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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much!! I have a Japanese coworker, should I run into trouble. She doesn't cook much at all, but she'll be psyched that I'm making miso. I love to make food that you have to wait for.
  2. Gluten Free Party

    You do bring up a good point. I have never been glutened by my neighbors, who have family members with celiac, but I have been glutened by our food science department at the university where I work. It is always a gamble, when you aren't processing your own food.
  3. Pao De Queijo

    Also, khachapuri, yum.
  4. Our zukes did a nice harvest and are now died out, although the yellow squash are still cranking. I'm not sure why they went, there is a little bit of powdery white mildew, but it's more likely the blight from last year, the mini-drought they went through while we were away or a combination of the three. I am in awe of your miso making abilities, would you mind sharing how you do that? I've made my own amazake before, but it was pre-gluten-free and I don't remember if my koji source was gluten free. Margaret
  5. Gluten Free Party

    I am blessed by close neighbors with whom we eat at least a couple of times a week. I think it is his uncle who has celiac, so he already knew what was going on and I've been thoroughly impressed ever since the first barbecue when he scrubbed the grill completely. Now when we have people over, there are already four of us that are at the very least gluten-aware, if not completely gluten-free and so the awareness spreads gradually and much more gracefully. Of course we have picky, vegetarian and diabetic friends and family too, so no one is really freaked out about dietary limitations. It's very copacetic.
  6. She Told Me I Was "weird"

    Mine would laugh evilly and ask if I wanted to see "really weird." And I wouldn't want him any other way.
  7. We are growing purple kohlrabi this year that needs to be harvested soon and I was just searching recipes. I haven't tried it, but I'm excited to try a Punjabi recipe for it. In my Flavor Bible I found basil, butter, Parmesan, dill, garlic, mustard, sesame and soy sauce as complements that I want to try, too. I love it when the compost bin sprouts. We got tons of tomato volunteers down in the big garden this year and didn't stake them...oh boy.
  8. If you freeze the burgers (just until stiff, if you're pressed for time) and make sure the grill is well-greased, they work wonderfully. A grill basket is also a great addition, because you can do smaller stuff with just one flip. Margaret
  9. "But You Can Eat Whole Wheat, Right?"

    Is this person saying that because the proteins are denatured there is no possible IgE response? Because if you think about it, most egg protein is denatured at a much lower temperature and yet you find people everywhere eating cooked eggs, yet still with allergies to that situation. With the protein and all. Denatured.
  10. "But You Can Eat Whole Wheat, Right?"

    Tiffany, so adorable! Are you getting any sleep? Congrats! Margaret
  11. "But You Can Eat Whole Wheat, Right?"

    Forgot to mention that at a local food fare where there was some serious sampling of Maine organic food products... Me: I can't eat wheat. Them: Weed? Me: No, wheat. Them: Meat? No?... Me: [next food vendor?]
  12. I have a coworker who has a serious problem with cooked whole garlic, but can do garlic powder/garlic salt without issues and ... I find interesting correlations with my gluten-free definitely not-average-blood-type diet and results as a highly atopic individual...but I'm buying food anyway and the library is free in most countries, still.
  13. Five years and W00t~ YMMV
  14. Need Help! Sushi Axiom?

    Yo, I looked it up and it was Sushi Party's Soy Wrappers at our very cool local natural foods store. I would give the restaurant a call - it's good practice for the rest of life, you bypass a potentially busy server and also, you'd have soo much more fun on your date. Now I want some of them. Margaret
  15. I felt a little bit guilty plunking down ~$200 for my Zoji after going through two $30 bread machines pre-gluten-free, but it is the best thing. Evah. You can program it for different cycles and while other bread machines will also make jam, the Zojirushi will make things like cheesecake and meatloaf, since you can program it to turn the beaters off completely. I just made a mess of cherry compote because I hit the end of the year sale. Cheesecake. Your call.