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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Recently I have became physicly active again. Started to do alot of skateboarding and biking all over town everyday. three days ago I skated my board up a huge huge hill the whole way up (takes alot of exertion to ride a board uphill).. anyways these are to me leading up to what i think may be a sports hernia really not sure could just be nothing at all but when i googled what happend it was really the only thing i could find. Anyways i came home from work tonight after riding my bike home, got up the stairs came inside and had a 3xcough like 3 coughs really fast and hard in a row (recentlly stopped smoking cigs all the working out is doing a number on my lungs) well when i did this i did not turn my head like i normally do and next thing i know i feel this sharp shooting pain coming from my testicle region (deep in there though not the scrotum) like it was a really really sharp pain made me stop dead in my tracks and it felt like something was going to tear, stopped moving and after like 40 seconds the pain went away and i could get my boys back (one shot up really far) and then nothing no more pain or anything. This is not the first time this has happend but the last time was like 4 years ago. I was thinking maybe a sports hernia but any other suggestions? not one to self dianose, but unless someone thinks it could acually be something seriuse I really dont want to shell out the money to go to a doctor (dont really have the money). anyways sorry about the spelling errors its 3am and also yeah sorry if this topic is not ok was not sure where to post it and also sorry for anyone that read this and had to read things they never wanted to read
  3. i smashed the larva with a spoon but lost visuale on the guard bug
  4. So for months now randomly you would see little black bugs flying around can barely notice them unless your looking for them zipping around the house and landing on my monitor and such. never really got to me but yesterday i thought there was 2 moths in my room swated one dead, the other was flying around tried to swing at it and it dive bombed me. i lost visuale and never found it. It was slightly different from a moth though it had the face (like nose thingy) of a masquito (possibly were masquitos?) not really sure wtf they would be doing in my house but anyways i wake up this morning with a nice big red bump on my hand that itchs.... so I am starting to think it was probably a masquito that is now loose in my house and i cant find it... so i wanted to identify the other corpse to check and make sure i was dealing with masquitos. I got off work today and grabbed my flashlight and started to comb my apartment for the dead corpse. No such luck but as i was scanning i went under my computer desk and started looking at the wall right as it hits the carpet (where the corpse should have landed) and i noticed little larva on the wall/carpet 3 to be exact with a tiny little bug garding them... WTF so then i pulled out my bed and found a nasty spider web behind it (possible source of bite?) but im pretty sure usualy spider bites A. dont itch and B. have two points of entry instead of just one big red bump.. dont know i just know i am incredibly grossedo out now and i cant fall asleep instead I just keep scratching myself all over just thinking about it. Im going to pull out everything in my house and vaccume every corner and then go buy a new vaccume bag tomorrow its just to late(early) to vaccume right now 5am in a upstairs apartment. oh yeah i live upstairs i thought bugs were supposed to stay downstairs daget... ugh so grossed out right now. Was telling my manager about bugs and he had to tell me that spiders like to drink the water that pools up on the sides of your eyes when you sleep and thats how you tend to end up eating spiders in your sleep.... that did not help me at all... i hate bugs... would just bomb the hell out of my house but i dont want to risk getting my kittys sick (and no the little bugs are not fleas) thought that tiny little guy that was guarding the larva did kind of look like one but it had a red body not black. anyways not even sure why im posting this or ranting on and on just really grossed out and i can not sleep because of it
  5. Red Bumps

    well not to reply to my own question but i was look at the one on my under arm and its right at the spot where the skin folds when you put your arm down ( my guess is i have been riding my bike alot) and working alot so it could just be swollen sweat glands. but as for the inside pain right under the ribs thats still a consern (not the same pain i was complaining about a week or so ago)
  6. hrmm i know i dont have DH i have been tested and such is not the case. but today has been weird. my left upper side right below my ribs is off and on hurting not like tender to the tuch but like deep inside as if i brused something inside of me. along with this came the wierd there is something always in my throat when there is not well i kept working and working and blah blah blah. end of my day comes and i look at my arms and i have little red bumps in random spots ( I always have some just minor acne and infected hairs and such) but this was alot more then usuale and none of them are p-ussy. so i start to ride home from work and my right arm is hurting constantly were my backpack is tuching i get home and look and there is another red bump but its larger then the most, i take off my shirt and my stomich has the little red bumps also could the bumps and the pain be related? or i dont know i just know i can not go to a doctor right now (im switching apartments lots and lots of money) any suggjestions? could it be seriuse?
