they could accomodate me and they stated that they could (for Kobe Beef or steak), but no soy sauce... however, I could bring my own. When I got there I explained no soy sauce and as I was handing over my triumph card... he asked if I was allergic to soy or gluten! He felt safer having it cooked in back than in front of me... but I got the meal I wanted (of course no soup, soy sauce) and could enjoy the evening... Mitchell's Fish has a gluten free menu as does Texas Road house. I have checked out a lot of places and keep expanding my list... I enjoy it, it's kind of fun (I'm a little strange, I guess). I may have spoken to others, but have them in my notebook. Whole Foods has been awesome... while everything is not together... if you know the brands you are looking for... they are mostly together (pizza in one aisle, pasta/cookies in another)... I have found the gluten free bakehouse pizza crust to be quite tasty. I found them to be about the same price as other brands. Gluten Free Pantry Beth's mix (flour substitute) has worked well in my grandmother's homemade bread recipe - just add xanthum gum. Hope this helps... I'd re-check the restaurants again, just to be sure... but maybe this will help trying to locate those who have been celiac-friendly in the past.
  3. Bravo (italian Restaurant)

    I have had multiple experiences at Cranberry Bravo! - all good! Their bolognese sauce is wonderful and safe! They told me I don't even need to call ahead, that they always have it in stock. But, I would be disappointed if I went there and they didn't, so I still call ahead. I've never been glutened there, but always remind them to use a different strainer, etc. On the other hand, I have spoken to the (very nice) chef at the McKnight Road location who also asked me if wheat penne would work?!?! They don't carry it. The one in Robinson (at the Pointe) does not carry it YET, he said. However, he mentioned that if I had an event there and knew in advance, they could order it in. I haven't spoken to the one at the Galleria (South Hills), but heard they offer it as well.
  4. Hi mamaw, I'm very new to this...I've been gluten free for about 2 weeks. Doing good so far...already been to Outback and Eat 'n Park. :-) It's so helpful to read about other's experiences. On another note...I talked to Atria's today on the phone...while most of their sauces have a base that contains wheat...they can make any protein (chicken, fish, and/or steak - their steak is great!) to be gluten free. The chef said to let them know when we got there and they would help select something gluten free.
  5. I too, live in Economy Borough...and am very excited to learn that Bravo's in the North Hills is so helpful. I will call this weekend. My fiance lives in Shaler and that is my favorite restaurant...one that would be missed. I have heard that the one near the Galleria stocks rice pasta...now just to find out if the bolognese sauce is gluten free.