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  1. I have definitely started dreaming more since I have been gluten free. That's what brings me to this thread because I did a search to see if it was related. I know I have had sleep problems for a long time. Not sure why this is caused by gluten intolerence, but I am glad I am dreaming. I do rememeber also when I was younger and healthier I used to dream like mad. I used too love dreaming too and always felt I was missing out by not dreaming. You usually can remember your dreams when you just wake up or so I remember that is what I used to do, but the simple fact was I really wasn't dream much any more. This translated too being tired all the time. Now that I am dreaming. I sleep less I mean probable 3-4 hours less. before I would sleep like 10-11 hours a day, but now I feel like I don't need that much sleep and the sleep I do get is more refreshing. I also am having great dreams very vivid and intresting. I used too remember too that my dreams would be a doorway to what I was thinking about in my life. Now that I am dreaming my subconscience is coming out. -O