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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Burger King!

    http://www.bk.com/en/us/menu-nutrition/index.html French Fries?! Can anyone confirm they are fried separately?
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Just checked with Starbucks' customer service and all three of the new Signature Hot Chocolate's are gluten-free: Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Sweet and salty, a twist on hot chocolate. Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Creamy and nutty, the perfect treat. Starbucks
  4. This was only posted here as a warning out of courtesy to anyone who sees those new bags to eat them with caution. And that Utz themselves have no information nor are they at all helpful. I did not have a stomach virus nor am I allergic to yeast. Nor do I drink rice dream, whatever that has to do with anything. The fact is the bag is mislabeled. I've been gluten-free for almost 3 years, know far too well how to be gluten-free, thank you.
  5. I just posted a new post in the 'products' section I am having a SEVERE reaction to the newly labeled, newly gluten-free marked Honey BBQ flavor. I can't think of a word stronger than severe. They were completely un-phased by my call to them informing them something is not OK, and had no answers for why if this flavor 'has been gluten-free for so long', why is there incorrect info on their website stating the chips, wavy or not in honey bbq AREN'T gluten-free.. I'm so angry.
  6. Hi All I'm a big fan of UTZ's Sour Cream and Onion and plain BBQ flavors and never have a problem with them. I spotted a newly redesigned bag of UTZ's Honey BBQ chips that are no longer wavy and have the 'this is a gluten-free' statement on the back and was so happy. They were my pre-diagnosis favorite. I ate one bag over 2 days and have now lost almost a whole week. I have not been this sick in at least 2 years. My diet is insanely strict and sadly bland, so there is no question these chips are not gluten-free. I just called the company and they weren't helpful at all and were trying to tell me the honey BBQ flavor has been gluten-free since 2006...completely untrue, and it's scary to know more than the company does. The marketing director had no answers for why the website still calls them 'wavy' and lists them NOT gluten-free. Seriously get it together. Very sad
  7. Oooh do you have a recipe you can share?
  8. Buy yourself something you have always wanted, and once you get it, you can never smoke again. I bought myself a car, and while that might be extreme, and the first two weeks were painful, it worked.
  9. Anyone here drink Allegro Coffee sold at Whole Foods? Their site of course is unhelpful.
  10. It's really funny, but LaChoy is the only soy sauce I loved my whole life! I've never gotten an answer on if there is a difference between the Lite(green) and the regular(red), so since going gluten-free I've just stuck to the regular.
  11. Nestle's French Vanilla Liquid Coffeemate - is it gluten-free and does anyone use it regularly?
  12. just tried Cocoa Comets - they are AWESOME!
  13. Park & Orchard, East Rutherford, Nj

    yay! I totally forgot about them!
  14. Hey guys, We know those awesome Almondy Tarts with the pieces of Daim candies in them are gluten-free, but anyone know anything about the actual candy itself that comes in those tall red bags at IKEA? Nothing in the ingredients seems bad, but you know how different versions of the same thing in different sizes aren't gluten-free. Thought I should ask if anyone here eats the candies since there is NOTHING online about the actual candy anywhere online I can find. Thanks!
  15. The best tasting "bun" I've found is Whole Foods Sandwich bread toasted and wrapped around - it tastes exactly like those regular hot dog rolls they used to make that were shaped like slices of bread.