  7. so i have been babying my stomich now and its been like 4 or 5 days and still on the green side.. have no clue as to why but i know its not right. the pain in my lower left has pretty much left though it barely hurts at all to tuch now but the pain on my left side a lil under my armpit is still there not sure if i pulled a muscle or what but its definatly still very tender. not sure how many more days i should give it before i cave in and waist money at a doctor again.. i just hate going everytime I do it turns out its nothing or they can not figure it out so it really is just a waist of my money
  8. good guess raven u should acually look into possibly being a doctor or something. diverticuli was the first thing last year that my doctor thought i had. when i was first really really sick besides for beeing super sick my left side was incredibly inflamed so he instantly thought gadiverticuli took some x-rays and could see that i had a blockage in my intestine. sent me on my way and told me to avoid sertain foods 2 weeks later though it got worse and i had to go to the E.R because of bleeding. i told them i had gadiverticuosis and they asked how i knew that i told them from a x-ray they looked at me like i was stupid and told me that a regular x-ray would not tell me that. so i had a catscan that day and it showed nothing abnormal and the blockage itself was gone also. then 2 weeks later my doc orderd me to get the barilum x-ray panel went and did that and the only thing it showed was small damage to the "mucosul?" folds.. thats when they desided it could be possible that it was celiac disease and told me to try the diet. but then he kept me on the diet to long so we where never able to do a prober blood panel. I have not had a full colonoscopy but i did have a endoscopy that showed absolutly nothing abnormal (edit)- i ment stigmoidoscopy not endoscopy basiclly a smaller colonosocpy)
  9. yeah well so far i know i have gastritis,"ibs" and also possible celiac disease (cant get a 100% dx because i have been on the diet to long) raven nope no feaver. just the really 2 really sore spots and the incredibly fast moving bms. i say that because even if they are not green for the past two days itsl ike i eat and 5-10 min later im already ready to use the restroom. also after eating i have discomfurst in my left side for like 30-40 min just dull pain.
  10. so recently 3 things have happend. I seem to be internaly brused or inflamed on my left side. like in the middle of my left rib on the side. there is a small spot that hurts to tuch also on my lower left side sort of next to where the hip bone is its incredibly sore to tuch (possibly liver?) the rib soreness has been around for about 5 days but this new pain on the lower section started today along with what appears to be incredibly green bowl movements. i looked that up and it says its a sign that either a. your stomich is going to fast or B. you ate food that colord it green. i was looking at my food jurnal and nothing new has been introduced that could cause a problem besides for i guess almonds. and then i have been drinking 1 small blue slurpee a day.. that i guess could be the possible cause but i really dont think so. I do want to note though that i have been in fairly good health for the past few months and so this is really out of the blue for me. one thing that has changed is in the past month i have been drinking alot (please no lectures) I have already desided to stop for a long while to see if that could be the possible cause of all of the above since it was to the point of where the maximum days going without drinking was 2.. could alchohal cause all 3 of these problems? or do i possibly have a worse health consern that may not be self induced (aka go see a doctor and waist my money some more?)
