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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Now that I'm thinking about it, what I'm looking for is more of a bread dough (not pizza) that can be rolled as that is what my sister uses in her recipe.
  2. Christmas Eve we do appetizer type stuff. My sister makes a really good pizza rolled in the refrigerator dough you buy at the store. The dough is rolled out, filling placed and then rolled into a pinwheel and baked. It is then sliced. Does anyone have a gluten free pizza crust dough that can be rolled out? Thanks so much.
  3. Can your son eat corn? There are corn tortillas sold at most grocery stores. Some taste better than others. The tortillas I have made are corn and the recipe is right on the package of Mesa I buy. I do add salt to mine.
  4. I bought my electric tortilla press shortly after being diagnosed 9 years ago. I love it. I have found some fresh tortillas at the coop, so I do tend to buy those quite often. The tortilla press tortillas are a wonderful treat and they taste yummy. I even make chips out of them. Way too good and way too many calories. Another time I use the press is for dinner. I make fresh tortillas and add meat (whatever you prefer) with freshly grated cheese and fresh salsa. The whole family loves this meal. I think I paid close to $50 for mine press, but do not regret it.
  5. Oh, I'm so happy to hear this! I almost want to cry
  6. My mom got a free sample of these oats from a celiac booth posted at a local marathon. Has anyone heard of this company? www.glutenfreeoats.com What is your take on it? Thanks much for your replies. Annette in MN
  7. Not sure about the shipping cost on non-freezer items. I'm sure you could e-mail or call them to ask.
  8. A friend of mine has a lake cabin in Wisconsin. They visit Granma Ferdon's in Hayward, WI regularily for their multiple allergy son. She brought me back a huge treat... crunchy CHOW MEIN NOODLES. Honestly, they taste like the real thing! I will be placing another mail order soon. I have not tried any of their other products, but will be ordering the pasta shells. Their prices are very reasonable too! I'm very excited. Let me know if you try them. Here is the website... http://www.grandmaferdons.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=34
  9. In & Out Burger

    I'm visiting Las Vegas next week and I heard mention to go to In & Out Burger. Can anyone be more specific about where it is located and if there is one located on the strip (we're staying at the Hotel at Mandalay). Also, are their fries safe?
  10. Thanks, I thought it was gluten-free but saw the "grain alcohol" listed and it made me second guess its gluten-free status.
  11. I thought I remember hearing Pam cooking spray is gluten-free, but want to confirm. Does anyone know whether it is gluten-free or not. Thank for your replies.
  12. New York City

    Looks like we've had a change of plans and will be taking a long weekend in New York City later this month. I would love to hear of any gluten free restaurants/bakeries in Manhattan. Would also appreciate gluten-free friendly dining suggestions. I'm praying there's a ton to choose from.
  13. Going To Vegas...

    DH and I will be taking a much needed long weekend in Vegas. I would love any feedback on dining experiences. I see that there is a PF Changs. Will need to check that out. Any other suggestions for a 4 day stay?
  14. Culver's Restaurant

    I see the fries as listed wheat free. Not sure what other source of gluten they could contain. I did ask our local Culver's (over a year ago) and they said they used a dedicated frier. Does anyone else have any experience with their fries? Annette