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  1. Thanks for the information and concern. The itchy has subsided and now I'm just waiting for it to heal. I guess I've gotten even more sensitive to gluten after being gluten free for so long.
  2. Ok, I know I should have just ordered a drink and did my visiting without food but I was hungry. I asked them about wheat and flour in their menu items and ended up just ordering the chips, guac, and rice. They said that they don't fry flour tortillas in the oil but I wasn't that comfortable about what they told me and am concerned. Has anyone ever eaten there before? Vicky
  3. My DH showed up in a new place and is super, super itchy. Is there ANYTHING I can do to help soothe it while my body heals from the gluten exposure?
  4. Does any know of a caterer in the South Bay who can do a gluten free meal for a party? I would prefer to find one that someone else has used and not had a reaction from the food. I hesitate working with a new caterer because I'm not sure they understand ALL the intricacies of gluten free cooking. Thanks!