  11. Vodka

    besides for them possibly adding something after distalation (possibly flavord vodkas?) it as said is theorticly safe. Personaly most liqure stores do the shelves in teers the lowest shelf beeing the worst filterd/cheapest and the top beeing the best/most expensive. If i was to say have a bottle of HDR or Monarch(hood river oregon vodka's aka are bottom shelf) I get fairly sick but if i was to go with something like absolute(middle shelf) or grey goose I am fine and can have a great time. one trick also (this is what i always do with wisky) if you have a brita filter strain the alchohal thru it before drinking it can take a bottom shelf vodka and turn it into a middle shelf (aka no hang over the next day/ not so harsh) this works with all hard alchohals brita filters are awsome/ they now have those flavor injector britas and they are gluten-free so its a cheap way to get a berry vodka just buy cheap regular 15 doller half gallon strain it thru the brita with one of the flavors and you now have a nice absolute have safe drinking. cars are bad
  12. Corvallis here. erm... hmm i seem to have lost the ingrediant list for one of there breads. ah here we go i found there busness card Living Earth Bakery fresh and deliciouse gluten-free items baked everyday- breads, cinnamon rolls, pastries, muffins, cookies & more- A dedicated gluten free kitchen- Dairy,soy and nut free options - Retail and wholesale Livingearthbakery.com truthfully if you live in eugene its worth the drive down there cookies are so amazing taste way better then gluten containing ones.
  13. nothing much proud of myself been clean for a long time now i lost count as to how many weeks/months its been. Stomich has slightly improved it seems that as long as i eat 6 small meals a day it does not tend to hurt. all i have now is gas that i need to keep under controle. Found that if i have 2-4 shots of some form of alchohal a day or every other day (not a alchohalic) it helps to relive me and keeps me more regular. Started school then desided to leave because it was just a prep course for the ged and realised that all they did was toss 3 text books at us and said refresh for a month and you will be good, so instead i downloaded the full text books and am doing the studing from home to save the money. will be going for the test probably end of july. Then If things go as planned i will be on finachial student aid for spring tearm to start my radiology program .... at the same time though I have been given a one in a life time opertunity to travel the world with two people. They run a internet busness and if I am good I could travel with them and help with there busness going state to state then country to country until we all find one we like to much to leave. Not sure if i should do it though since I am working on my life plan but still its such a amazing opertunity. On other notes that no one really cares about my xbox 360 desided to randomly break on me .... 400 doller video game system that i won from a contest.... It just randomly wont turn on and instead blinks red and blinks and blinks and blinks... but its getting repaird for free from microsoft but its like a month long prossess. hehe you asked how it was going figured meh way as well post alot lol. All of my wounds from the car accedent are healing nicely my arm is almost 100% healed i picked off the scab a bit to early so unfortunatly it may scar. my hip is perminetly messed up though now it pops alot when i walk but meh atleast im still alive hehe. My birthday was pretty good had alot of friends (around 30) at my apartment and had a pretty good rager. got a new bed set from my parents so thats really nice. lol im rambaling. anyways thanks for the good sandwich tips and definatly about the musterd... what is mayo primarly made out of? I have challanged dairy recently and have came to I can take it in moderation a lil butter here( like in bread or cookies) is fine and yogurt as long as its 1 cup is safe for a day. Made the mistake of having a small shake from work made my head spin (could have been to much sugar though) and did give me a lil bathroom hell but other then that it was all good. still dont wanna over do it on dairy based products. pretty sure mayo is mostly eggs???
  14. so my town aparently now has a dedicated gluten free bakery (YAY) so i went down and got a loaf of bread and some really really good cookies, tried the bread by itself also the cookies, they have to be the best i have had i have tried store bought bread that is all really nasty and does not taste like the real thing but this stuff is really good. anyways so now i am on a quest to make sandwichs. I already found my brand of lunch meat i like (hillshire farms) seems that all of there meat is safe so far have not ran across one i cant have. Also i read that valasic pickels are all gluten-free so even though i am not a fan of the brand but i grabbed some of those anyways. so now im just looking for the other stuff like sauces to put on the sandwich and other objects that may work good on a sandwich
  15. is there such thing as premade fajita mix? like the peppers/onion stuff or do you have to make it yourself? if there is what are some brands that are safe? if there is not what acually goes into a fajita? i just know they smell so good but i have no clue whats in them lol. also what seasoning(fajita) is safe? i have a package of taco bell seasoning in the cupboard but im scared of it since well its taco bell