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  1. Thanks, guys! I have found this forum to be an invaluable source in a matter of only a couple days. Did well overnight last night for the first time in the last week. Omitting those fresh veggies was a HUGE plus. Not sure when to expect a "normal BM" (pre-Celiac), but am satisfied at how I am doing over the last day. Just going to take things one day at a time and keeping things simple for a while. Another thought, though...How many eggs are too many initially? I have been eating 2 every day for breakfast (which I'm sure won't last forever), but they have been working in my system. I plan on keeping this up for a while, at least until I find some other options that work. I'm assuming 2 a day for the short term is okay. I've never had problems with high cholesterol, but just curious if this is hurting in any way. I appreciate all of your warm wishes and generous caring concern. It means a lot to someone who only moved 4 months ago and with not knowing anyone in my new area (and not having family close enough to come over), having found this forum is awesome! Valery
  2. My personal thanks goes out to Ursula, Robbin, Misla and TCA. I am just now able to get in and read your replies in detail, though I did get a glimpse of them earlier today. My sister (who lives 2 hours away) came over to help out for the day, but she has now left so I am catching up. I have had insulin dependent diabetes for almost 19 years and am presently on an insulin pump and doing very well as far as the diabetes goes. I am always reading product labels as I count carbs and take insulin accordingly via an insulin pump. Now, I simply have to add reading the ingredients from the labels, but I have no problem with that. I did suspect the fresh vegetables were a problem, but am delighted to have gotten the feedback from you on that. I will stay clear of fresh veggies (and most fresh fruit) for a couple weeks and then slowly begin to introduce them back into my diet (kind of like feeding my 7-1/2 month old baby his new foods). I am also going to wait on the pure milk, but am testing out gluten-free cheese. I don't have any other allergies that I know of (though I recognize that this disease could have created some new ones for me). I have started a diary that includes foods that have been eaten and any adverse reactions that result. I just didn't initially realize that it was going to be an "ease into" situation, so to speak. How do you know just how "bad" your intestine is at diagnosis? I have a picture that shows flattened hills, so I know things are not good at the start. I just don't know how long it will be before typical gluten free food can be reintroduced - but I guess it is that way for everyone. As far as the gallbladder, I am extremely disappointed that my gastroenterologist informed me of nothing as it relates to this organ. Fortunately, I was resourceful enough to have read somewhere on the internet about avoiding high fat foods because of the condition of my gallbladder. However, earlier this week I did not comply with this and was probably feeling the effects of that, as well. The biggest issue I have regarding the gallbladder is if I don't get it removed soon, how long do I have to suffer with it being full of sludge and potential stones? It doesn't actually physically cause any pain or soreness, but is it helping to cause some of the gas pain and/or diarrhea? I will have to call the doctor next week and see if they can offer any advice prior to my next visit in 3-1/2 weeks. Well, I think that will be it for now. I appreciate all of the info provided and feel like I now understand what was going on the last couple days. If there are any recipes for a newby, feel free to send them. I am going to try to keep things fairly simple for now, but know I will eventually be looking for all the help I can get. Thanks soooooooooo much.....Valery
  3. Hi. My name is Valery and I was officially diagnosed with Celiac disease this past Monday. After having a virus that sent my fever over 105 degrees in February, I then started having a case of severe diarrhea for the past couple months. I was eventually sent to a gastroenterologist and found to have evidence of Celiac disease via blood tests, as well as elevated liver enzymes. I also have bloated legs and feet, in addition to a gallbladder filled with sludge and possibly gallstones (possibly only because I am not 100% sure what the Dr. said as this was during my recovery of a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy this past Monday). I was told that eventually my gallbladder will have to come out. (I also have Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitis, but this has been very well controlled for the past 19 years.) I also have low iron (which I've had for so long that I do not remember when I didn't have it). I am writing in now because I know it has only been a few days, but I was released from my exam on Monday with the prescription to follow the gluten-free diet, with a follow-up recommended in 4 weeks. I have spent much time over the last week learning everything I can and have also ordered a couple books regarding the disease as well as some cookbooks. However, over the last couple days, although I have not had gluten, I am spending even more time in the bathroom with diarrhea and bloating than I did a week ago. I have 3 kids that are 5yrs, 3yrs and almost 8 months old. I breastfeed my baby, and have no plans of stopping this. What I want to know is are there foods to avoid during the first month? I used to eat a fresh salad every night and started back on that this week since fresh vegetables are gluten-free. I have used gluten-free dressing on the veggies, so I know I didn't mess up here. I am wondering if my body simply can't handle the veggies since I couldn't eat them for 2 months (and maybe this is causing the bloating/gas and diarrhea), or maybe it is the gluten-free cheese I had with lunch, or maybe ??? what??? Am I eating the wrong foods? The one thing I couldn't find on the internet is a suggested diet for the first day, week, month - you get the idea. What foods are good to introduce first? Even though I could have made a mistake earlier in the week regarding gluten, I feel confident that I didn't eat anything with gluten today, yet am feeling sicker than I have over the last month (I was following a fairly close BRAT diet for diarrhea (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) which didn't help much since I was eating bread that contained gluten. I hope someone can help. I know it has only been a few days, but I feel worse now than I did before. With 3 kids to care for and no family around, this is getting difficult to handle. I don't have my books yet, but are there foods that are safer than others when easing back into eating (and on the gluten free list)? My stomach is out so far I look like I am 6-7 months pregnant. Is this due to a non-functioning gallbladder or the celiac disease? I hope someone can help or provide a referral. I've been at my wits end several times over the last few weeks - I always thought I was healthy, and now my body has been beaten down over a 2 month period and I just want to get through this. I don't have a problem following the meal plan, just want to know the approriate foods to start with. Thanks for listening. I would love to talk to someone who may understand what I am talking about and can point me in the right direction. I may have to set up a bed in the bathroom if something doesn't change soon. I just don't know what to change. Thanks, again...Valery