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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks Liz. I had heard of that test too, but as my recent blood work was negative due to my being on a gluten free diet from March - Sept 06, I figured it's probably not worth trying. So far, I'm thinking that Enterolab might be the best option. I've been in Spain for about 3 years now. Where in Ireland are you from? Yours is the first post that I've seen from another Irish person!! Sorry your husband and son are in the predicament. It's not very pleasant, is it? Also, knowing how great I felt while on a gluten free diet for 6 months, now doing a gluten challenge has reminded me just how terrible I used to feel before. Lisa
  2. Thanks for the replies I think that I'll give enterolab a try then. Definitely not prepared to continue eating gluten until next April for more blood tests..... Thanks again Lisa
  3. Celiac Disease And Hi Colesteral

    I haven't officially been diagnosed as yet, but strongly suspect coeliac due to symptoms and family history of the disease. I am 27 and always thought it strange that I had high cholesterol, especially given the fact that I do not eat red meat or eggs and I have been casein intolerant since birth. Due to feeling the cold all the time, hair loss etc, low BP, low waking body temp etc I also suspect that I have low thyroid function. The reason that I mention this is because recently I read that one of the symptoms / tell tale signs of hypothyroidism is.....yes, you guessed it - high cholesterol. Check this out http://thyroid.about.com/cs/symptomsproble...cholesterol.htm Lisa
  4. Hi all, Just to give you some background - due to a family history of gluten intolerance or possibly even undiagnosed celiac disease, I suspected that gluten was the route of my problems, especially given the fact that I have been dairy & soy intolerant since birth. Anyway, I did a 6 month gluten free trial, but unfortunately before I had any of the blood tests done. I've never felt better than I have in that 6 months. Anyhow, went to see my doc and they suggested that they run the celiac panel and said that it did not matter that I had only been eating gluten for 2.5 weeks prior to the test. Well, I saw the GI specialist on Tues and he totally disagreed and said that as my results were negative he wants me to stay eating gluten until April next year!!!! I'm just about to start a new job, which I've been waiting for for 7 months and I really don't want to be feeling terrible until next year. Although, I don't want to wait for the hospital to re-test me in April, I would like some form of testing to put my mind at rest. I've heard many people mention Enterolab and also York Food Intolerance Test. Which one would you guys recommend, bearing in mind that I live in Spain? Thanks Lisa
  5. Hi Ashley, Unfortunately, I'm living in Spain at the moment and suffice to say that things take a little longer here.... Although it's a pain having to wait such a long time, it was my doc that suggested that I be tested - so the flip side is that at least the docs here seem open to the idea that I might have coeliac disease or at least some form of gluten intolerance. I was prescribed INH for 12 months after the positive skin prick test, few check ups during that 12 month period, was given an a clean bill of health and my gp never mentioned it again. As I understand it, if you take the meds for the suggested period of time, usually 6-12 months, then there is no need for further treatment. At least I hope that's the case anyway! Lisa
  6. Hi Ashley! Welcome to the board. Your last post is of particular interest to me, because I'm in a very similar situation myself. I've just had the coeliac panel blood tests done and go back mid Nov for the results and to schedule the appointment for my biopsy. The most interesting thing is that I was also treated for latent TB in the past. As I was only 11 years old when this diagnosis was made, I really have no idea where or who i contracted it from. I do remeber that my little brother was also tested at the time and his skin prick test was negative. I was the only lucky one..... Good luck with everything Lisa
  7. I don't know what ingredients the US gluten free breads contain, but I do know that many of the European brands contain soy of some sort. Being intolerant to soy, gluten free bread also gives me GI problems. You might also want to consider the yeast, which is another thing that I am intolerant too. Eating gluten free bread or any other yeast containing product gives me the same GI problems that you describe.
  8. I used to always have a problem with keeping hunger (& low bllod sugar) at bay until lunch time. Now I have a bowl of gluten free museli, which I make up myself. I normally combine:- Rice flakes Millet flakes Rice puffs linseeds/ flax seeds hazelnuts raisins & other dried fruits The rice flakes are rather hard, so I usually soak a few table spoons of museli in water over night. Personally I don't, but you could also add some sugar if it's not sweet enough for you. Lisa
  9. Hiccups

    Before going gluten free I very rarely got hiccups, however now I get them maybe once a week or at least every other week. The strange this is that I get them while I'm asleep and it wakes me and my boyfriend up in the middle of the night!
  10. Ireland

    Hi Susan! I'm Irish and as per earlier post supermarkets such as Tesco's carry quite an extensive stock of gluten free products. Also, as Coeliac is quite common in Ireland, most supermarkets (Dunnes Store, Roches, Superquin etc), health food stores & pharmacies stock gluten free products. Tesco's would be my preference though as they also label their products very well. There is a deli type chain called itsabagel in Dublin. They do fresh gluten free bagels and homemade gluten free soups and salads. They have 3 that I know of in Dublin. 16 Fitzwilliam Lane, Dublin 2 Royal Marine Rd, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin & Epicurean Food Hall, Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1 There is also a restaurant called O'Connells, which is located in the Bewleys Hotel on Merrion Rd., Dublin 4. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Rosemary Kearney, author of ‘Healthy Gluten Free Eating’, has joined the team as a consultant, and the goal is for O’Connell’s to become Ireland’s most coeliac-friendly restaurant. In general, finding coeliac friendly restaurants in the major cities in Ireland is pretty easy. Many have gluten-free options and are quite accomodating. Hope this helps. Lisa
  11. That's strange! After going gluten-free I contacted Bombay Sapphire as I was concerned that their products might contain gluten. I received this reply approx. 2 months ago. **************************************************** Many thanks for your query. Bombay gins do not contain cereal nor cereal components as ingredients. Therefore, they can be declared "gluten free" according to Codex standards. Kindest regards, www.bombaysapphire.com
  12. I would love something like that!! Although I have been able to find gluten free pizza bases, I can't find a gluten free, casein free & soy free cheese anywhere. I would also love gluten free, casein free & soy free chocolate!
  13. Cocoa Pebbles

    I'm not sure about the US stores, but here isn't not in the chilled section. It's just with the other health foods.
  14. Cocoa Pebbles

    Yep, def like the nut flavour. Also, living in Spain I'm a little deprived of gluten-free cereals so I'm mainly stuck with gluten-free cornflakes. Almond milk def makes them a little more interesting!!
  15. Cocoa Pebbles

    You could also try Almond milk. It's naturally very sweet & tastes great on any cereal.