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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hi there im currently dealing with something slightly similar with my son whos 12 weeks old. we had an unplanned home birth, which the midwives missed by about 20mins! thankfully my best gluten-free made it there 10mins before to catch the baby. then at 2 days we were rushed to a city hospital with a suspected twisted bowel (which i think may be causing our problems now) he went on formula at 9 days due to alot of stress and thats when things started to get interesting. Hes never had a problem with constipation as he has had chronic diahrea the majority of the time since starting formula (my other two have had problems with constipation as babies, apart from prescription laxatives diluted prune juice or a sugar water mixture that i cant remember the amounts off are usually helpful) he has also been diagnosed as lactose intolerant by a stool test but after waiting 7 wks to see a paediatrican thru the public system were going private (fri 9th) as our GP wouldnt even change his formula (his symptoms have become extreme hes been in alot of pain) although my saving grace has been a mum from my daughters kindy giving me an unopened tin of lactose free formula so fingers crossed it works! he also has reflux and did have colic for a time. Im not sure what they have where you live but in new zealand they have colic drops and gripe water which is meant to help bring up wind. I cant comment on the gluten thing at that age as i have no clue but my only advice would be if youre worried about the health of the baby then take him back to the doctor until youre happy with a diagnosis or treatment. anyway hope that helps alittle! sorry for rambling.
  2. ive considered it but as im very new to this im not sure. id be very interested in what other parents are doing too.....
  3. Thanks everyone for your help, were getting there slowly, i have an appointment booked with a private specialist (which will cost $220 ouch) which i can cancel if we get a public appointment before then. My sons blood results, im told almost certainly officially dx Celiacs he has the antibodies and the three levels (normal 0-20) were 24,52 and 204. Its written on his blood results that those levels support the dx of celiacs. As soon as i start the gluten free diet i will try the elimination diet so fingers crossed gluten is the only problem. Im so glad i came across this site what an awesome resource. Thanks again!!
  4. Hi all, I have a few questions that if anyone could help me answer them itd really help 1 - When looking for gluten free food what ingredients do you look for on the label things like maize, cornflour n starch ect (plus the multitude of other ingredients around ) are confusing. 2 - does chocolate have gluten?? i found muslei bars that have gluten free writen on the box but theryre chocolate coated (i thought chocolate contained gluten) 3 - are other food intolerances/allergies common in kids with celiac? (today my son had a red rash round his mouth which appeared n disappeared very quickly) i know you can do allergy tests but can you test for food intolerance? is it worth doing the tests? 4 - my youngest (10weeks) is lactose intolerant and has ecexma (spell check!) at what age can/should i have him allergy tested as i want to know what to be careful to exclude from his diet, ive heard the more strict you are at keeping certain foods out of there diet it will lesson the chance of them developing the allergy when there older and or helping them grow out of it i short (or long!) im struggling to figure out what to do for my boys, its not helping waiting for a ped appointment (its been a month and could still be another couple months) i cant take michael of gluten or oliver off his particular formula unitl i see them so im looking at a couple hundred dollars to get them seen privately (near on impossible being a single mum) so excuse my vent but if anyone can help on one or all questions id be very grateful thanks
  5. thats fantastic! i hope i can find a school thats that understanding when my son starts, which thankfully isnt for a few years yet!!
  6. Thanks Tamara Im kind of glad we have alittle bit of time in between the test results and the paediatrician app. as its giving me a chance to learn what he can and cant eat, (as i dont want to make mistakes after hes off the gluten as the reactions seem to be stronger when theyre not having it all the time) and also to gain an aresonal of information to show my family friends kindy school ect that he is not to have anything with ANY gluten in it. Im going to be a gluten nazi too!! ha ha. Ive made a big folder with all the kids having seperate files so all there informations in one place so if someone losses something i have copies on hand ect (also so no one can tell me this is all in my head.) But there are some things i was wondering if anyone knows the answers too id really appreciate it. I got a copy of Michaels test results for the celiac panel and one of the levels was very high has anyone had one as high as this does it mean anything inparticular? Anti-gliadin IgA 24 units, Anti-gliadin IgG 52 units, Endomysial Ab POSITIVE, anti TTG IgA 204 units (the last one worries me with all three's normal range 0-20) Also whats the go with playdough, paint/art supplies ect? I had no idea they had gluten and i didnt even think theyd be a problem? how do you know which ones do and which ones dont? Finally i took my 3yr old to get a test done with me before going gluten free she has no symptoms but i thought checking now would be better than going on a gluten challenge when her brother cant eat it but she completely lost the plot so we gave up. what age do you think i should take her back? its not a huge deal as im sure shes fine but yeah any advice would be great. Thanks everyone for making this so much easier for me, weve had a very stressful few weeks and you just cant ask a 2 or 3 year old to give you adult conversation!! lol
  7. hi everyone, thanks so much for all your thoughts and suggestions. its nice to know im not the only one going thru this. I think i will get my daughter and myself tested before we start on the diet, (i dont think my oldest has it) as itd be alot easier not to have to do a gluten challenge down the track as im guessing the diet will be alot easier if they dont know what their missing. We have an appointment with a peadiatrician when the referall goes thru so im going to ask to be refered to a dietician too as to where to start, although im learning alot from the internet and reading the ingredients of foods. It amazing to see how my son will choose something without gluten over something with it. I bought rice wafers before our results came thru and he wouldve eaten the whole packet on the spot if id let him ( he usually eats enough to feed a small bird!) Anyway i know this is going to be a big learning curve but i also know of people who are at the other end of that curve and see the light in the tunnel. In away im glad that now my son will grow properly and be happy, (ive always called him my teenage girl with pms hes been so moody) So thanks again for all your help, ill be around here alot as the information on here is proving to be invaluble
  8. hi all, my names kate im 21, live in New Zealand and am a single mum of three kids aged 3 1/2 2 1/2 and 7 weeks my middle son has recieved his blood tests back as very high and were of to a paediatrician when the referal goes thru. I have no real idea where to start and i dont know anyone going thru this that i can talk to. Also being single i have no one to vent to when i get worried or stressed over this. Also my youngest has just been dx with lactose intolerance and excema (how you spell that escapes me right now!!) along with some reflux which makes me think hell more than likely go down the same track. Because of the lactose intolerance were trying to restart our breastfeeding which i hadnt done since he was 8-9 days old but im not sure what ill should leave out of my diet? Does anyone have older children without celiacs, do they follow the gluten free diet to? I hope this makes sense as my head has stopped spinning since i found out. Hope someone more experienced has some advice. Thanks very much