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  1. This is very sad .I think maybe more peple should look into what they are doing to themselves a bit more and investigate all of the types of surgery. I have attended the support group my wife visited on a regular basis and its full fo very happy people bar one who did have problems.
  2. So what type of music or be a little more specific by declaring what artist is aiding a safe journey today. Huge Bowie fan here so I have David Bowie`s Lodger album (1979) in my car celiac disease player today. I have over 1000 celiac disease`s but I have found 33% of these at garage sales. odd how celiac disease became Celiac disease???
  3. "I have two relatives that have had the surgery and know several other people that have had it... ALL of them are continuing to have MAJOR health issues because of it. The surgery does not fix the reason why you can't lose weight, it only forces your body into starvation. It is NOT a healthy way to lose weight at all and extremely dangerous." Nini. I read this statement and shook my head. This is not the case every time; and there are different ways this type of surgery can be performed. My wife is so happy she had her stomach made smaller and has lost weight successfully with few problems. True it could lead to some dangles under the arms etc. but that can be dealt with. She is not a Celiac; I am. The real problem with these surgeries is the patient himself or herself wanting to cram down the quantity of foods they had gotten used to eating. Also Diet Pop is your biggest enemy because it somehow stops the weight loss and prevents the goal weight being achieved. Go here for any inquiries and great forum www.obesityhelp.com The Duodenal Switch worked for my wife and I am so happy to see her dancing around in her new clothes.