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  1. Another great restaurant is called Bistango. It was great. even had gluten free biscotti for my coffee.
  2. Hi Lorraine: I was diagnosed with Celiac three years ago. My Mother has it. Now we find out that my Father has both celiac genes as well. My sister went for a biopsy and was told she did not have Celiac. I insisted that she send her slides to Dr Fasano at University of Maryland. They looked at them and said that she DOES have Celiac. The reading of slides and blood work is not a perfect science. Keep believing in your body. Margie
  3. Why is Lunesta Bad Bad Bad?
  4. I have been taking lunesta 1 mg for a few months on and off. Before Lunesta I had problems falling asleep but once I am asleep I stay sleeping without problem. Lunesta helps me fall asleep but then I wake in about 6 hours. I am trying to figure out what next.
  5. Hi: I love cattlemans BBQ sauce. I buy it in florida at Winn Dixie and I found it at Gordon food supplies in gallon containers.