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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Dizziness

    I too have had bad dizzy spells and am having one now. I have been gluten free for sometime so I am not sure if there is a correlation. I actually am going to have an mri done the week after next just to make sure it is nothing else. Hopefully that will come back fine. Its just frustrating though.
  3. NOt sure about the other items you mentioned but I could be wrong but I would stay away from the Lipton onion soup mix - for me I get a bad reaction bloating, gas ect ect. Abbie
  4. Hi Julie, I am not totally convinced that it was the Alexia Fries- I had gone to Ohio to visit relatives and while there I think when I ate out at a restaurant I may have eaten something with gluten and you know how sometimes you don't get reactions for a long time...... So I am going to try to give the Yukon Gold Potatoes a try again and keep my fingers and intestines crossed As with everything in life I just try to take one day at a time. One thing with celiac is everyday can be different so even though you feel crumy one day you never what tomorrow will bring. Wow thanks everyone for the suggestions I have to go to the grocery store today and coconut oil will be on my list!
  5. Really? Hmmm I wouldn't mind trying the coconut oil too but what do you use it on? Abbie
  6. Thanks Rachel I didn't even know that potatoes (processed or prepared) have sulfites??!! that would explain a lot of the reactions that happen when I eat gluten free french fries too. I made dinner for my Dad last week and tried the -I think its the brand Alexia french fries that are gluten free and ended up with a mouth full of sores and some bloating.
  7. Actually I wonder about the salt thing too- a couple of days ago I ate the Lays Natural Potatoe Chips and I had the sores and then last night I tried the Terra brand sweet potatoe chips with no salt and no blisters? so who knows. I do seem to get the blisters in connection wilth wine so there is deffinately something to be said about those sulfites. Abbie
  8. Mine can show up a few days after I have eaten something with gluten. Sometimes they are like a whitish pimple or sometimes they are very clear - like a blister and those most like a blister go away the fastest. I always get them along the inside of my bottom lip or at the corners. Sometimes if I take a q-tip and dip it in peroxide and dab the sore in my mouth they go away faster. I know it happens when I eat gluten or I think I am seeing a connection between citrus fruits or anything with citric acid like soda. I also get the tongue thing where it wears a white coat and then I will get these spots on my tongue where it looks like my taste buds have been worn away and they look like large red spots- really ugly. I haven 't been well lately- allergies, sinus, run down - ick- I have been trying to rely on my allegra but I think I will have to call Doc on MOnday to get an antibiotic this has been going on for two weeks. I just hate taking an antibiotic because it seems to just mess with my stomache. I am allergic to sulfa drugs so they always give me Cipro and I end up with the lovely bloated stomache- I think I am going to ask if there is anything else I can take to get rid of this sinus infection. Sorry for rambling on I guess I just needed to
  9. Oh I agree and relate so much to what you have said. Maybe I am just not assertive enough or I hate making a spectacle of myself when I go somewhere to eat. I actually have been prolonging my visit to the salon because I know I am going to bring my gluten free shampoo and then I will get the "look" but in the end I know it doesn't matter its just that I am still getting use to having to speak up for my needs. I am sure at some point I will become de-sensitized to the reactions. So thank you for adding the part in about the stress of having to explain everything. As for me I have to use gluten free shampoo and soap ect ... I get it from gluten free savonneirie www.gfsoap.com. I had read on some threads with regards to makeup that bare escentuals was gluten free and all natural because my Mac makeup was giving my face a rash. I have bought the bare escentuals cover up powder and like it so far and had no reaction the down side is its a little pricey.
  10. Well it could be a lot of things but clubbing of fingers is one sign of hyperthyroidism. Abbie
  11. L-glutamine: Good Or Bad?

    Hi Dan, Thanks for your response from the other thread on Parkinsons I have done some reading on MSG and wow you have me convinced. Then I came across another thread from this site that a member Rachael has talked a lot about her problems with MSG and she recommended the website MSGmyth which was helpful and I may order the book for recipes but what else is safe to eat? In terms of like food staples or basic stuff? Are there any more webistes you can suggest? Just to add yes there are times when I did seem to have an intense reaction to emotional issues in my life but not sure if it could be considered out of the ordinary?? but maybe it was the antidepressants doing there thing? not sure?
  12. Symptoms Worse When Pmsing

    Ya know interesting that my last period wasn't half as bad as usual (minimal cramps) and I am wondering if its because I cut out soda entirely for about two months now> Maybe its that MSG thing everyone is talking about?
  13. Symptoms Worse When Pmsing

    Thank you Tiffany for responding - what you said makes sense - I guess there is no diffinitive answer for this one
  14. I don't know if this will even get posted but for the women do your celiac symptoms get worse when you are close to your period and/or are in the midst of it? I can't take the BC pill it made me soo depressed and my hair was coming out by the handfuls Another question does anyone have an opinion on whether to use the all natural tampons that consist only of cotton? I never thought about it but I wonder if the tampons have gluten? I know there are a lot of reasons why someones PMS could be severe hormones ect ect. but still curious because seem to get the mouth sores when I am about to get my period even when I think I am being sooo careful about the gluten? THanks in advance for any responses
  15. Larabars?

    The apple pie Lara bar is yummy