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  1. After 2 month of waiting i finally got to the GI's office. but this guy was doubtful that my daughter had celiac disease. man i would be the happiest to know she didn't have celiac disease. but i know she has something. i wish some one would tell me. Her blood test came out neg for IgA and transglu.... but positive for IgG.she has the head and body aches the 2 times loose floating stool, stomache aches, lactose intolerace, weak tooth enamal no weight gain in 1 year!!! she is below the 5th percentile while she eats 4 meals and 2 snacks a day!!!!. are these all coincidently?or is there something wrong? if some one can tell me of a good GI in north Jersey. Thanks
  2. can someone give the exact way of requesting an entrolab test? does the doctor request it or do we request it via mail? if so what is the mailing address? thank u
  3. hello, eveyone. my daughter (6yr old)has her first GI visit on the 24 and i am waiting and waiting. but for last 2 weeeks my daughter has been complaining of body aches. the doctor said it could be a virus since no high fever is present. then we went again and she said it could be her allergies. but i don't think the doctor even know. Does anyone have similiar problem? i read in one of the boards that celiac can cause fatigue. what do you do? take motrin everyday? i am confused. should i change doctors? i can't go gluten free yet until teh GI says right? sarah naser
  4. thanks to everyone that replied. i will try the suggestions.
  5. hello i am new to this board. hope everyone is doing well. my daughter will be 6 in April. she has had food allergies to wheat, eggs, food colors chicken , fish. so her diet is very minimal. now she has developed a new set of problems. the stomach aches. . In sept she started full day kG. so she eats when she come home but everything gives her a stomach ache. I stopped the dairy hoping things will improve but she still has pains. The doctors suspect celiac disease. they did the blood test (IGA) but it came out neg. we are in New jersey. Is the entrolab gene test for all the US residents? HOW about the proth... lab. i read about those 2 labs in other posts. Other than the stool test what else can the doctor check? any one with similiar problems? plus can i have some hints on breakfast food( without egg pls)? she doesn't like the packaged gluten-free foods. i tried some with her since she has the wheat allergy. sarah N
  6. Hello, i feel the exact same way. i am thinking of all the food she can't eat, the extra work i have to do, kissing her spouse who just had a slice of pizza. I think it is a normal part of the process. my daughter was 2 when she was diagnosed with food allergies to chicken , eggs, food perservatives and wheat. It was a tough few months before i could even cook something without getting depressed. but now it is routine. the separate plates the separate meal planning. NOw at age 6 she is being tested for celiac which will remove MORE stuff off her eatable list . I am now going through the depression stage again. But i know as soon as i pulll myself together and vent it out and get some help from people like you , that can feel the same feeling, i will be ok. Then i will get my action plan together and my daughter will know that things are under control. they need to feel that we are under control. though i feel i don't know what i am doing but i am trying my bests to come up with a HEALTHY meal once a day!!!! ANy suggestion from out there will be helpful. sarah naser
  7. my daughter has been through so much (haven't we all?)the first year of her life she was severely anemic , vomiting , hives diaherrea , rashes the whole nine yard. After testing it was concluded she was born with food allergies to eggs, wheat, chicken,corn, food perservatives and coloring. so we put her on oatmeal, barley, rice, meat and some veggies. life was ok for few months. then the monthly ear infections began. After a year of wait and see we removed her tonsils and adenoids. life is ok for a few months. then the weight loss begins. This time my doctor say don't worry. But after 2 years she has only gained a pound. Her clothing is getting bigger on her instead of tighteradn smaller. After 2 years i couldn't bear to see her ribs and pelvic bones stick out. So I have just changed doctors and the new doctor suspects celiac. she has the stomach pains but not diaherrea. (she goes twice a day does that fall into diaherrea?) Also now she has become milk intolerant and has really itchy skin. feels like sandpaper. I have a GI appt in 2 months but what should i do in the meantime. How many months and tests before the results come in? I feel depressed for not changing doctors sooner and impatient and scared of what will happen in the future. if it is celiac my daughter will have to give up more of her favorites. Life is bad enough without eggs , chicken and wheat-----how can i tell her now more stuff has been added to that list!!! i just need some advice and a hug!!!!!!!