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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Celiac Caused By Virus?

    I had a bit of a finicky tummy all my life, but it was a virus about 12 years ago that took me down for over a week - couldn't keep a thing in - that made it impossible for me to handle any gluten at all. I lost 5 pounds I didn't have to lose & needed IV fluids and a shot to stop my stomach from spasming at the end of that week. It was horrible. It took me a year to figure out gluten was an issue - lots of ups & down with stomach 'illness' and denial. Did the virus cause it ? Most info on celiac says it can be triggered by a stressor - pregnancy, life stress, a virus, etc. That's not saying the virus caused it, rather the extreme stress the body is under due to the virus turns on some gene that is celiac disease. How about another example - someone's parent dies - extreme stress - they develop celiac disease. Turn that around and say that a parent dying causes celiac disease. Not exactly ! One would have to have the celiac gene AND conditions would be just right to turn it on.
  2. Amazon <dot> Ca

    I'm guessing most of you are in the US....it's new in Canada. I actually have ordered through US to a US address before with great success. Saw it on the news that it had come to Canada and got so excited - finally can order online (never had groceries at Amazon here period, let alone gluten-free stuff). The news clip did say it was crazy expensive....and it sure is! Maybe it'll change at some point. I haven't looked up the membership type deal but $25 or $80 - it's not worth it. We have some decent shopping where I live, it just would have been nice to access brands we don't have. As I said, I was prepared to spend $133..........but not over $200........not $80 shipping.
  3. Oh my goodness !!! So we finally got gluten-free food through our amazon...instead of just books. So....I put stuff in my cart - was going to buy $133 worth of gluten-free stuff...............................would you believe shipping was $80 (a few cents less)............REALLY? See here's the thing....I was ordering chips, crackers, a chocolate treat, flour...........nothing really that necessary, some brands I wanted to try.........so not worth it ! Totally disappointed. *****I have been edited due to a company spamming this forum....let me just say I am in Canada (.ca).
  4. I don't anymore...really hate getting sick ! Maybe I'm just sensitive but it's so not worth it.
  5. Alright, you guys are a bad influence....um, have you tried the Enjoy Life 'Chocolate' chunks ? Mmmmm....,.
  6. I agree it's probably a fissure. My whole journey here started with an extreme virus that 'purged' my body for a week, couldn't keep anything in and it was downhill from there. Anyway, that lead to hemorrhoid surgery as one prolapsed (don't EVER want to go through that again - prolapse was painful). Since then (10+ years or so) I have a fissure that acts up once in awhile (and couldn't eat gluten). I have had a colonoscopy then & four years ago because blood is always a big warning sign but all is well...it's just a fissure. Most of the time, no problem. I do find certain foods irritate it. Chocolate is a no go for me....and probably most dairy (I avoid it anyway). I don't know how that works but chocolate will bring the fissure 'back'...and the blood. Ok, I know it's sorta always there but it hides ! I don't want to irritate it! Enjoy Life makes dairy free, gluten free 'chocolate' chips - I use those in my gluten-free cookies with no problems. I think chocolate is sorta concentrated dairy (?). Try diet changes & see if it helps.
  7. Keep plugging along....guess it's really all one can do !!! I am on my way to a rare blood disorder clinic next month because my IgG levels are low (immunodeficiency). Right now that's all we got to go on. I have been gluten free for 11 years and have had severe, symmetrical joint pain and fatigue issues for almost 3. I have seen 2 rheumatologists and a neurologist. I have also had pneumonia a year and a half ago and several chest infections since, which is why they measuered my immunoglobulin levels. I was reading somewhere that when a doc tells you he has run 'all the blood tests' that's not true.......there are many....what he is really saying is that he has run the common ones. I tested negative for celiac too (bloodwork) but consider myself a celiac because I am very sensitive to gluten, can't eat it without getting quite sick. Celiac or gluten intolerance can be linked to autoimmune conditions like Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, etc. I wish you the best of luck - and some answers !
  8. Swimming Question

    I work at a pool and love the hot tub. ;-) The chemicals in the pools breakdown things like lotion, sweat, etc. Hot tubs tend to have the highest concentration, mostly because bacteria loves heat and people sweat in the hot tub. It is usually recommended that you never put your head underwater in a hot tub. Our pools do have some chlorine but they also use an ozone based system (ozone doesn't stay in the water) that also uses a lot of salt (plain old baking soda). Gluten has to be ingested - I would think if someone dumped a cup of flour in our main pool you would still be ok - it is constantly filtering and contains a million gallons of water...it would be quite diluted and constantly getting more diluted over time.
  9. Right now Lupus in on m list of things getting checked out. There are several problems with getting Lupus figured out - it may take awhile for the bloodwork to catch up with the symptoms (ie. you can have symptoms but clear bloodwork). It is the "disease of a thousand faces" - it is quite variable in its presentation. You never said what your symtpoms were, in addition to celiac, but mine include intense joint pain, fatigue, dryness, some muscle pain, etc. It's a long haul and if it is lupus, well heck, that's not great either. Keep at it, keep searching, see who you need to see to get help & live a 'normal' life.
  10. Calling All Canadians

    I am admittedly not a big coconut fan but I didn't like them. They are basically coconut mixed with icinjg sugar (first two ingredients). I did bring them home and I think I will crumble them and spread them over a cake or something. Way too sweet for me. I hope they try something else - how about a ginger snap or sugar cookie ? Coconut seems a weird choice since it's a love it or hate it flavor.
  11. Celiac And Ibs

    I agree ! I had IBS for years (couple of decades) before getting sick with a bad virus that wouldn't let me keep anything in for a week. After that I could not tolerate gluten at all (took a while to figure out). Anyway, 5 months after being gluten-free my doc tested me for celiac and of course it was negative....but I am very sensitive to gluten. I have 'fixed my IBS' but eliminating gluten completely - and avoiding dairy 99% of the time and soy as well.
  12. Ditto - thought they looked yummy....read the warning...put 'em back on the shelf. Glad the warning is there though - saves the hassle of being sick !
  13. Fasting After A Glutening? Pros And Cons?

    I agree with a light diet and lots of fluids. After a glutening it seems as if everything I eat has gluten...! It's really just that my GI tract is a mess. I will definitely eat less, smaller volume, and the most gentle food I can (unprocessed, non acidic, not spicy, no dairy). I try not to take anything but tylenol but if I have to work I will take pepto as well. I also agree that the reactions seems stronger than when this mess all started !!! Way more sensitive...
  14. Does Gerd Get Any Better?

    Definitely but you may still have to manage it a little. Don't eat too much at one time, watch the fatty food and the spicey food....or too much acidic food (coffee, etc.). These days for me too much coffee on an empty stomach or a bad mixture like wine & nachos will give me reflux ! Dairy can get me too, everyone is different. Adding intense exercise on to an already grumpy stomach just makes it worse !
  15. Peanut Butter

    I have my own jar of peanut butter, well labelled & I can still react to pb. It's not a gluten reaction, it's a peanut butter reaction ! I can eat it occassionally but if I eat it 2-3 days in a row I get bloating & cramping. What can you do !