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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. thanks for the help joyce
  2. I called Nioxin this morning to enquire about their products. I told her I had Celiac and she surprisingly said the products are gluten-free because they are topical . Of course she gave the old( contact your doctor first before using) . I'm going to give it a try by washing my hair in the sink instead of the shower. If I wear my hair up like a french roll or something I find that I dont touch it at all during the day and at night I been using a pony tail because my neck has been braking out with pimples too. I am soon to be 50 and I believe my hair thinning is hormone related. Your plan sounds good also. Take care and Lord bless you Joyce
  3. I'm going to keep searching. If I find anything i'll let you know. I am going to call Nioxin 800 number on Mon.also . They have 8 different system on the web. site. System 2 contain oat something but I'll see what they say away. Other Celiac"s have heard that you have to actually digest gluten to have a reaction but I'm still uncomfortable using gluten anything. We'll find something Joyce
  4. I think I might have posted this in the wrong section but does anyone know of a gluten-free hair product for thinning hair. Anybody else out there having hair loss problems even after being gluten free for years ? thanks joyce
  5. I've noticed that my hair is thinning again. Could be hormones or thyroid but I been searching the web. trying to find a gluten-free hair loss/thinning herbal shampoo. Anyone had any success with with any products out there ?. thanks
  6. Pei Wei (owned By Pf Changs)

    Hello, I've ate there twice and both times had great service and food. The sweet and sour chicken is great. They had a gluten free menu handy where you order and when the waiter brought the food he repeated that it was gluten-free. Nice not having to wait so long for your order like P.F.Changs can be sometimes.
  7. thanks for the info. everyone. I'll try the Franks Red Hot sauce! Joyce
  8. Hello everyone. Does anyone have a recipe for Buffalo Wings . I've tried looking on the search forum with no luck. Maybe I didn't do it right . Thanks for the help Joyce
  9. thanks for the replies . I will try both of these restaurants. What is this Triumph card ? thanks again Joyce
  10. Hi everyone, I wanted to share another good place to eat. They have a computer in the entrance area that you can look at the menu as to what is gluten -free. I had Chicken Gorgonzola, smashed cauliflower, and rice pilaf. They also have Salmon, Baby back ribs and Bbq pork, shrimp. Nice to have one more option out there. Anyone know any more areas in St Louis besides pf changs and outback? thanks joyce
  11. Hello everyone, Has anyone had a problem with the coffee from the Pod coffee makers like Bunn. I have contacted a few companies and they insist they have no gluten (even the flavored coffee) but when asked how they get those pods to stick together they say by pressure. They say they do not use glue of any source. Anyone else have a problem with coffee in the pods? Thanks for the help
  12. Bandana's Bbq

    I inquired about the food at Bandana's and this is the reply Dear Joyce, Thank you for your email inquiry. I've done some research in this area and to the best of my knowledge you can have: - All our different barbecue sauce flavors (I will fax you the labels if you would like to see the ingredients). - Hickory smoked turkey (The other meats have our rub which contains natural flavoring - grain protein.) - Green Beans - Applesauce - Fried Corn - Baked Potato - Butter The mayonnaise for the potato salad and coleslaw mix both have soybean oil and corn syrup in them. I hope this information has been helpful. Please call me or write me back if you have any further questions. Kathi Bayes Customer Service 1-877-729-0022 314-729-0022 We live in Arnold, Mo. and went there last night . The turkey was great. Glad to add another choice for eating out.
  13. My hair had fallen out also during the time that I was very sick. Freaked me out!!! It was mainly on the sides by my temple that I noticed it the most and it would come out like others have said in clumps in the shower. I went to a Dermatoligist because it was also kinda scaly too. This was before I was diagnosed. I"m positive now it was just the whole nutrient defeciency thing that did it . I have been gluten free since Nov 03 and my hair has filled back in . I also take a multiple vitamin everyday and had been taking a hair vitamin from GNC. Nice to know others have had or are having the same thing. I guess it's just part of the healing process and we have to be patient. Lord Bless
  14. I also used Prego once and found out later that it was not gluten-free. I called the company and they sent me a gluten-free product list from Campbells. The Traditional sauce any size is gluten-free but only the 26oz three cheese and the 4lb. 3oz. is gluten-free . All the rest is not gluten-free. So I decided it was to much to remember and switched to a sauce I can rely on any size . Now I buy Classico which is suppose to be ALL gluten-free. Also Bobili pizza sauce is gluten free as of 3/22/04. Ragu will state the allergen on the ingregient listed and will not hide it. Hope this helps. I was thrilled when I could make my own Pizza . Take Care Joyce
  15. Outback

    Outback is my favorite and I'm usually there atleast 3 times a month . I was impressed the last time I was there because this my waitress know what was on the Gluten free menu . Of coarse we do leave a nice tip to let them know that we appreciate the service, I have never had any problems there. 3 cheers for OUTBACK We also have found that they don't take reservations but you can call in advance your seating. I forget what they call it .